"Don't worry li'l boy! I can make this quick!"
— Turbo when Thaddeus passes him in the race

Turbo Ace is an anthropomorphic Greater Roadrunner. He along with Riddle Ruddle are the bosses of Victorian London. He is voiced by Sam Riegel.


Turbo Ace was one of the world's fastest runners ever since he was a young boy. Longing to join the Olympics, Turbo Ace practiced long and hard to achieve his goal. People made fun of his goofy appearance, however, and he joined a circus instead. Furious that the world wasn't taking him seriously and after joining up with one of the circus clowns, Riddle Ruddle, he turned to a life of crime.


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Thief Meter

Turbo's thief meter is light brown with racing stripes on it. Turbo's head is in the middle. Fire surrounds the head.


Turbo has a headstrong personality. He prefers to charge straight at problems without even thinking. He's also shown to be naive, making Riddle take control of him. He's also funny and will not hesitate to make his opponent laugh. Being a headstrong bird, he always gets himself in mistakes which proves to be his downfall in the battle


Turbo Ace is an anthropomorphic Greater Roadrunner. He basically resembles a Greater Roadrunner with clothes, making him one of the series' less anthropomorphic characters. He has a yellowish-brown underside with a brown back and black stripes down it. He has a red mark near his eye and also has a black crest on his head. His tail feathers are always pointed up and his feet are light brown. He wears a white racer's helmet that pokes an opening for his crest and wears a white shirt with red stripes, making him look like a race car driver. He seems to have a thick Texas accent.


As his name suggests, Turbo is an exceptional runner, and can even rival race cars. But while running, he doesn't pay attention to the road and may even trip on the easiest of obstacles. He can also be shot out of a cannon and not get hurt or even rope walk just like the Coopers or even Spire Jump. Although this may be with him being athletic and a clown. He's also shown to be "suave with the ladies", when he flirted with Carmelita and when talking through a radio.


  • Turbo's nickname, "Harley Runner", is a reference to Harley Quinn, assistant and right hand woman to The Joker from Batman, this suits him due to Riddle being based on Joker and Riddler.
  • Turbo may be based on the Roadrunner from The Looney Tunes.
  • Beating Turbo in a race awards the player the "2nd Place!" trophy.
  • Defeating Turbo in battle awards the player the "Silver Medal!" trophy.

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