The Original Five cover art

The Original Five is a downloadable pack for Thieves Back in Action. It costs 15.00 $ in the PS Store.


Due to a plea from an unknown person whom said if there could be a feature for playing like Thievius Raccoonus, Sanzaru started working on this pack on October 2015 and it was finished on November 2016 and released to the PS Store. Sanzaru only said information in IGN about this pack saying "I think we are going old-school on Sly for a bit".


The Original Five contains new levels, new villains and new gameplay mechanic that can be turned on or off in the "Options" in the menu. The gameplay mechanic converts the levels like Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, you will die in one hit, guards are defeated in one hit, lives are present, horseshoes are present top and boss health bars turn like they wear back then. There is also a difficulty setting in the Options menu too, in Easy, it is easier to find horseshoes, you start with 5 lives, flashlight guard shootings don't home on you and bosses do less damage. In medium, it is a little harder to find horseshoes, you start with 3 lives, flashlight guard shootings home a little and bosses do normal damage. On hard mode, you start with one live, horseshoes are very hard to find, flashlight guard shootings home on you quickly and bosses do incredible damage.


Reception from Fans

According to fans, this pack was very well received, praising the original gameplay and the return of the original villains. The new levels were greatly received too, especially the London one which was greatly felt with the environment and heavy rain. The battles were also well received, saying that keeping the original play while also being epic.


  • Credit to PeekingDuck for awesome idea!

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