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"The Opera Assault" is the second mission in the Medieval Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Sneak into the castle treasure room and steal back Rob's bow.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly must be selected for this mission. The marker is at the entrance to a cellar door. A cutscene will start with Rob and Dëma showing up.

Rob: Down there is not the safest place, but that's where the treasure room is. Knowing that phony king, he's probably put my special bow in there.

Sly: And you're here, why again?

Rob: I've been down there a million times and "security" (does air quotes) never changes.

Sly: Well, if that's the case... (opens the door, a certain voice can be heard singing. Loudly. Sly and Dëma cover their ears)

Sly: Ow! Opera?! Seriously?!

Rob: (like nothing's wrong) What? It's the traditional music here.

Dëma:You people call this "music"?! It sounds like messed up screaming!

Rob: (sighs, pulls out two pairs of little corks and gives them to the two, which they immediately put in their ears)

Sly and Dëma: (sigh of relief)

Sly: Much better. Now that that's out of our ears, let's go. ( the three head into the cellar)

Follow Rob in the castle. Everything he does must be copied in order to not be spotted. They trio of Slys pass a fancy room with an old lion wearing a purple robe and crown singing opera.

Sly: Let me guess. That's Octjohn.

Rob: Yep. The old coot of insanity himself. Can't wait to see him overthrown.

Dëma: I can't wait to tape his mouth shut.

Continue to follow Rob. Reaching a door, the three stop. Rob looks up to see a target.

Rob: Usually, I'd stand a little ways away and fire at that switch. But since my bow's in that room, I guess we'll have find another way.

Dëma: I can help with that. Sly, if you would please stand right underneath the target?

Sly (does as asked) Uh, Dëma, what are you planning?

Controls switch to Dëma. Sparkles are seen on Sly's soles. Use Dëma's gravity magic to make Sly float.

Sly: Woah woah WOAH! Dëma, this is a little creepy here!

Dëma: Then hit the target already before I drop you!

Sly hits the switch with his cane and the door opens. Dëma slowly strengthens gravity and Sly is gently placed on the floor. Move forward into the room.

Sly: If I were a messed up king who's not even the real king, where would I hide the bow of a pest?

Dëma: Above you.

Sly and Rob: Huh?

Dëma simply points up. Both look in that direction and the bow is dangling by a thread.

Rob: Okay then. Now how am I supposed to get up there when I don't even have Hermes' shoes?

Dëma: Easy part. I got this.

Use the gravity magic to make a golden rope rise. Use the Climbing Cobra to hurriedly climb the rope. Dëma will then use his staff to cut the thread and get the bow. Unfortunately, his magic stops and he along with the rope fall into a pile of gold coins.

Sly: Dëma? You all right?

Dëma: (pops head out of the gold, shakes head to relieve dizziness) I'm okay! And I got it! (holds up Rob's bow)

Rob: (chuckle) Thank thee, Sir Dëma. To withstand a blow from a mound so heavy, thou might as well carry the strength of Heracles.

Dëma: Hera-what?

Octjohn: Who dares interrupt my performance?!

Rob: Uh oh. Phony Cat's coming. Quick! Out that way! (begins crawling up an abandoned chimney with the other two following close behind)

Octjohn enters and sees that one of his gold piles was disturbed. He looks up and sees the absence of a bow. At the corner of his eye, he spots the black tip of Dëma's tail, making him boil with rage.

Octjohn: (growl)(opera voice) COOP-EEEEEEEEERRRR!

The blast of sound waves cause the treasure piles to collapse and blast the three raccoons out the other end of the chimney, into the air.


After a few seconds of falling, Dëma slows them down by weakening gravity and they land soundly on the ground. They fall backwards, landing on their behinds.

Sly: I NEVER want to do that again.

Rob: First time that has ever happened. (looks at their clothes and his, seeing soot on them) And first time this got this dirty.

Sly and Dëma: (look down at themselves, give disgusted looks)

Sly: Great. It'll take hours to wash this out. (sees Dëma pass out) Dëma! (he and Rob rush over to him, Sly puts a hand on Dëma's forehead) Awe man, he's burning up! Must've overdid it when he secured our fall! (places Dëma on his back) Come on, Rob! We need to get back to the hideout pronto!

Rob: (nods as he picks up Dëma's staff and his bow before following Sly)

Job Complete

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