The Wing of Ra is treasure that can be obtained in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves in the episode Rob Like an Egyptian. It is worth 234 coins and the time needed to reach the safehouse is forty-four seconds.


"This gold wing is said to have belonged to the Egyptian God of the Sun himself. However, Greek poachers captured the god in his mortal form of a hawk and stripped him of his beautiful wings. The next day, the sun was boiling the land, even causing the poachers to shrivel and turn to dust. This was Ra's punishment for their greed. Wait. Wings always come in a pair. So, where's the other one?"


It is located in the crow's nest of a ship that sank somewhere in the Nile River. Sly'c Buccaneer Costume is the only means Sly has of reaching this treasure.


  • This was originally thought of by SoulKingdomCreator.

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