The Glass Slipper is the sixth mission in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns in the level 18th Dynasty Egypt.


  • Find the hidden room
  • Eavesdrop on guards
  • Place the Slipper

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be chosen for this mission. The marker is located just near the Safehouse. Once you reach the beacon, Bentley will arrive.

  • Bentley: (Bentley's whispering) Hey Sly.
  • Sly: (Sly starts whispering too) Hey buddy, why are we whispering?
  • Bentley: (Bentley brings up a Glass Slipper with the mechanical arms) You remember this slipper?
  • Sly: I gave that to Carmelita sometime but I can't remember, and why do you have it?
  • Bentley: I outfitted this slipper with a radio to hear Winston's communications.
  • Sly: Oh I get ya, but where is the entrance of that pyramid? I can't find it.
  • Bentley: I'm clueless too, maybe check in with the guards around here using the Pharaoh Costume, they'll probably think you're one of them.
  • Sly: Finally, I get to use my Italian accent.
  • Bentley: NO! NO DON'T!
  • Carmelita: (Carmelita exits the Safehouse) There you are Bentley!
  • Bentley: Oh no! Go on Sly! I'll probably be alive! (Sly runs away quickly)

The first beacon where guards are located is in the middle of Fairytale Land, out on the Pharaoh Costume and is dialogue will occur.

  • Sly: Salutations fellow guards!
  • Ibis: Who are you?! (The Ibis points his khopeshes at Sly) where are you from?!
  • Sly: Egypt?
  • Fox: He's saying the truth, I think.
  • Ibis: (retreats) Good, what is it?
  • Sly: I was wondering where our lord's office is located?
  • Ibis: Ahh our god right? He's in that pyramid over there, he doesn't go out to much but I don't know where's his office.
  • Fox: He has an office?
  • Sly: Great talking to you two. (Sly runs away) this is gonna be hard.

Head to the village nearby and put on the Pharaoh Costume to talk with the Camel guards.

  • Sly: Hello you two! How's things doing?
  • Camel: Great you asked, you see, my hump is hurting right now, if you could please relieve me of my post, that would be grateful.
  • Sly: Uhhh, I.. Am.. A....Rooftop guard...
  • Camel: Oh darn! What is it you need?
  • Camel 2: You want something to eat? I can give you a Scorpion if you want.
  • Sly: I'll have to pass on that. Do you two know the location of Winston's office?
  • Camel: That, Uhhh, that's on that giant pyramid over there.
  • Camel 2: Hey, I think he means the "office" where he stays?
  • Camel: (snaps his fingers) Oh right! (Looks at Sly) I don't know, he never told us not even Hood told us.
  • Sly: Oh, thanks anyway. (Sly runs away) Hmmm, I think I'll have to go extreme...

Head to the prison's doors and put on the Pharaoh Costume. Once there, this cutscene will occur.

  • Gecko: (Clenches his fist) Beat it runt! I'm guarding this area!
  • Sly: Sorry, I don't want any problems!
  • Vulture: Ya hear that dude, he don't want problems! Hehehe
  • Gharial: You are a very interesting little man, what is it you want?
  • Gecko: I hope it ain't money runt!
  • Sly: I'm wondering where's Winston's office to deliver something.
  • Cuckoo: Well, well, well! The office is located.. (Gets hit by the Gecko and falls over) cuckoo! Cuckoo!
  • Gecko: Ignore this dude, the office is located on... Wait a moment, are you sure we can trust you? What's your name?
  • Sly: My name's Octavio, top guard in Winston's army!
  • Vulture: Octavio eh? Hmmm, you mind taking a quiz?
  • Sly: Okay?
  • Vulture: Good choice there.

This little minigame is a quiz composed of only 4 questions. Answer all correctly and you will win.

  • Gecko: Listen here! What's the name of the place?
  • A: Ancient Egypt
  • B: Prehistoric Egypt
  • C: 18th Dynasty Egypt~correct
  • D: Arabia
  • Gecko: (if incorrect) I knew it! (Sly reverts to his original clothes) Job Failed!
  • Gecko: (if correct) Correct, but still.
  • Cuckoo: What's, what's, what's Winston's species?!
  • A: Wolf~correct
  • B: Hyena
  • C: Dog
  • D: Jackal
  • Cuckoo: (if incorrect) CUCKOO! WRONG!! (Sly reverts to original clothes) Job Failed.
  • Cuckoo: (if correct) CUCKOO! CORRECT!!
  • Vulture: Ain't no way! Where does that there Rabbit Hole come from?
  • A: Alice in Wonderland~correct
  • B: Red Riding Hood
  • C: Sly Cooper
  • D: The Three Little Pigs
  • Vulture: (if incorrect) You think I'm dumb! (Sly reverts to original clothes) Job Failed.
  • Vulture: (if correct) You got lucky bub!
  • Gharial: Okay now! Who is our leader's species!
  • A: Mammal~correct
  • B: Reptile
  • C: Bird
  • D: Insect
  • Gharial: (if incorrect) You take me for a fool! (Sly reverts to his original clothes) Job failed.
  • Gharial: (if correct) You know! Good for you! He seems legit!
  • Gecko: Great, someone follows orders around here! Hear me out, Winston's office is located on the back of the pyramid, you'll need to do a code for it, and remember this Octavio. The code is 0078 got that!?
  • Sly: Got it!
  • Gecko: No problem and deliver that now, Winston doesn't like to wait! (Sly runs away)

Head to the back of the main pyramid and put the code to enter. Once inside, Winston and Hood are inside talking with someone through radio, go to the nearby pole and climb it to reach the pipes above, once you station yourself, this dialogue occurs.

  • Sly: Better hear them out.
  • Winston: I know! I know! The deeds are going just well!
  • Guy: Look, that infoormation is classified foor noow!
  • Hood: What is it? Could you please tell us?
  • Girl: Are you really sure we can trust you mon ami?
  • Winston: Uhhh, go.. ahead trust us! There's no one here! I never told the code to anyone except for the bird's guards!
  • Girl: Magnifique! Here's plan!
  • Sly: (Sly sneezes)
  • Winston: What was that?! Show yourself!!
  • Girl: Iz something wrong Monsieur Puff?
  • Winston: Was that you Hood?!
  • Hood: Uhhh.
  • Winston: Do not scare me like that! Now what were you saying?
  • Girl: Great, now zis plan of the bird is gonna be...
  • Hood: LOV...(Hood covers his mouth) I meant nothing!
  • Guy: Doon't get coocky Wool!
  • Girl: Drôle Moutons! He can do anything he wants right Hood?
  • Hood: I am sorry miss! I.. just think you're............lovely?
  • Guy: I doon't like that moouth of yoours!
  • Hood: Oh yeah! What happens if I use a flamethrower huh?!
  • Guy: A childish sheep that's what happens! You really aren't cut out for this team no? Soo soorry foor yoou?! Hahahahaha!
  • Girl: Brrr! Allez boire votre médicament!
  • Guy: Okay...
  • Winston: Would you tell us the plan already!
  • Girl: If you want the plan, only my sweetie knows it. I don't.
  • Winston: And where is he?
  • Girl: Taking his medicine.
  • Winston: When is he available?
  • Girl: In like quatre heures.
  • Winston: I can wait patiently, I'll call you once the timer dings capice?
  • Girl: Good, now Brrr! ALLEZ DORMIR! (Hangs off)
  • Winston: That was bad Hood!
  • Hood: I don't know Puff! Her voice is cute!
  • Winston: Yeah she is... (Winston comes into realization) What am I saying? Let's just go do something!
  • Hood: Like what?
  • Winston: DOING OUR JOB HERE?!!! (Both head outside)
  • Bentley: Okay Sly, I think it's safe to go down now.

As Sly, jump down to the office, a Sly Mask is located on top op the shelf nearby. Place the glass slipper on the table.

  • Bentley: Good work Sly! This will come in handy too!

Job Complete!

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