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"Tech Isn't Everything" is the seventh job in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Expose the Entrance of the Castle.
  • Enter the Castle.

How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission marker is located just outside the castle. Once you reach it, this cutscene will occur.

Bentley: This castle is just to fortified! How can we even enter it?

Benedict: Easy, we can just freeze the moat.

Bentley: Let me guess, you have a spell for that?

Benedict: Yes actually I do. I'll even show you. (Casts a blue spell with snowflakes coming out of his hands and the moat automatically freezes)

Bentley: Hmmm, this is great! Also, do you see that wall over there? It looks weak to destroy.

Benedict: Easy! I'll just use this explosion spell...

Bentley: You already did your thing, let me do mine! (Heads to the wall and places a bomb and starts running to Benedict before it explodes)

Benedict: That's some great magic, Bentley.

Bentley: It's called technology!

Benedict: And how do you use technology?

Bentley: I have a question myself, how do you use magic?

Benedict: Hey, I asked you first!

Bentley: I believe technology comes first!

Benedict: What?! That's just absurd! If anything comes first it's magic!

Bentley: If you had technology you wouldn't be as cranky!

Benedict: I'll show you cranky! (prepares to cast a spell and Bentley takes out a grenade but Sly quickly intervenes)

Sly: Knock it off before you kill each other! We're on a mission here!

Bentley: He's right, how about a bet?

Benedict: What do you have in mind?

Bentley: If I say magic I'll have to give you coins from my universe, and if you say how the technology of something works, you'll have to give me Venyos.

Benedict: You're on! Let's enter! (Both enter)

Once the loading screen goes, you will start as Bentley, sleep dart the Dragon guards guarding the doors.

Bentley: Oh we don't have to worry about these two! Giving the high dose in these ones, they will be asleep for a couple of hours! And what's this door?

Benedict: Wow, it has technology keeping it shut at all times.

Bentley: (Has an annoyed face) (thoughts) Rats. He didn't ask how it works. See, there's a computer there! I'll just hack it. (Heads to computer to hack it) Don't worry my computer! This will be quick!

The minigame is Alter Ego, the instructions are mentioned by Bentley here.

Bentley: Hmmm, it's been days that I've played this hacking game. I can steer my hacking avatar with the control stick in the direction I want. To shoot, I can move the right analog stick to shoot in the direction I want. There's this little ionic bits, if I collect them, I might level up! Which will give me powerful abilities. And also scattered around here are the gigabombs! Collect them and explode them with the R1 button! I can also restore my health by collecting the health bits!

Once you finish this, this small cutscene will occur.

Bentley: And THAT is how my magic works! (Quickly shuts himself with his hands)

Benedict: (Has a grin on his face) You just lost!

Bentley: Oooh! I should have seen this coming!

Benedict: Hahahaha! I really won!

Job Complete

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