Sylvia Cooper: The Thieftess


"Well, this means I'm pretty in any gender."
— Sylvia, commenting her counterparts

Sylvia Cooper, also called Syl, is the alternate version of Sly Cooper from the 63 Universe. She's the eighth Sly in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.



Sylvia is a feminine version of Sly, sharing the same color scheme but also with black. She has a high ponytail with natural black streaks. The extra of her mask is tied into a bow on her ponytail.

Her shirt goes to her elbows with a floral pattern and the collar is tighter around her neck. She has a black leather design around her hips with her middle showing. Syl wears short black spankies under a shorter blue skirt. Her boots are blue. On her hat is a little yellow star exactly like her earrings.


Like her western counterpart, Kansas Cooper, Syl still pretains the flirtiness that her Prime does. Although just as determined, she can get very agitated when her clothes are torn.


Syl's life is the same as her Prime's, just from a girl's perspective.


On the day before Sylvia and her fiancé, Carmen Fox were to be married, the Evil Cooper Gang came to their universe and captured the 63 Cooper Gang. They then made a ransom with them. If they fail to bring Syl's Prime counterpart, Sly Cooper to them, they will activate a bomb that can anhilliate a whole universe. Fearing this, they agreed to capture Sly whn he and the Prime Coper Gang arrive.

On 63 Street

Sylvia is being chased by robotic guards as a way to attract Sly. They nearly catch her when bullets, arrows and blasts of electricity destroy them. When the raccoon looks to see who saved her, she passes out at the sight of three male raccoons who somehow highly resemble her. Upon waking up, Syl is frightened to see EIGHT male raccoons that look a lot like her before one of them, who wore a similar outfit to hers, explains that they are from different dimensions and that they are HER. She somehow takes it in easily, having been through ALMOST crazier stuff than now.


  • Sylvia is voiced by Mae Whitman.
    • Mae Whitman also voices Yuffie Kisaragi in Kingdom Hearts II.

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