Team Dark Ray is a criminal organization created by an anaconda called L.A.R. The team was created in sole purpose of wiping out the Earth.


This team was created by an evil mastermind anaconda called L.A.R whom wants a world for himself. To do this, he hired 12 members to his team to help him look for the components for his death ray in their respective places. L.A.R needed the components to power up his death ray in the moon.


These are the members and the items they are looking for and another reason for their crimes.

  • Juan; looking for "Mexican-Steelnium". Take over Mexico.
  • Vostok; looking for Artic Crystal. Introduce illegal apparatus.
  • Johnn; looking for York Gem. Take over New York.
  • Jaggar; looking for "Amazonian Rock Spider" poison. Destroy the Amazon jungle.
  • Drak; looking for Spirit Ectoplasm. Make undead army and take over the world.
  • Monty; looking for Australian Mineral. Make illegal casinos in Queensland,
  • Hyracles; steal Hercooper's cane. Become leader of Ancient Greece.
  • Ivor.E; looking for Pleistocene Fuel, Become leader of the Pleistocene era.
  • Rex; looking for Cretaceous Mineral. Get revenge on all who bullied him.
  • Ms. Sunscreen; looking for Indonesian Jewel. Doing crimes.
  • Mr. Decibel; looking for Indonesian Jewel. Doing crimes alongside Ms. Sunscreen.
  • Simon Ataturk; looking for Texian Crystal. Destroy Texas. Get revenge on Le Paradox.
  • L.A.R; Destroy the Earth.



  • Ms. Sunscreen, Mr. Decibel and Simon Ataturk were once going to be bosses in Sly 4:TiT but were scrapped for Ms. Decibel and Penelope respectively
  • According to Thieves Be Forever's concept art, two members of the Dark Ray were found but were scrapped, they were: Lia, an African lioness and Walter, a Welsh pirate.

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