Operation: Bug Zapper

Spy on the Fly is the first mission in the episode In the Air Tonight in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

In the Air Tonight intro

  • Sly: "I'll admit only one thing: I never expected WW1 Netherlands to look this bad, and that's saying something. Guards were patrolling the streets, but they didn't look like they were looking for anyone. It looked more like they were protecting something. As the gang and I looked, we knew things were going to get crazy around here. Speaking of crazy, Penelope still hasn't spoken much. It's like Belle possessing her must've really messed with her head, because she had been really spacing out ever since. But looking at her still reminds me of her betrayal. Another one of those like back in Medieval England and me trusting her again would be the least of her worries. Regardless, I wasn't in the mood to think about that right now. And just looking at all of the security was giving me more of a headache than it should've. Besides, Otto van Cooper is most likely somewhere nearby. Heck, the guards are probably all trying to keep him locked up. Either way, these guards won't even see us coming. Literally."


  • Take recon pictures

How to Complete & Dialogue

This job is for Sly Cooper, the marker is located near a fallen plane.

  • Bentley: Sly, we need information on this area. I have no clue on where to start, though.
  • Sly: So this is WWI? Maybe I'll use the biplane here.
  • Bentley: Focus Sly! You need to do the usual, take some recon photos of the area.
  • Sly: We really need to get you a binocucom Bentley.
  • Bentley: (Bentley facepalms.) Just go shoot the photos!

1. Chronos' Airship

The first photo is in the air, look for the airship and snap a photo.

  • Bentley: I don't like the look of that airship. It's the same one from Egypt.
  • Sly: It's filled with technology, kinda like you're wheelchair, Bentley.

2. Otto's Hangar

The second photo is of Otto's Hangar, which is located in the far right.

  • Bentley: This must be Otto's Hangar, and it looks like nobody is home.
  • Sly: I wonder where he is. From the look of things, he could be just about anywhere.

3. The Enemy Hangar

The third photo is the enemy hangar, it's located in the opposite side of Otto's Hangar.

  • Bentley: If that hangar is Otto's, then who is this from?
  • Sly: It must be the enemy hangar. Maybe we'll be able to sabotage some planes again like in Holland.

4. The Factory

The fourth photo is the factory, it is near the enemy hangar.

  • Bentley: This looks bad, but what does it do?
  • Sly: Maybe it's a donut facility!

5. Otto's Wrecked Plane

The fifth photo is Otto's Wrecked plane. It's located near the Safehouse.

  • Bentley: This must be Otto's plane, whoever did this must have shot Otto's plane.
  • Sly: I wonder if he's okay.

As soon as you shoot that photo, a cutscene will commence.

  • Bentley: Sly! There is some kind of commotion in town! You need to head there!
  • Sly: Calm down Bentley, I'll go there fast.

Head to town and go to the rooftops. If you get seen by guards, it will be Job Failed. Rope walk on a nearby rope and another cutscene will commence.

  • Sly: Hmmmm, who's this guy and his girfriend?
  • Amber: (A purple outline surrounds her with her name on the bottom.)
  • Gustav: (Brown outline surrounds him with his name in the bottom.)
  • Bentley: Get a shot of them, they may be important to this time period!

The duo will enter the factory, which Sly will have to follow them through, but only into the main lobby. Once Amber and Gustav are visible, get within photographing distance.

6. Amber

  • Sly: She looks like a real piece of work.
  • Bentley: I don't know about that, Sly. I'd be more worried about that fish if I were you.

7. Gustav Gale

  • Bentley: Incredible! That mech he's using looks like it's packed with weaponry! You'd better be careful.
  • Sly: Penelope did a good job arming that thing. I'm sure we'll find a way to dismantle it soon enough, though.

Take a photo of Amber and Gustav Gale and another cutscene will commence.

  • Gustav: Guards, do good job or you know what happens!
  • Amber: We should head to the facility now mate!
  • Bentley: Follow them Sly, we may know more about where Otto is.

Follow the two to the facility and a cutscene will commence.

  • Gustav: Lock door, we don't want intruders.
  • Amber: You could have done it yourself! (Gustav glares at Amber.) You didn't have to do that! (Gustav glares at Amber more.) Okay! Okay, I'll close it! (Amber locks the door.)
  • Bentley: Sorry Sly but we can't follow them anymore.
  • Sly: That's okay, we need to find information on Otto now. We still don't know where he is.
  • Bentley: Don't worry Sly, we'll find him. Head back to the Safehouse for now.

Job Complete

High-Flying Freedom


  • Credit for making this mission page goes to MoleFreak23.

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