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"Total Dejá Vu... Almost, Anyway" is the first mission in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses, taking place in Paris, France in the prologue, "Thief the I".


  • Steal the part for the Continuum Jumper.

How to Complete and Dialogue

The game starts after the intro with the appearance of the Sanzaru Games sign and Sony Entertainment. It shows a van in an alley and five shadowed animals of ranging sizes, the Cooper Gang, come out. The first gameplay dialogue begins.

Bentley: All right. It's the same as the first mission here, but a little different. Got it?

Murray: Yeah! How can I forget that?

Penelope: Uh, no need to shout, buddy. And relax, honey. With the five of us, they don't stand a chance.

Carmelita: I have full agreement with you, sister. This is in the bag.

Sly: Hey, I'm getting really impatient here. Wanting to go on an adventure through other universes does that. So let's go already!

Murray and Carmelita head down an alley and Bentley hops down into the sewer while Penelope grabs hold of Sly as he climbs up a pipe. After he lands, she goes somewhere. Sly comes out of the shadows.

Sly Cooper: The Thief

When Sly is moved forward, a small robot rat with glowing eyes comes by. The raccoon hides behind a crate.

Penelope: Careful, Sly, those aren't just ordinary robots. They have a siren that can summon more robots. So stay out of their sight.

After the robot leaves, move Sly to round the corner.

Bentley: You know how to jump: Press the X button. To do a Double Jump, press X twice.

As Sly moves on, he'll come to a pipe with blue sparkles.

Bentey: I don't need to tell you what to do here.

Sly: Of course not. I just press the O button to do a master thief move around these auras.

[Gameplay Skip (because it's the same as TiT)] Sly, with the key, opens the skylight. Inside is a case with a cyan glowing gear in it.

Sly: Okay, Bentley, I'm in position. You know what to do.

Bentley: Of course, Sly, I've done this before.

Bentley: The Brains

[Gameplay Skip] After taking out the guards at the computer, Bentley hacks it easily.

Bentley: Huh, easier than the first time. Murray, you're up.

Murray: All right! The Murray is now joining the action!

Murray: The Brawns

[Gameplay Skip] Once Murray destroys the power boxes, the front door of the museum is blasted open.

Bentley: Be careful in there, Carmelita! Those guards aren't linked to the computer's security so I can't shut them down!

Carmelita: No problem, Bentley! I can shut them off myself!

Carmelita Fox: The Feist

Carmelita: Okay. To fire, I just press the R1 to fire a shock bullet and I can use the L1 button to lock onto a certain target.

After blasting a few guards, Carmelita reaches the destinated room with the part.

Carmelita: I'm in position. No guards coming. Any cops, though, Penelope?

The camera goes back to the rooftops with Penelope's face hidden by her laptop as she sits criss-cross.

Penelope: A few cars are coming our way, but they shouldn't be a problem for my modified RC Chopper. (closes laptop and takes out a remote)

Penelope: The Tinker

A playthough bagins with Penelope's blue and green RC Chopper flying over the museum.

Penelope: Let's see. I can guide the Chopper around using the left analog stick. The X button releses a grapple, the triangle button drops small bombs and the R1 button gives the Chopper a boost. I can't let too many cops get into the museum or it's a bust!

A meter appears to show how many officers are taken out and a gauge comes to show how many have gotten into the museum. Penelope has to take out 25 cops in order to win. If 10 officers get in, it's game over. After getting rid of the reinforcementrs, the RC Chopper lands next to Penelope.

Bentley: Excellent, Penelope! We've got clear area now. Coast is clear, Sly.

Sly: This is it.

Dangling upside down from a rope, press the R1 button when it says "Steal it!" and Sly will take the gear out of the case and replace it with a calling card.

Sly: Let's go, Carm!

Carmelita: The moment we've been waiting for's coming.

The vixen enters the room and grabs ahold of Sly with her arms around his neck as something pulls up the rope. The couple perch themselves on the roof.

Sly: Good evening, this is Sly and Carmelita Cooper. We'd like a ride to nowhere.

Bentley: Sly, no time for jokes! Suspence is killing all of us so hurry up!

The raccoon and vixen jump down the roofs and onto the team van.

Sly: Hit it, Murray!

Murray: Awe yeah! New dimension, here we come!

The team van races down the alley and thenout of sight before the title comes up.

Job Complete

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