Tak' th' Aussie! is the first mission in the level Iron Age Scotland in Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Take Recon Photos
  • Take a Recon Photo of the two Villains

How to Complete & Dialogue

The mission beacon is located next the nearby blacksmith, once you reach it, this dialogue will occur.

  • Bentley: Okay Sly! We're in Scootlund! An' yoo're first mission, is tae tak' recon photos!
  • Sly: I think we should stay with our accents Bentley.
  • Bentley: What?! You! Ugh! Okay! As I said, we need recon photos of this area.
  • Sly: Aaand?
  • Bentley: Nothing else, Oh! If you somehow see the ones in charge, get a recon photo and follow them, we might know more about where Slaigh is located.
  • Sly: Will do. Let's gang tae victory!
  • Bentley: Oh so I can't do it but you can?! Just go and take those photos!

The first photo is of the Blacksmith.

  • Bentley: Hmm, this is a very different than the one in Medieval England.
  • Sly: And look! That must be where Slaigh works, he must've been a blacksmith himself!

Head to the Loch Ness Lake and shoot a photo

  • Bentley: The lake, looks very different, see that glow it has? I have a feeling something's down there.
  • Sly: Probably a small glowing crab.

Head to the large fortress

  • Bentley: Whoever's here must've already set up shop!
  • Sly: And by the looks of it, a Russian is involved.

The last photo is of the fiery building near the Safehouse.

  • Bentley: Woah, Deja Vu. We'll probably enter there.
  • Sly: Well, that much power must mean donuts right?
  • Bentley: Ok Sly, head to the Safehouse and..wait, my radars picked up something!
  • Ozzie: (Walks out of the fortress and his name is featured down)
  • Terry: (Walks out of the fortress and his name is featured down)
  • Bentley: You saw that Sly?! Those two might be important! Get a shot of them!

Get a shot of Ozzie.

  • Bentley: This guy is a regular Aussie isn't him?
  • Sly: Got to be careful around him then.

Get a shot of Terry.

  • Bentley: What? I thought Terror Birds were extinct!
  • Sly: Maybe this one hitched a ride on the van! (Closes binocucom)
  • Terry: When will Owl Robot give us weapons?
  • Ozzie: Calm your horses mate! We're perfectly capable of defendin' ourselves!
  • Terry: I prefer weapons, you do know I have small feathers.
  • Ozzie: Aye mate but you have that piercin' beak, and those razor sharp claws.
  • Terry: We should only talk in fortress, Owl robot said that raccoon thief defeated other mercenaries.
  • Ozzie: Oy, but we need to check the Blacksmith, and we already have that huge raccoon in lock 'n' key!
  • Terry: You're right but think of this other raccoon, if he beat time-traveling friends then he might defeat us!
  • Ozzie: That's why have guards mate! Here let me show you what a real Aussie does it!
  • Ozzie: Hey! You! Cow!
  • Highland Cow: Whit is it master?
  • Ozzie: G'Day mate! You and you're buddies are guardin' excellent right?
  • Highland Cow: Affirmatife!
  • Ozzie: Great! Now keep guardin' 'n' look for that raccoon!
  • Terry: Good but I still have doubts about raccoon's power.
  • Ozzie: Who cares mate! Let's just go to our fortress! (Both head off)
  • Sly: These two might be funny to mess around with.
  • Bentley: Hehe you're right but we still don't know where Slaigh is.
  • Sly: Let me just go to the Safehouse and think this through.

Job Complete

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