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The War Universe is the multiverse of Episode 3, "Revolution Justice" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. The seen city is Moscow, Russia, but destroyed.






The War Universe is in an alternate future of the Primordial Universe. Instead of the events in that were explained in the game's prologue, a war broke out betwen thieves and Interpol, beginning World War III.


Due to battles in the war, Moscow has been reduced to ruins.


Manly Manatees: Serve as flashlight guards. These manatees are gray in color and wear brown suits that don't fit. They also wear brown caps. They carry a small-turret-like weapon that shoots missiles and carry a flashlight to see.

Brutal Beavers: Serve as rooftop guards. These rodents are reddish-brown with a grayish-black tail and nose. They wear white shirts and a brown cap. They carry water guns that surprisingly does good damage.

Electric Eels: Serve as rooftop guards. These fishes are light green and wear brown suits. They don't carry anything but can use their electric powers to damage you.


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