The moon is a celestial body located in space that rotates the Earth. Sly visits the place in the last episode called Episode 10: It Ends Here. The main antagonist here is L.A.R, the evil mastermind of the game. The time here is ?:??.


  • Moon craters
  • L.A.R's metropolis
  • Moon rocks
  • American flag
  • Spaceship flying
  • Background planets
  • Security blimp
  • Breakable crates
  • Streetlights
  • Rubber trees
  • Radioactive sludge pool
  • Futuristic Tank
  • Martian rats
  • Alien chickens
  • Clue bottles
  • Secret Sly masks
  • Safehouse

The moon is spherical in size but its easy to navigate through. L.A.R's metropolis is located in the middle of the map and it has lots futuristic buildings and flying space-cars through the level. A security blimp flies through the level with searchlights. Anyone that is caught will get a loud alarm alerting guards near you.


  • Flashlight Guard: 4-Eyed Alien
  • Rooftop Guards: Brainiac Aliens & Greys
  • Security: Tanks & a Security Blimp


The music for the place has a ominous futuristic theme. The fight music turns into a weird beeping noise that sounds fast.

Pickpocket treasures

  • 500- Moon rock
  • 300- Laser gun
  • 100- Radioactive Sludge Jar

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