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"To New Heights" is the second mission in "The Thief with the Magic Rings" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It's also the first mission the player plays as Dëma Luper.


  • Steal back Dëma's staff and ring.
  • Take recon of strange energy flows.

How to Complete and Dialogue

The marker is at the trail that enters the town. Once there, Bentley will open "Bentley Tech".

Bentley: Okay, everyone. It seems that when Dëma was captured, the guards took his prized Luper Staff and special moonstone ring and stashed them in the storage room the headquarters of this univerese's Interpol, the Guard Unity. Fortunately, there is an opening at the bottom of the base. It's simple, Sly. You and Dëma will navigate your way through the stationhouse to the storage room and get back those wizardly needs. If what Benedict says is true, and he should be, Dëma can easily use his most skilled magic of gravity manipulation to get you guys out though a high window.

Dëma: You better believe Benedict. Magic over space isn't a Luper specialty for nothing.

Bentley: Right. Of course. Once you get your things back, Dëma, I need you to assist Sly in doing recon on any abnormal things around here. The best areas for the photos are those high rooftops, but the problem is how Sly is going to get up there since there is no rope or pipe to climb up. So we need your magic to get him to those high places. Think you can handle that?

Dëma: As you would say in your universe, piece of cake.

Bentley: (unamused tone) Sly...

Sly: What did I do?

Bentley: Nevermind. Just get going, you two!

Gameplay starts. Guide Sly to the stationhouse that is located at the far right of the town. Luper will follow close behind. In the left wall to them is an opeing big enough for them. Press the O button to get down and start crawling. Once inside, a small cutscene will play.

Bentley: Be careful, guys. It looks like they are patroling this hallway because they knew Dëma would eventually come for his stuff. Don't get caught or the two of you will be off with your heads!

Dëma: (shivers) Please don't say it like that.

The best way of manuevaur is to climb onto the shelves and crawl. Some of the Dragon flashlight guards are talking to each other.

Dragon 1: Yes, I know. That rumor that Luper has a twin.

Dragon 2: Do you believe it?

Dragon 1: Nah. It's probably just a duplicate or some "fan" who used transformation magic to look like him.

Dragon 2: There's still the possibility that-

Dragon 1: That it's true? Hogwash I say it is! I will flatten both of those brats when I see them!

Dragon 2: (whisper) Idiot.

Dëma: (whisper, laughs lightly) Looks like you're already well known.

Sly: Me? Your twin? I can and can't see that happening at the same time.

Dragon 3: Think about it! If there's another Luper, what about the rest of his thieves?

Dragon 4: That's quite the possibility.

Dragon 3: And that means they'll be twice as much trouble for us to take care of! If Luper gets his scythe, I'm retiring to Arabia!

Sly: Your staff is a scythe?

Dëma: (annoyed tone) Not again.

Sly: Happened before?

Dëma: About a million times in my whole career.

Finally, they reach the storage room and sneak in. Immediately, they find Dëma's things in a floating cage.

Dëma: There they are!

The sorceror circles his hands as if he is focusing energy. A little ball of fire begins to form.

Sly: What are you doing?

Dëma: Elemental magic is more of Benedict's ability, but I can at least conjure (ball is bigger now, pulls arm back)... THIS! (throws fireball at the cage, which breaks the opening) It does take more focus than other magic to me. But, hey, it's effective! (grabs staff and places ring on his tail)

Sly: A TAIL-ring?

Dëma: What's wrong about THAT?

Sly: Nothing.

Dragon: Hey! What's going on in there?!

Luper casts some magic on the door, keeping it locked.

Dëma: That should keep them out for now. Let's get out of here.

Sly: Then hurry up and do your hocus-pocus!

Dëma: Sheesh. No need to say it like that.

A crate under the window sparkles blue in Dëma's vision as the controls switch to him.

Dëma: All I need to do is hold down the R2 button to weaken the gravitational force on a sparkling object. Doing so will make the object float in midair... as long as I have energy in my meter, that is.

Get on the crate with Sly and press the R2 button, which will make the crate rise high enough to reach the window. Sly opens it and the two raccoons escape, letting the crate fall and crash onto the floor below.

Sly: Okay. Now that we're out of there, time for Phase 2. Photography.

Dëma: "Foe-what-graphy"?

Sly: PHO-TO-GRA-PHY. It's where you take pictures of things. I can explain it further later. Let's go.

Follow the compass to the first location, a church like building. The controls switch to Dëma, who must use his magic to lift a barre Sly is on to the roof. Play as Sly again and use the binocucom. There will be a white aura in the rock wall that hides the town from any viewpoint behind it.

Mysterious White Aura

Bentley: Hmmm, this aura's signature is very strong and VERY complicated. There's nine objects in that field altogether. Wonder if they could be of any use.

Jump off the building and head to a tall house. Control switch to Dëma. Raise Sly and the crate. Control switch to Sly. There is some kind of black mist in a store with a wood carved face on the front.

Mysterious Black Mist

Sly: Why do I have a feeling that something's cooking up in there? Figuratvely speaking.

Bentley: Yeah, Sly, that is at a sinister level. But why in a puppet house?

Same procedure at another house. There is a pine green aura faintly covering the entire castle.

Unknown Green Aura

Bentey: The abnormality's too weak to fully decipher, but someone is definitely in the castle. And whoever it is, can't be up to good.

Repeat procedure near an actual church. The mist that lingered in the set up carnival is a deep, but pale blue.

Unknown Blue Fog

Sly: Somehow, that carnival doesn't look so fun anymore.

Bentley: Agreed. Something's not right. The energy around it is pretty strong. Best not to get too close, or who knows what will happen. Okay, guys. That should be all the info we need to get started. Head on back to the tree.

Job Complete

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