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"Under the Hood" is the fourth mission of the Medievil Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Follow Sir Grizzain and Sir Torth.
  • Fight Sir Torth.
  • Fight Sir Grizzain.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Rob must be selected for this mission. The mission marker is located near the castle's moat. Once you reach it, this dialogue will occur.

Bentley: Rob! There's two figures about to exit the castle! Follow them, we might find out where this weapon is located.

Rob: Forsooth! I shall follow these lunatics to the edge of the Earth!

Bentley: Right. Hey! They're exiting now! Hide somewhere!

Rob: (Rob hides behind a well with a view of the drawbridge) This will do. (The drawbridge will fall down and reveal Sir Grizzain and Sir Torth) (Sir Torth's name is shown on the bottom)

Bentley: Isn't that The Grizz and Toothpick? I thought he faded into obscurity.

Rob: What are you talking about? Anyway, I'll follow these two!

Follow the two through the village, avoid the many Hefty Horses guarding the path, it's more advised to stay in the rooftops since no rooftop guards are present now. Once they reach they reach the edge of town in a grove of trees there is a stone with a sword embedded in it. This cutscene occurs.

Grizzain: Ah the sword of Excalibur! Everythin' 'bout dat makes de king go brr! Just destroy it! So that the true heir cannot return!

Torth: Oy Grizzain! We need to stay focused!

Rob: Grrr, I want to stop these two hooligans! (Rob stares at the sword in the stone) But that's... (Rob hears rustling in the trees) Huh?

Sly and Dëma jump out and kick the knights in the faces.

Torth: (Torth gets back up) Ooooh!!! (Torth flails around quickly) You shouldn't have done that!

Grizzain: (Grizzain gets back up) Why you do dat?

Sly: Rob! (Blocks a blow from Torth) What are you doing?!


The battle is similar to Le Paradox's final battle in TiT. Just keep up with Torth's sword while pressing the corresponding buttons, keep in mind that they have no set pattern. Once you deplete his health to half, this cutscene will occur.

Torth: Oh, my head! (Walks back and forth while holding his head, little birds are shown above his head)

Sly: Hahaha! Even the you in my dimension put up a better fight! (notices Sir Grizzain about to strike Excalibur with his sword begore being intercepted by Dëma's staff)

Grizzain: Ya shouldn't have done that peasant! (Readies sword while Dëma readies his staff)

The battle between the two is also similar to the Le Paradox one. Keep up with Grizzain's attacks and when the bear's in half health, Grizzain stumbles a bit.

Dëma: That's for calling me a peasant!

While the raccoons' guard was down, the two knights manage to knock their weapons out of their hands.

Torth: (Torth grows in size) OHOHOHO!! NOW YOU'RE DONE, VERMIN'!!!

Grizzain: Hehehe this gon' be poppin'!

Rob: (Out of desperation, comes out of hiding and dashes straight to the sword, successfully pulling it out, he points it at Torth)


Rob: No excuses fiend! (Using the blade's magic, Rob releases a slash of energy at Sir Torth, leaving nothing of the armadillo)

Grizzain: Uhh, I surrender y'all! I beg fo' forgiveness! The G-Wagon is out! (Runs away frantically)

Rob: That'll do.

Dëma: Uhh how did you do that?

Sly: I believe that's about the Legend of King Arthur where Excalibur was (moment of realization)... the symbol of the rightful king.

Rob: I, uh, my real name is Arthius. Arthius Cooper. The true ruler of Parilot.

Sly and Dëma: What?! I'm a... (look at each other) KING here?! (Both faint of unconscious)

Rob: (sigh, shakes head) I have a lot of explaining to do.

Job Complete

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