WW1 Netherlands, also known by its episode name "In the Air Tonight", is the semi-final time period the Cooper Gang travels to in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


Spy on the Fly

Sly does recon for the gang, but must also spy on the two remaining henchman under Chronos' employ, Gustav Gale and Amber.

High-Flying Freedom

As Sly rescues Otto van Cooper, Amber orders several of her underlings to attack the two raccoons as they make their escape.


With Penelope's help, Sly must steal back some of Otto's old equipment to make a Repairman Costume, and use it to build Otto a new plane.

A Shocking Truth

Carmelita and Penelope team up to destroy a computer terminal located in a warehouse that Chronos is hiding in, and what Penelope and Carmelita discover will shock everyone...

Death From Above

Once Penelope and Carmelita are captured, Otto finally gains to courage to help the Cooper Gang and sets off to rescue them. Once he reaches his plane, Otto must destroy several aerial robots that Chronos' airship unleashes.

Paradise Regained

Bentley and Penelope team up to demolish a rocket that is meant to test the top speed that Clockwerk was supposed to fly at. All the while, Penelope must try and regain Bentley's love and trust.

Haunting Past

Penelope and eventually Murray go head-to-head against Gustav Gale in an attempt to destroy Gustav's shield technology. However, the two get more than they bargained for when Penelope and Gustav recall their pasts...

Operation: Surf and Turf Begone

Despite some of their efforts being in vain, the Cooper Gang try one last time to foil Chronos' plans in WW1 Netherlands by destroying the prototype Clockwerk. Once Otto's plane gets destroyed, Penelope is forced to face Gustav and Amber on her own.

Mission Guide


List of Treasure

Vault Treasure

Pickpocket Treasure

Collectible Treasure


Flashlight Guards

Rooftop Guards


The arcade machine in this hideout, Data Defense, can be unlocked if all twelve collectible treasures are brought to the safehouse.

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