" Have you seen this device!? It is truly magnificent!"
— Vostok blabbering about his "Gill Air 2.0".

Vostok is a Russian-Artic killer whale from the Arctic that appears in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. He is faced in Episode 2: A Cold, Cold War. He is voiced by Alec Baldwin.

Vostok (by Miss Fox-Cooper)


Vostok, as a child, heard stories of land in the great beyond and always wanted to visit it but couldn't because he is an aquatic mammal. As an adult, he used his intelligence to build an invention that allows aquatic animals to live on land. He showed the fish community his invention but a glitch made the device to malfunction and explode. Humiliated and laughed at, he swore he would take revenge and started working secretly on a better version. This one didn't contain bugs and Vostok finally achieved his dream but he remembered the humiliation he received and turned evil and became the first aquatic animal to commit a crime. L.A.R convinced him to join his team and Vostok gave his devices to his guards and started looking for the Crystal that L.A.R needs.

Cold Arrival

Upon arriving, the gang saw a huge camp situated in the middle. The gang hid in a icy cave where they made it the Safehouse.

Weird Guards

Sly went off on the field where he took notice that fish were posing as guards. Sly was weirded out and contacted Bentley in his first mission and talked about the weird guards. Bentley needed some recon photos to know more so Sly need a photo of: An icy cave, Flashlight guards, rooftop guard 1, rooftop guard 2, Water fort and a satellite. After the recon photos, Bentley said that someone exited the fort and you should go there. Sly goes near the fort and Vostok exited it looking suspicious. Bentley said to take a photo of that whale for him to study. Vostok went back to his fort and Sly brought the photos to Bentley for a cutscene.

Satellite Talker

While in a mission, Sly heard a conversation of Vostok and the same mysterious figure that appeared back in Mexico. Sly told Bentley that he may be the leader of this organization. Vostok looked back and saw Sly and shot a laser that missed Sly and ran away.


After Bentley gave his presentation, Sly entered the heavily secured fort of Vostok, defeating traps and guards along the way. While Bentley hacked the computers to disable traps and Murray destroyed any monitor that can hinder Sly's way. Eventually, the Gang reached a water filled cave, Vostok leaped out of the water to startle the gang. Murray stepped up to battle Vostok while he just gets scared sarcastically while "The Murray" said " The Murray will teach you real fear, punk!". A battle between Murray, Vostok and his rooftop guards ensued. A long battle, Murray emerged victorious while Vostok was left there in the floor. After the battle, the gang exited the fort and Sly saw a UFO leave the cave into space.


Note: Vostok's guards, when thrown in water, they jump back out.

Menacing Sharks

These sharks carry a heavy diver helmet with flashlight built into it and a harpoon shooting device. To attack close, they bite and also use their heavy diver helmet to smack you. They are gray in color and a white underside and wear diving goggles with artificial flippers on their feet. They also wear a black pirate hat on their heads with a fish skull and crossbones logo.

Evil Eels

These eels wear mechanical arms and legs to walk. They can shoot missiles and punch or kick with those mechanical limbs. They are green in color and wear Vostok's "Gill Air 2.0".

Mutant Krills

These oversized krills carry jet packs filled with scalding water. They can hover and shoot water through those. Their attack power when close is not that high. They are orange in color and wear Vostok's "Gill Air 2.0".


Vostok acts sarcastically with everyone and is proud of his invention, whom he always talks about. He is also very mischievous and likes to meddle with the enemy's plans.


Vostok looks much like normal killer whales except he's anthropomorphic wearing frog legs like divers. He also wears a beach shirt with beach short that end near his tail fin. He wears blue diver goggles and his "Gill Air 2.0" device. His beach shirt a Hawaiian red one while his shorts are Hawaiian blue shorts.


Vostok appears to be intelligent, having created an apparatus for fish to walk on land. His blowhole appears to shoot scalding water in his battle against Murray. He can also survive cold air on him living in the Arctic without even wearing a winter coat.


  • Vostok is named after Vostok 1, the first Russian space flight.
  • Despite being a whale, Vostok can breathe in water.
  • In a original villain lineup for the game, Vostok was not included along with Hyracles, Jaggar & Ivor.E. In their place was a polar bear, a lioness, El Jefe & a sea lion respectively.

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