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Spiteful Scorpions

Spiteful Scorpions are one of two rooftop guard varieties in the episode Rob Like an Egyptian in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Physical description

The Spiteful Scorpions are light brown in color and have blue eyes. They have two arms and two legs, unlike actual scorpions, which have eight. They wear white Egyptian headdresses and white Ancient Egyptian guard uniforms, and they have oversized, sharp claws that have been purposefully altered to resemble the Egyptian Khopesh.


Spiteful Scorpions rely heavily on both physical attack strength and attack variety, making them much more difficult to deal than their counterparts.


  • This enemy, along with the other two enemy types in Ancient Egypt, are all kinds of animals associated with the Egyptian God of Chaos, Seth (also spelled Set). In this case, the scorpion was one of many animals that were sacred to him.

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