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"Tech in the Village" is the eighth mission in "Rob-bin' King" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


How to Complete and Dialogue

The marker for Bentley is next to the Cobbler's store. There is a strange computer hidden on the outside of the building behind a barrel when Bentley.

Bentley: Huh? What's a computer doing here in a Medievil dimension? Especially out here in the open? Hm, well at least there's security on this. It requires three digital keys. Time for a little pickpocketing on a few squires.

A Hefty Horse, Squire Squirrel and Wild Weasel will each have a key. The closest is the horse. All that needs to be done is a little pickpocket until the Digital Key is obtained. The squirrel is over by the castle and the weasel is at the entrance of the grove to the stone where Excalibur was. Once all three keys are obtained, head back to the computer.

Bentley: I still can't believe that this is here. With a little hacking however, I should find Carmivere's whereabouts. (Penelope suddenly appears) Penelope?

Penelope: Let me do this. You already had your fun with the pickpocketing.

Bentley: True. All right. (hands her the keys and she puts them into the computer)

The game will be Data Defense.

Penelope: Wow, it's been a while since I've seen this one. Okay now. By moving the left analog stick, I can move the BP Firewall around my little bug to deflect the system's own firewalls. Lucky for me, I can absorb certain firewalls and use them to my advantage. Just need to be sure not to let too many of these firewalls reach the bug.

Once the game is complete, it'll go back to Penelope and Bentley.

Bentley: Very good job, Penelope. I had no douht.

Penelope: Of course you didn't. (pecks his cheek, making him go red)

Chuckles of amusement can be heard from their communicators.

Bentley: Will you guys stop that?

Penelope: (giggles) Come on. We've got Carmivere's location.

Job Complete

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