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The Vile Vultures are enemy guards encountered in the level Bio-Ray Isle in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. They serve as flashlight guards.


These birds have a pink head, white ruff, brown feathers and pinkish-brown talons. They don't carry a flashlight but carry a water gun that shoots icy cold water. They wear black bowler hats with a black tie that starts on their ruffs along with a small green bag on their backs that produces robotic hands for them to grab the water guns. These guards can somehow jump onto rooftops and will sometimes look behind them, even looking all ways if alerted.


When close, they swipe their guns or swing their beaks upwards. When far, they shoot icy cold water at you. Like all flashlight guards, they attack quickly if hit more than two times.


  • These guards are based on the Water element.
  • These guards take 10 hits to defeat.
  • The Vultures apparently have a New York Mobster-like accent and were said to be transferred from The Bronx.

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