Terrible Toucan

The Terrible Toucans are enemy guards encountered in the DLC level Krak-Karov Volcano in the game Thieves Back in Action. They serve as Clockwerk's flashlight guards


These flightless birds look exactly like they did back in Arpeggio's Blimp. They are brown toucans with a yellow beak, pilot gear, red shirt with a white one underneath and sit in a mechanical walking apparatus that wears boots. Their flashlights are a large magnifying glass-like extension from their mechs and a head cannon to shoot. They also have jetpacks on their mechs. They communicate with squawking sounds or talking English.


When close, they attack with their jetpacks or hit you vertically with their head cannons, when far, they shoot a yellow homing missile at you. Like all flashlight guards, they attack you if you hit them more than 2 times.


  • These guards are the only flashlight guards that can jump to rooftops, due to their jetpacks. They couldn't do this in Band of Thieves but could do it in Playstation Move Heroes

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