That Magic Feeling is the third mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. Sly obtains the Wizard Costume in this mission.


  • Get the Wizard Costume for Sly.

How to Complete & Dialogue

You play as Slaigh MacCooper for most of the mission. When the player reaches the marker, this bit of dialogue occurs:

  • Slaigh: Aye! I've reached th' marker, Bentley!
  • Bentley: Good, Slaigh! Now, I'll be needing you to collect some things for me.
  • Slaigh: Loch whit? Bags?
  • Bentley: No no no, it's more important than that. If we're going to get rid of Le Dude, then we'll need something a bit more mysterious than that. We'll be needing magic.
  • Slaigh: Magic? Whit yer plannin', laddie?
  • Bentley: I've analyzed the mystic rune we used to travel to this time period and it looks like we'll be able to have Sly actually use magic for the main event. And if we're going to get to the main event, that magic will be a necessity if we're going to recruit the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Slaigh: Laddie, Ah got tae hain it tae ye! 'At soonds loch a stoatin' plan! But Ah hae some questions. Whaur ur ye gonnae fin' magical mince? An' whit mince ur ye lookin' fur?
  • Bentley: Specifically, we'll be needing a magic wand, a wizard's robe, and another one of those runes. I'm sure that they'll be easy enough to find, but please be careful. You don't seem like the type of person who likes stealth that much.
  • Slaigh: Lad, aam th' master ay stealth aroond these hills! Aam mair prepared than ever.
  • Bentley: Good! Now hop to it, Slaigh!
  • Slaigh: Fur freedom! Fur Scootlund!

Gameplay resumes and Slaigh must head to a hill east of town, which is where the mystic rune is located. Once you reach the hill, use the wall edge move on a ledge leading to an eagle's nest.

  • Slaigh: If Ah min' reit, Ah need tae use th' squaur button when lookin' left ur reit while daein' th' Wall Edge move tae dash forward tae dae mah Dashing Hawk Technique. Ah can e'en use it tae strafe when in combat.

Doing the Dashing Hawk Technique will jettison Slaigh toward the nest, making him grab the rune from within the nest. Next up is the wand, which is located in the northern part of town in a small cave.

  • Slaigh: Nae lock is tay toogh enaw fur me tae crack!

Destroy the lock with Slaigh's cane and you'll have access to the wand. Once collected, head to the east side of the safehouse, because a Diabolical Deer is there, and it has the wizard robe that Sly needs. Simply pickpocket the deer until you have the robe and defeat him.

  • Slaigh: Loch Ah said, laddie! Aam th' master ay stealth!!

Job Complete

Monsters Ahoy

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