On Feathered Wings

Why is the Rum Gone?! is the seventh mission in the Age of Pirates in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Destroy all of the rum barrels.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay starts with Murray. Once he gets to the marker at the pier, a cutscene will begin.

  • Murray: (Murray stares out toward the faraway, and begins throwing rocks into the sea in anger.) That no-good, backstabbing, mean rat!! First you betray my friend Bentley, then you try to kill Sly, and now you're trying to kill us all!! I've had it! I've freaking had it!! (Murray begins stomping in a fit of rage. He turns around and sees Henriette looking at him in shock.)
  • Henriette: Calm down, mate. That be no way for a man to act.
  • Murray: I just can't stand it! She was our friend!
  • Henriette: And Roger be me first-mate once, Murray. You think I wasn't upset when he betrayed us? You acted a lot like this back then, too.
  • Murray: I am seriously getting tired of having to deal that big fat.........DUMMY!!! How long is it going to take until we actually defeat her?!
  • Henriette: I told you, calm down. (Henriette finally loses her patience with Murray.) As Captain of the Emerald Eclipse, I order you to calm down!! (Murray sees the look on Henriette's face and immediately tries calming down.) Now, I came to tell you that I be in trouble for not telling the gang about me stint in the wreck. (Henriette notices Bentley approaching her.)
  • Bentley: Yeah, about that. I discovered why the wreck is out there. Apparently, Blue Blood Benjamin's fleet drank too much Coconut Rum and the ships crashed into each other.
  • Henriette: So you want me to get everyone drunk?
  • Bentley: No, we need the opposite. We have to get rid of all of the rum in Topaz Lagoon. (Henriette stares at Bentley in a state of shock and horror, as if the unthinkable was about to happen.) Henriette, it's the only way we're going to even the odds. There are too many pirates. They'll attack each other and not us if we get rid of the one thing that makes them, well......... You know, for once, I don't actually have anything to say. Murray, you'll be the one who has to get rid of the rum. There are fresh supplies of rum barrels all around the town. Do you think you're up for it, big guy?
  • Murray: "The Murray" is ready for anything!
  • Henriette: (Henriette runs in front of Murray.) No!! Not my rum!! Anything but the rum!!
  • Murray: I'm sorry, Henriette, but "The Murray" needs to do his duty. (Henriette grabs a bottle of rum without anyone looking. Henriette takes a quick sip of rum behind everyone's back as Murray heads off to destroy the rum barrels.)

Murray has to destroy twenty-five barrels of rum. However, many pirates will attempt to stop Murray from reaching his goal. Once all twenty-five barrels of rum have been destroyed, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sinister Seagull: (A seagull is walking around and tries to find some rum, but can't. He looks at a capuchin.) Hey! Do you have rum, landlubber?
  • Cutthroat Capuchin: What you be talking about, matey? I be dry as a desert! Where's the rum?? Wait, are you stealing it, mate?
  • Sinister Seagull: No, mate. But I bet you're holding out on me. (The two pirates get into a fight, and sure enough, other pirates start fighting each other for the same reason.)
  • Bentley: We did it! Black Beard will have to fight us ourselves!! You see, Henriette, it worked like a charm. Huh?!
  • Henriette: (Henriette heads toward Murray and Bentley in a drunken stupor.) Hey, boys.
  • Bentley: Henriette?! Tell me you didn't drink the rum! We need you for the assault on Black Beard! (Henriette walks over to Murray.)
  • Henriette: I love it when you call me salty, mate. (Henriette hiccups. She begins giggling.) Aren't you a pretty man? Now give me a hug and call me merry. (Henriette hiccups again and falls over. She turns on her back and looks at Murray.) Coconut Rum. It does wonders for your hair, mate. (Henriette passes out drunk. Murray roles his eyes, picks her up and carries her to the safehouse.)

Job Complete

Operation: Turbo Dynamic Piracy

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