As told form Dr. Watson book.

It is 12:24(I think) I can't see much of the out side world. I'm In a jail cell, some where. Don't really know how I got here. It is obviously not the London I remember. All I remember was that two men knock me out, one of which look oddly like a "rat". I woke up to find my self here of all place, A old jail cell. all the other cell are empty. On one side of the hall was a giant geared powerhouse. On the other, the way in and out, which lead to a hallway. A few minute after I got up, two thugs' shadows appear out side, along with a "friend" whos feet were draging. She, the friend, was trying to walk, but it seem to me that her feet were fully numb out. It also seem that she has a "tail", very odd, I don't remember humen haveing tails, though I later found out that she wasn't human." Boy, this vixin is going to fetch a petty farting, EH mate?" said one of the thugs." Just drop the Fox in the same cell as the doctor." Said the other. I thought they ment a very flash( Flash: victorian slang for Hot, petty, ect.) girl.

More coming soon.

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