" Stop There!"
— The Parasaurolophus when following you


What they may look like.

The Talkative Parasaurolophus are enemy guards encountered in the level Cretaceous Period in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. They serve as Rex's flashlight guards.


These hadrosaurs are green in color with dark green spots on their backs. Their crest are dark green and have yellow eyes. They only carry a torch and for ammo, they scream a visible sound wave to you. They communicate with honking, roaring dinosaur sounds. They sound more like this


When close, they swing their torches quickly or swing their heads upwards, hitting you with their crests. When far away, they scream a visible sound wave at you. Like all flashlight guards, they attack you quickly if you hit them more than 2 times.


  • Like the Wooly Mammoth guards in the Ice Age level in TiT, these guards speak English despite being invented many years in the future.
  • According to Rex, these guards appear to talk a lot and proves to be annoying to him.

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