The Great Spring Heeled Jack, Once thought to be a demon and fame for his great leap and bound, Was real a jackrabbit form "Gaslamp" texas.

Jack, Spring Heel

Jack(in disguise)

He is the first Boss Of Rise of the Thieves.


Davey racken, a texan oil moger rabbit, was trying to find a way make some extra cash, and at the same time getting his force known in more places. After awhile, he found a chunk of gold artifacts in mexico, and thought to him self:" GEEZ, I Need to start a Archeology dig here to get famous.....With the help of my oils funds." Unfortunately, for the rabbit, The long Depression just hit some-part due to Mr. John D. Rockfeller, "The boss of oil", And because of this, Jack had to sell all his oil and rigs to him just to cut his lostes.

In a ramage, Jack started his own ring of outlaws, and start to get funds by robbing every bank west of the mississippi.

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