The Contessa is an exclusive villain in the DLC pack "Klaww Returns". She is faced in the level Rome, Italy


In Crminal Psychology, she married a wealthy aristocrat. The general then suspiciously died a week after, leaving the Contessa as a widow. She opened up a prison clinic after her loss. She was defeated by Sly in her castle estate and started a new leaf as a farmer. She grew bored of this and turned to crime again.

Episode 3: A Hypnotist Extraordinaire

Rome, Italy

After getting bored with her job, Contessa turned to crime as a hypnotist, establishing herself in Rome. She hired back her guards and Rome was turned into a gothic town.

Entering the Castle

The Contessa was seen in her castle when Sly entered for a tank key. She was talking to her Shadow Guards about her plan.

RC Car

While walking through Rome, she was being tailed by the RC Car. She entered the Colosseum of Rome to check on something.

Operation: Gladiator Rumble

After entering her castle, Sly learned she was at the Colosseum. The Contessa was standing far away from Sly, the gates closed and The Contessa called her Shadow Guards and fought Sly.


The battle takes place inside the Colosseum with spectators in the rows cheering for the Contessa. She attacks by doing a hypnotizing beam, sending medium spiders, flailing at you or her new attacks which are, prdoucing a silky line to grab you or shoot exploding spider eggs that do amazing damage. To attack her, direct her flailing attack to the wall and she will collide and be stunned. Attack her normally this way, she then goes back to the gates and escapes. A Shadow Guard accompanied by 2 rooftop guards appears. The Shadow Guard can be defeated by hitting him 14 times. She will enter again the arena, repeat the process 2 more times and defeat her Shadow Guards and you will win.


The Contessa was incarcerated and sent to prison. Here she developed an interest for Drak.


Villainous Vultures

They seeve as flashlight guards and three serve as Shadow Guards


Serve as rooftop guards

Darkness Nightningales

Serve as rooftop guards


The Contessa is a cruel person and also acts refined against other people.


The Contessa is an anthropomorphic Black Widow Spider. She has an upper human torso and a lower spider abdomen. She has a light blue human body with red clothes and a dark blue abdomen. Her hands are actually claws and has dark blue hair.


The Contessa is an expert hypnotist, even doing a green beam that hypnotizes anyone it hits. She can also hold herself in a tough battle.


  • The Contessa is the only female in the Klaww Gang.

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