"Terror-Dactyl Shoot Down" is the sixth mission in "Cretasceous Madness!".


  • Defend the Safehouse.

How to Complete

The mission begins with Carmelita on top of the Safehouse when she pulls out her binocucom.

Bentley: Carmelita! Look at the size of those Quetzalcoatluses!

Carmelita: Quartza-coat-what?

Bentley: It's a big word, yes. It's basically like an oversized pterodactyl. Rex must've sent them to destroy our hideout! We need you to take them out of the sky! Just be careful! Those flying devils ARE armed with missiles and they pack quite the punch!

While in control of Carmelita, shoot at the two flying dinosaurs, each need to be blasted ten times.

Bentley: Um, Carmelita, there's more coming at 2 o' clock! Don't let them get too close! They got heavier turrents!

Head in the direction of the Quetzalcoatluses. Get on a rooftop and blast away. They might block your shots will missles.

Bentley: They just keep coming! And getting more firepower, too! Hurry back, Carmelita!

Carmelita has to run back to the Safehouse and get back on the roof. Instead of two, there's five so you need to be fast. They also hasve armor on them, making you have to shoot them each fifteen times before they plummet.

Bentley: Great work, Carmelita. They shouldn't be bothering us for now.

Job Complete

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