Martian (jeff)

Martian (jiff wayne)

The Martian are the beings that attack the earth from 1899-1901 in the Rise of the thieves gaslamp universe. they used tripod to move around.

Tal Ix'tun is one of them.

The invader wars

Unknowman: What happen?

artillery man: They wipe us out. Hunderd Dead, maybe thousand.

Unknowman: Who did this?

artillery man: The Martian. They were under the hood of the machine they made...

The war started on augt. 12, with horsell common. and the "invaders" destory just about everyhing bewteen the common and working.

after a few more battles, they wipe out 20% britians homeland army, but were then reneforced with the new Armor Track tanks and Uk new Armor Lorry Mk2

Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds armor lorry

Armored Lorry MK1

But the UK was still losing men and after two weeks, the Martian were then attacking the rest of the world.

The texian were some of the only group holding off the martian. Germany was also holding them off and soon got there hand on aliens heat ray tech.

The battle of the Thurderchild happen and sunk two tripod before getting sunk. the martian then sent the fulll attack force and capter the UK. The rest Of the World wasn't doing better.

War-of-the-worlds-tripod 1898

tripod 1898

But then, after the greatest time(22 days), a disease started to kill off the martian, But wasn't able to spead to snow in place like Canada and Russia. A few Hunderd thousands people then got on the band wagon and started to fight off the Martian in these area. It well take a few more year to defeat them in the snow.

Around this time, Charlottle Mckinsley, Bruce O'coops, Drake cooper, his two son Rob and kelly, Reid cooper, Frank "lee" copper, and a few other help out and the battle for moscow.

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