Spy Cooper: The Agent

"When it comes to war, law doesn't matter as long as there's trust and teamwork. All else that will be given is justice."

-Spy explaining his alliance with Interpol

Agent Spy Cooper, real name Sly, is the alternate version of Sly Cooper from the War Universe. He's the third alternate Sly that the Prime Cooper Gang team up with in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.



Spy looks exactly like Sly, but his tuft of fur is dyed yellow and longer, forming bangs. The tips of his ears are dyed blue. He likes wearing contacts to hide his true eye color of brown, his favorite being the violet contacts.

His clothing seems to be a combination of Dëma Luper and Rob O'Coop-Er's outfits. Spy wears a black turtleneck under a dark grey hooded coat. On his hands are blue gloves and his feet have black boots with grey soles. Around his eyes is his mask and he has a communicator in his left ear.


Like Dëma, Spy doesn't have Sly's flirting personality like he used to. He is also more stern and serious in rough times. His desire to steal had left him when the war started. But other than that, his character is identical to Sly.


Sly shared the same life as his Prime, being an alternate future of him. After defeating Chronos, the eagle-owl's men took up after him and formed an alliance with fellow thieves and murderers. Individual troops of this newly formed army attack several Interpol stations, which began a World War III. Being thieves of justice, the Cooper Gang form their own alliance with Interpol, saying that they will join them to end the war and save the world. Interpol agreed to let them join their side, and in return they will have a clean slate. Sly then gave himself the agent name "Spy" and changed some of his appearance.


Revolution Justice

Spy had been sent on a mission by their headquarters' main chief in command, Agent Snuff (Barkley) to steal a file from an enemy base to see who they're up against. It was during this mission that the Cooper Gang arrive.

After getting the file, Spy feels as though someone was watching him. He pulls out a black Binocucom and uses a heat scanner to scan the are until it lands on three figures that are similar to his. After contacting Hacker (Bentley) and using a new installed DNA matcher, he's shocked that  the figures have his exact same DNA signature. Taking a picture of this without the three knowing, Spy heads back to Headquarters. The agent gives Hacker the DNA picture and Snuff the file.

That's when the figures are stopped in the base. They look exactly like him and claim to be Spy from different universes. Spy automatically believes them. The two dressed like Medieval English people introduce themselves as Dëma Luper and Rob O'Coop-Er. When the third was about to speak, Spy stops him, saying that he knows him, Sly Cooper. Before Sly can say word in response, Spy suggests bringing his gang to Headquarters.

Once everyone is situated, Spy explains that what's going on is World War III, which took place after the defeat of Chronos. When Sly says that no war was taking place in his universe, that confuses him. The former thief admits his life before the war, which was an exact mirror to Sly's life, confusing them both. That's when Hacker reveals from the file that Spy stole, who the Russian Interpol Division is up against: an Orca named Viktor and a frog who calls himself "Radko", who is really Raleigh from the Fiendish Five. Deciding that it's best that they join Interpol since the Continuum Jumper had lost a part, the Cooper Gang aid them in their battles.

Spy does recon by using the gadgets Hacker made to climb buildings. In a later mission, he and Dëma make their way into an enemy base and hack into the main computer to send the information to Bentley and Hacker. However, Dëma is captured in the fog, having been mistaken for the agent.

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