" Come on guys! We need to be more aggressive against Cooper!!"
— Wallace talking with his guards

Wallace Gray is a anthropomorphic, arrogant gray wolf that appears in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. He is faced in Episode 1: The Northern Repetitive, Eh! He is voiced by Steve Buscemi.
A gray wolf


As a young adult, Wallace was the best scoutmaster there was in Canada, giving candy to kids, doing many excursions, etc. Some years later, he was invited to a scoutmaster's convention and was amazed to see a scoutmaster voting competition for the best scoutmaster. He already went up to the stage to see he lost to his rival, this made him crazy that security banned him from the park. He later became a trigger-happy criminal that leaved a wolf logo every time he stole. He was given the chance to go to Colonial Canada 1702 to steal Sly's Canadian ancestor's cane.



When Sly was passing through a window in Paris to steal the corresponding artifacts, Wallace's shadow could be seen along with Lion S. Blandon, Don Karlos, Lóng Fu, Iris and the team's unknown leader. The were talking muffled but Wallace's voice could be heard for some time saying "When will we go!".


Wallace arrived in Colonial Canada 1702 exactly in the war, which he decided to change history and take part in the war, overwriting history books. As soon as he got there, he hired many vicious guards to patrol the grounds and take part in the war. Jean Cooper, Sly's Canadian ancestor, was about to steal from Wallace but since he had better technology and captured Jean Cooper in some kind of prison training grounds for soldiers.

The RC following

While Wallace was taking a stroll through his operation, he wasn't aware he was being followed by Bentley's RC car. He stopped to talk to his guards about the Canada operation and also that they don't mess up. He then received a video chat call from a mysterious black figure that is thought to be his leader, he had a distorted voice saying that "Sly could be anywhere". After that conversation was over, Wallace headed to his base and it was job complete for Bentley.

Operation: He Who Tames The Gray Wolf

Wallace appeared in the middle of the operation to taunt the gang and Jean Cooper about their "lack of skills" saying he's the better thief. He escaped into a wide, open-spaced area that many missiles landed. When Sly entered, he talked about Sly's Father and said he was probably a reject, no wonder Dr. M betrayed him. Sly was ticked off by this and insulted Wallace's pride and his original job and also said his rival deserved that award not you. This enraged Wallace and he ordered from a walkie-talkie to bomb this area with all the power available. He grabbed a blue energy ridden gun that could do things that no gun could do, despite his mercenaries helping him and his energy gun, he still lost against Sly and sent to prison.

New Leaf

Wallace was sent to a Canadian prison in modern times where he received a long prison sentence, he eventually created his own class called "Scout Prison Camp" to teach his fellow inmates the Scout ways.


The battle has many missiles and bombs raining down due to the tanks in the background. Wallace can shoot powerful waves from his energy gun and also can be enhanced by lightning to shoot an electric bolt. To hit him, wait until he shoots his lightning bolt and reloads then hit the square button to send his gun away, then wait until he stops following you then attack him many times as possible. He will have more powerful attacks as his health depletes, repeat the process and you will win.


Wallace's guards are soldiers and are very fierce when it comes to attacking.

Unbearable Bears

A grizzly bear

These burly flashlight guards carry a rifle along with a flashlight to see. They can attack with their big guns when close. They are brown in color with brown eyes and wear old sergeant clothes with a soldier hat. They also wear black boots.

Fierce Badgers

A badger

These vicious guards only weapon are their big claws, which they use to slash any intruder. They wear old soldier uniforms and are colored like normal badgers.

A Canada Goose

Honking Geese

Unlike Jean Bison's gooses, these are more realistic colored. They carry a black bazooka with a wolf logo on it that is used to shoot bombs or missiles. They wear black soldier uniforms with soldier helmets.


In the past, Wallace had a honest and kind-hearted personality. Now he has a somewhat trigger-happy and jumping to conclusions personality, he is also very arrogant.


Wallace is very athletic, he can jump to high places like rooftop guards and can also use a gun perfectly. Being a wolf, he sometimes howls in the end of his sentences and when angered, can be heard growling.


Wallace Gray is a timberwolf that wears a red scoutmaster uniform with a hat. He wears a black belt on his belly and also wears black boots and black gloves. He is gray in color with green eyes.

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