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Treasured Tides is the fifth mission in the Age of Pirates in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Dive into the dark depths of the sunken fleet off the coast.
  • Find the fabled sword.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Henriette. Once she reaches the harbor, specifically the port next to a Clue Bottle, a cutscene will begin.

  • Henriette: (Henriette stares at the wreck off the coast of Topaz Lagoon with a curious look on her face. Murray approaches Henriette. Henriette sees Murray's shadow and turns to him.) Oh. It be you. Tell me, Murray, have you ever wondered what that wreck might be?
  • Murray: Oh, you mean those ships? Um, not really, no.
  • Henriette: I've been to this lagoon many times, hippo, and I always be seeing that wreck offshore. That be a strange place that I never dared ventured. Too many sharks patrol the wreckage, mate. But I be hearing rumors about a sword that could cut through anything, and according to them, it be hidden in those depths.
  • Murray: (Murray tries squinting to help him see more of the wreck. Murray sees sharks swimming close by.) Look at all those sharks! You were right, Henriette. So, what's so important about this sword?
  • Henriette: Well, remember that sea dog Salty Sam I spoke about earlier? He be from a line of pirates, and his grandfather, Blue Blood Benjamin, had a sword made of magic. To this day, no one has ever found it, but methinks that fleet may have been his at one point.
  • Murray: Wait a minute. Penelope is piloting a robot suit, so you're trying to use the sword to damage it, right?
  • Henriette: I be a bit curious as to what you're talking about, Murray, but I plan on running that metal phantom through with that blade!
  • Murray: That's what I said.
  • Henriette: Oh. Sorry, mate. Anyway, can you keep me swimming session with the sharks a secret? (After thinking about it, Murray nods and smiles.) Thanks a lot, mate.
  • Murray: But what if you get eaten? I'm not in the mood for a time paradox, thank you very much.
  • Henriette: Don't worry, mate. I'm sure I'll be finding a way to the fleet.

Henriette must dive from a somewhat high point, like from a ship, in order to dive successfully. Or, she could just go into the water. Either way, she'll have to avoid the sharks surrounding the way to the sunken fleet. Thankfully, all Henriette needs to do is simply swim far enough away from the sharks to avoid getting the whole group in a frenzy. If one spots Henriette, she can simply attack it with her sword. However, Henriette isn't as skilled in combat while underwater, so multiple enemies may pose a problem for her. Once she gets close enough to the wreckage, a loading screen will appear and eventually disappear. Once the loading screen disappears, she will be in an air pocket in the middle of the fleet. A cutscene will begin once she reaches the surface of the air pocket.

  • Henriette: Ooh. This be a cozy little spot. No sign of the sword, though. (Henriette notices the torch on the side of a wall.) Wait. Why be there torchlight? The light would've gone out by now. Methinks that I better be careful now. I be not the only one here. The Cooper Gang would be going mad with this development.

Henriette must traverse a dark hallway with some barely lit torches. The hallway itself has several watery sections, one of which has a shark in it. Jumping into the water here is not advised; it will only anger the shark and it will eat Henriette in turn. Rather, using the hook located above the pool is the way to go. As Henriette gets to an area with portholes, she claims that someone is here, and that it must be Black Beard's men. As soon as she makes it to the end of the hallway, she'll see that the sunken fleet is where Black Beard and Red Rum Roger get their resources for their robotic pelicans. Henriette must sneak past the Putrid Pelicans that are on duty near the chamber entrance. Then, Henriette must crawl under some debris and trip some flashlight guards, making them fall into the water and short circuit. After that, Henriette needs to travel downward, where some Sinister Seagulls are guarding a switch that will open a door leading to another chamber. The next chamber leads to a tunnel full of water that Henriette will have to swim in in order to access the next room. Henriette must swim through the tunnel, reaching air pockets when required. Occasionally, there will be a shark that appears in the water. Attack it before it kills Henriette in one bite. There is a Cruel Crocodile guarding the exit to this chamber. Once Henriette gets to the surface she must quickly attack the flashlight guard and send him falling into the water. And finally, in the last chamber, there is a gauntlet. Several guards, such as the Heinous Hyenas and Coldhearted Cats, are present in this room. There are also lots of machines that are melting the metals found in the ships to be used in making weapons for the pelican guards. It will take a long time for Henriette to get through the gauntlet, but once the Henriette overcomes the gauntlet's challenges and destroys the metal melting machines, one final cutscene will begin.

  • Henriette: (Henriette sees what looks like the fabled sword's scabbard.) Huzzah!! This be the sword of legend! (Henriette approaches the scabbard.........only to find that it's just the scabbard.) What?!?! What trick be this?! It definitely be the sword's scabbard, but where be the sword?! Someone took it. No matter. Black Beard won't be getting help from this place now, so I suppose I be doing something right. Time to head back to the hideaway. The landlubbers be waiting for me. (Henriette looks into a small pool. She checks if it's safe to swim in and jumps in.)

Job Complete

On Feathered Wings

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