"Time to Break-Out!" is the first mission in "Way of the Ringed Ninja" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


How to Complete and Dialogue

The player is in control of Rob for this mission. The marker is on a cliff near the prison. Rob will pul out his binocucom.

Bentley: Rob, I've checked over everything with Bi-en and the only way in is through the front door. Unfortunately, there's a guard standing behind it. You'll have to get in the old fashioned way.

Rob: By knocking?

Bentley: (unamused look) Very funny. No, by getting a disgiuse! Several guards have pieces of spare armor. You just need to pickpocket them. We would've lend you ours. If Sly didn't get it taken in Ancient Egypt.

Sly: (off screen) That was not my fault!

Rob: Egypt? What were you doing there?

Bentley: Uh, it's a long story that involves time traveling. But back to the job! Who knows what they're right now doing to Shirai!

Rob must pick the pockets of three specific guards to get the armor. Once done, head for the prison. A cutscene will play with Rob putting on the armor.

Rob: Ugh. How do people wear this? It's so baggy.

Sly: Hey, I had to wear an armor just like that, so suck it up and go.

Rob heads to the door and kicks it. A slot in the door opens.

Guard: What's your business here, soldier?

Rob: (deep voice, trying to do Japanese accent) I'm here by orders of the Shogun to dismiss the guards from Coopachi and take over.

Guard: And you are?

Rob: Uh, Sergeant Jeflet!

Guard: Jeflet? Never heard of you.

Rob: How dare you question me! I've been a guard longer than you had a life! I'm going to ask the Shogun myself if he would like some Otter Sushi for dinner...

Guard: No! Wait! I'm really sorry, Sarge! Come right in! (closes th slot, the door opens and Rob enters)

Once inside after the loading screen, Rob immediately walks through the prison while struggling to keep the armor on. Soon, he sees a hanging cage close to a farther platform with a deep grey and brown raccoon in a vavy blue and yellow ninja suit sitting inside.

Rob: (normal voice) Oi! Shirai Coopachi! Are you all right?

Shirai: Hmph. Baka.

Rob: Come on. Don't be like that. I'm not even one of those idiots, if that's what that word means, anyway. I'm here to get you out! My name's Rob...

Shirai: A ninja?  Well, my friend, you will have to pass the Dragon Gate on the other side to reach this cage. And I hear the so-called Shogun is planning something for me. So don't waste time.

Rob: Forsooth! I will be there as soon as I can.

The playthrough is very similar the mission "Breakout" except there being no fire and the armor cannot be removed at anytime. Once Rob gets a guard to open the Dragon Gate, a short cutscene starts as he enters but then trips, causing his armor to fall apart and reveal his real clothes. Guards immediately come at him. Rob must outrun them while dodging shurikens from the bat guards. Another cutscene begins with Rob accidentally stepping on a jade platform that caused the path to Shirai's cage to fall apart behind it. The guards fall down with the rubble.

Shirai: Very impressive. If I did not know better, I'd say you're me.

Rob: (short laugh) Yeah, well, that part's true. My real name is Arthius Cooper, but I'm just more commonly called Rob. I'm just... from another universe. Sorry to bring up the alarm.

Shirai: It is fine. Ninja aren't alarmed so easily. And with what's been going on here, there's no douht you are right. Now would be a good time to open the cage, please.

Rob: Oh yeah, of course. (uses an arrow as a lockpick, the lock falls off and the door cage opens)

Both raccoons begin to climb up the chain holding up the cage.

Job Complete

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