Yet is a Himalayan Yeti that appears in the pack, Christmas Cooper for the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action.


Like Toothpick, Yet grew up hearing stories about the biggest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, he heard about priceless crystals inside and decided to mount an expedition but got declined by the workers there. He got depressed and mounted an illegal mining expedition to Everest and created his own base there.



Yet hired his own guards that patrolled the camp and helped with the mining operation. He planted logos on the various houses and machines to let everyone know, he was in charge.


While Yet took his evening stroll to the base, Bentley tailed him into his base to find the location of his personal computer and hack it.

Digger House

While Sly stormed the house where the miners work, Yet can be heard saying "Listen up! A prowler was spotten outside, y'all should keep a steady watch! He might be here!" He then exited the house.

Operation: Expedition Everest

The gang were ready to storm his base of operations, The Train Depot, here is where Yet & his guards head inside the mines through a train. The gang reached his train which was ready to depart & Sly pushed Murray to the mine carts connected to the train. The battle against Yet & Murray started here in a fast moving miner train. In the last hit, Murray uppercutted Yet and changed the rails of the train, and it crashed into a wall, sending Yet flying with a huge explosion while Murray, walked away from it without looking.


Yet survived the explosion but was charged for illegal mining in Everest, he was incarcerated & spends his time singing with Don Octavio & Miss Decibel whom he is between.


Troubling Yaks

These bovines serves as Yet's flashlight guards.

Colorful Peacocks

They serve as rooftop guards.

Altitude Geese

They serve as rooftop guards


Yet is a Himalayan Yeti with white fur & brown body and has blue eyes. He wears a brown winter coat with brown pants. He wears glasses.


Yet doesn't care for the mountain Everest, he also likes money and goes lengths such as mining the Everest crystals and not have various equipment due to wasting money, making him cheap. He is also a fan of opera, such as he's singing similar songs that Octavio did.


Being a Yeti, Yet is rather big, he can destroy walls with one punch. He also has ice powers in his battle against Murray in the train. He is also very sturdy, having survived a large explosion of his train.


  • Yet appears to enjoy eating snow, he says its to enhance his ice powers.
  • He appears to be better damaged if you use the Flame Fist ability against him in his battle.

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