The Wild Wolverines are enemy guards encountered in the DLC level Alaska. They are one of two rooftop guards hired by Jean Bison.


These ferocious animals are brown in color with light brown coloring around their bodies. They also have snow pieces on their body. They wear fishermen hats and carry fishing rods, they have greenish-brown vests and have fish lures on their vest pockets. Their rods apparently have a hooked pufferfish.


When close, they swipe their left claw, when near, they jump at you with the rods, when far or unreachable, they extend their fishing lines and hit you with the pufferfish.

Puffer Appearance

These fishes are hooked to the lures of the Wolverine's fishing rods. They are green on the top and have greenish-white undersides, they are inflated with various spikes and have yellow eyes. They are shown to be alive, if you look closely, they are seen breathing and blinking.


  • These guards are the only guards composed of two enemies at the same time fighting.

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