Victorian London

Foggy London


Foggy London 2

Victorian London is the second level in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses here are Riddle Ruddle the Hyena and Turbo Ace the Roadrunner.


  • Foggy
  • Rainy
  • Wet Ground
  • Big Ben
  • English Town
  • Scotland Yard
  • Streetlights (some are short-circuiting)
  • Trees
  • Houses
  • Carriages pulled by Horses
    1830's bus

    James OLD bus

  • Unfinished London Eye
  • Plane advertising Funderland
  • Blimp advertising Funderland
  • Riddle and Turbo's Funderland
    • Signs pointing the path of the big top
    • Big Top
    • Circus Tents
    • Circus Games
    • Circus Advertising
    • Carriages
    • Animal Cages
    • Casino
    • Neon lights
  • Hyde Park
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Tower Bridge
  • Riddle's Office
  • Clue Bottles
  • Secret Sly Masks
  • Safehouse (small house out off town)

Takes place at night 1:07 a.m. London is one of the more unique levels in the Sly Cooper series. The environment is quite foggy while also being rainy. The unique mechanic of the level is that the ground is wet, leaving footprints that guards may notice along with squishy shoes which the guards will hear even if you walk normally. Two carriages pulled by horses are patrolling the area in which they have spotlights on the sides and spawn rooftop guards. Scotland Yard is located near Big Ben and is overrun by Riddle Ruddle and Turbo Ace, Big Ben can be seen easily since it's the largest structure there. Streetlights adorn the English Town of being able to climb around. Trees adorn the place to give more feel to the level. London Eye is shown to be unfinished here, Palace of Westminster is seen but cannot be entered. Tower Bridge can be walked on too while Hyde Park is overrun by Riddle's men.



The music for the level is a mellow theme with trumpets and violins playing to give English feels. The fight music is a fast-paced trumpet solo.

Pickpocket Treasures

  • 500~Boom-Boom Bomb
  • 300~Golden Teeth
  • 100~Handkerchief

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