"Interesting concept Cooper! But remember, war not about fighting, guns and stuff, war is peace and pride to ourselves and to many people around the world. I probably hero to young children over the world. Now that's true hero."
— Viktor talking with Sly Cooper

Viktor, real name Vostok, is the alternate version of Vostok from the War Universe. He and Radko are the 3rd bosses the gang faces.



Viktor looks exactly like Vostok in appearance. He wears a green sergeant uniform and pants, he appears to have various badges on his shirt. He wears an army cap on his head and wears a device that let's him survive on land.



As a small orca pup, Vostok dreamed about being able to walk on land like other animals, and figured it was unfair that land animals like hippos and turtles could swim and walk. He used his powerful mind to create a device called Gill Air which enables fish to breathe on land. Unfortunately, the device malfunctioned when Vostok showed it to the fish community, ending with people laughing at him. Ashamed, he went into hiding and spent his time fixing the Gill Air device. After 2 years of hard work, the device was finished, now called "Gill Air 2.0", he tested it out on land and it worked flawlessly. He soon remembered all the humiliation he passed on the water. He became a war general and was asked into the Union of Vice besause of his invention and knowledge. There, he changed his name to Viktor and was paired up with a smart frog named Raleigh, who became his best friend and closest ally. They became powerful dictators that won every battle no matter the consequences. The two were then stationed in Moscow, Russia, the location of the Interpol Union's main Headquarters.


Viktor and Raleigh, now calling himself Radko, are approached by a mysterious client in robotic armor. They make a deal where if they capture Spy Cooper, who is the Interpol Union's top agent, then the stranger and his acossiates will assist them in winning the war. The two generals easily agree with it.

They send their minions to ambush and capture Spy while he and his Mystic counterpart, Dëma Luper were hacking into the mother computer. Unfortunately, they nab the wrong Cooper. Viktor is not seen until near the end of the episode, talking to one of his agents, Sniper, and then appearing in time to battle Spy in order to distract him. The dictator is defeated however before the mysterious client took whatever he needed from the raccoon agent.

In the credits, Viktor is in prison with Radko. Before long, they were given parol and are now generals of the British Division of the Order of Interpol.

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