Victorian England, known by its episode name "Alice in Cooperland", is the fourth time period the Cooper Gang visits in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


High-Society Snooping

Sly does recon for the Cooper Gang and uncovers some facts about Penelope's whereabouts...

Down the Rabbit Hole...

Sly and Carmelita go and search for Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III in the sewers and catch a glimpse of the enemy.

Do the Dodo

Sly must get the Mascot Costume and destroy a computer that prevents the gang from controlling the amusement rides.

Cat and Mouse

A paranoid Penelope tries to destroy the Cheshire Cat Cameras by destroying their computer terminal in the indoor water park. She also gets to use her RC Boat.

Off With Her Head!!

Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III must navigate through a deathtrap-filled funhouse to save an old rival of his and get the blueprints of the theme park from her.

Bugging a Bug

Sly goes off to bug Ven St. Claire's office, only to find out some disturbing facts about him. Afterward, Bentley tries using his recovered-but-highly-damaged RC Car to spy on Ven in the indoor section of the amusement park.

Scavenger Hunt

Disguised as an employee, Bentley must find seven items within a certain amount of time to gain a key that can gain access to any theme park ride in the park.

Operation: Bug Zapper

The Cooper Gang, Bentley in particular, must find and rescue Penelope from Ven St. Claire. However, there are many more threats waiting in the shadows...

Mission Guide


List of Treasure

Vault Treasure

Pickpocket Treasure

Collectible Treasure


Flashlight Guards

Rooftop Guards


Once all twelve collectible treasures have been obtained, the arcade for the time period, Spark Runner, can be accessed in the hideout.

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