To See Better is the second mission in the level 18th Dynasty Egypt in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Take Recon Photos
  • Save Slytunkhamen

How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission beacon is located on top of a nearby palm tree. Once you reach it, this dialogue will occur.

  • Bentley: Good to see your face again Sly, now, we need information of this Egyptian Fairytale. I'm clueless to this place's landscape.
  • Sly: A normal guy would have a party with your best friend if they don't see him for 10 days. But I guess I could spring back to action.
  • Bentley: Good, now, I've already sent the photo-worthy locations for you to recon okay?
  • Sly: Cool , I'll go now. (Sly closes the binocucom)

The first photo is near the Frog Prince animatronic.

Rabbit Hole

  • Sly: Haven't I seen this before?
  • Bentley: I don't remember but I think it's from a book, looks like we'll need to go down there sometime.

The second photo is walking around the level, it's a gecko guard.

Gecko guard

  • Sly: That's him, that's the one who almost burned me
  • Bentley: Hmm, even though he looks weak, he carries a flamethrower on his back, I have a feeling there's someone behind all this

The third photo is located on the far right of the level.

Main Pyramid

  • Bentley: Giving this is the largest pyramid on here, this might be where the one behind this is
  • Sly: We'll be heading inside right? I saw a movie about an exploration team becoming mummies by entering
  • Bentley: Your imagination is getting to me Sly.

The last photo is located near the lily pond

Frog Prince

  • Bentley: I don't know Sly, these look creepy to me
  • Sly: The one in charge might love these Fairytales
  • Bentley: Ok Sly, we've got all the photos but I've found something inside the prison that might help you save Slytunkhamen.
  • Sly: What is it?
  • Bentley: A costume, it might be of use.
  • Sly: Got it, I'll go back inside (Sly closes his binocucom)

Head to the prison again and enter inside, once inside, head through the same crawl space and you will notice the same place the Gecko shot fire has been burned out, leaving it open, no guards are present in this zone. Head to an open cell and crawl through the small opening, you will arrive in the room with the Pharaoh Costume, grab it and this small cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: This might be itchy (Sly puts on the costume and tries to dance like an Egyptian)
  • Bentley: Fits you nicely! Now, I have studied on that disguise and it appears to have magical powers!
  • Sly: Well, what did I expect from Ancient Egypt? (Rocks start to crumble and the entrance is blocked by them) Uhh, Bentley? A little help here?
  • Bentley: Don't worry Sly! This costume can levitate objects impeding your way for a short time! It even works on guards! Try it out! Just hold the Circle button near any impeding object to lift it in the air!

Do as Bentley said, hold the circle button to lift the rocks and quickly take the costume off to crawl out of the place to the hallway. Once outside, this cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: I like it.
  • Bentley: I wish I could wear it, wait! Here comes a guard! (Camera pans to a Gecko guard coming) get in the crawl space Sly!

Head to the crawl space again, once you notice the guard passes by, get out of the crawl space and lift the guard up with the Pharaoh Costume. Once lifted, throw him somewhere to the walls to defeat him.

  • Sly: Cool, this is one of my favorites! I'm like a mini-Murray!
  • Bentley: True, now this should help with getting Slytunkhamen out of his cell.

Head to the same pipe that took you outside Slytunkhamen's cell, once you drop down, this cutscene will occur.

  • Slytunkhamen: (Ears twitch at hearing Sly fall down and he turns around) Ahh, fellow Cooper! Have you come with a method to save me?
  • Sly: Yes I have, let me just take these rocks out of the way. (Sly puts on his Pharaoh Costume)
  • Sytunkhamen: Really glad you got in style.

Gameplay starts now, just move the 5 rocks inside the cell, unfortunately, the sounds of rocks crushing down alerts the Egyptian guards, many Fennec Foxes and Sacred Ibises will start attacking, defeat the 10 guards coming and keep on with the rocks, once you throw all 5, this cutscene will start.

  • Slytunkhamen: Ahh! You are a Cooper at heart, I am glad to be conspiring with you.
  • Sly: Thanks Tunk but we need to get out of here!
  • Slytunkhamen: Sure, direct me to your place of stay (both run away and climb on the pipe)

Job Complete

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