The Wizard Costume is a costume Sly Cooper can wear in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves that is obtained in the episode Braverobber.


The Wizard Costume Sly wears in green in color and comes with dark green boots and a dark green wizard's hat. There are letter such as "CG ROX" on the robe and the costume comes with a wooden wand.


"This wizard's robe and hat contain phenomenal cosmic power.........sort of. Retrieved by Slaigh MacCooper to assist Sly, this costume gives Sly the ability to perform fantastic feats of a random sort, all depending on the situation at hand. Just finding a wizard pad of any of the three colors green, red, and blue is all Sly needs to let the magic happen."


Sly only has one button to use: the circle button. Pressing the circle button activates one of three type of pads: Blue Pads, which makes bridge, Red Pads, which teleports Sly certain distances, and Green Pads, which generates shields, acting as a replacement of his earlier Samurai, Sabertooth, and Archer Costumes.

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