" I'll shrink your head to a pea!!"
— The Rats when following you

A Voodoo Mystic

The Voodoo Rats are enemy guards encountered in the level Transylvania in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever and also in the DLC level Cuban Swamp in the game Thieves Back in Action. They serve as Mz. Ruby's guards and Drak's flashlight guards.


Despite over 13 years out of business, they look exactly the same as they did back then. They wear black pants with a red band, a necklace made of bones, a red candle in their heads and two orange bracelets on their left arms. They are tall brown rats and have yellow stripes on their backs. They carry a staff with a skull on top on their left hand that emit a yellow light to help them see and a magical green ball to shoot at you if they see you. They communicate with the same sounds they made like the surprised gasp, the shooting, or when defeated, they also now talk English.


Instead of 1 hit to defeat, they now take 7 hits to defeat. They swing their staffs vertically when close or swing their tails in attempts to hit you . When hit more than 2 times, they attack quickly.


  • They seem to be very fond of sports, such as their victory poses are hitting their magic balls with their staff like golf, throwing their magic balls in the air and batting them like baseball or levitating their staff and dribbling the magic balls and throw them like basketball.

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