"So you Sly Cooper? Must be mistake, I was expecting bigger threat"
— Terry when first meeting Sly

Terry Trumpety is an anthropomorphic Russian Terror Bird. He along with Ozzie Devlin are the bosses of Iron Age Scotland. He is voiced by Glenn Ficarra.


Having been a major dictator of the northern Ice Age, Terry was as cruel as one could be, being a Terror Bird, Terry was the least dumb in the clan and was actually smarter than most extinct animals. Due to the melting and oceans forming, Terry died of extinction until a scientist found his complete bone formation. Using his mind, he could revive Terry by using his DNA, once he was revived, Terry was back! Destroying the lab as he goes and even commanding a large fleet of Russians, being rivals with El Jefe, Terry is clearly the best dictator there is. Having met Ozzie Devlin in a trip to Australia, the two became "buddies" in dictation and in Ozzie's case, stealing, although Terry is always proving he's the superior one.


Battle Music

Music can be heard here

Thief Meter

Terry's thief meter is of a feathery-brown (the thief meter is actually of his body) with some yellow patches on it. Terry's head is in the middle while his officer's hat's star is shiny.


Shown to be very intimidating, Terry can scare his guards by just showing his beak. He also doesn't care for anyone's good and go as far as killing guards if they don't follow his plans. An evil music snob at heart, Terry also has a soft spot for music, especially if the music contains trumpets. Due to not having a trumpet as a kid, he sometimes looks back at this and loses it. He also has a fondness for weaponry, as shown in the mission Tak' th' Aussie! where he tries to persuade Ozzie into getting ones.


Terry Trumpety is an anthropomorphic Terror Bird. He has a reddish-brown body along with a yellow hatchet-like beak and long yellow legs. His wings are small and not capable of flying only for hovering in place. He wears a white officer's hat with a star in the middle and a white scarf around his neck. He has three tail feathers sticking up from his behind. He seems to have blue markings on his eyes unlike the female Terror Birds from the Ice Age, this is part of his skin not makeup. Small fangs can be seen on the sides of his beak giving him a more scarier appearance.


Terry is capable of killing guards with one strike of his beak, he can also do two of the same attacks the Terror Birds in the Ice Age did, which were the Beak Ram and the Beak Ground Pound. He'll also use his legs to attack too. Despite not having large wings, he can stay aloft in the air for some time until he falls.


  • It is unknown if Terry knew of Sly's actions in the Ice Age.
    • This could be explained by simply him being in the Russian area while gang were in Australia.
  • Terry is shown to be able to speak a Russian-accented English despite being from the Ice Ages and the language wasn't invented yet.
    • This is odd since the other Terror Bird guards, "Bob" Cooper and the Sabertooth Tigers didn't speak English while the Mammoths could. Whether or not the language was exclusive to Terry and the Mammoths or they just learned it and "Bob" and the other guards haven't learned it yet is unknown.
  • Defeating Terry along with Ozzie awards the player the "Extinct and Proud" trophy.

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