Operation: Bird Roundup

Smile for the Camera! is the first mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Braverobber Intro

  • Sly: "When we reached Celtic Scotland, it looked like absolutely nothing like we had expected it to. There was just so much destruction. It was as if the entire landscape was the victim of mass anarchy. And the local guards looked much more vicious than the ones from Egypt. This didn't bode well for any of us. And then I remembered good ol' Slaigh MacCooper. Said to be the strongest of the Cooper Clan, he could break locks with a single blow from his cane. He also wrote down the Wall Edge move in the Thevius Raccoonus. However, it looked like he wasn't doing anything at the moment. In fact, we didn't see any trace of him. It was like he vanished in thin air or something. He had to have been somewhere around here. But for now, it was like he never existed at all. The more we thought about the situation, the more we felt unsure of what we needed to do next. There was one thing on our minds that we knew for certain, though. It was going to take a lot more than Slaigh MacCooper to help fix up Scotland. That much was a given."


  • Take recon photos.

How to Complete & Dialogue

You take control of Sly Cooper for the entirety of the mission.

  • Sly: Alright, Bentley, I'm in position. Now what?
  • Bentley: Do what you did in Egypt, Sly. Take as many recon photos as you can. We'll be needing every single one of them for this. See if you can get a good shot of that fort. It seems like it's important.

The things that need to be photographed are:

1. The Fort (Get on the roof of the hideout to get a clear view of the fort, skateboard ramps and graffiti)

  • Bentley: Hmm... That fort has to be where Slaigh MacCooper is being held captive! But how are we going to get in?

2. The Skateboard Ramps

  • Bentley: It looks like the guy who took over this place has a hobby. But it's certainly not one that's from this era, though. Interesting.

3. The Graffiti

  • Bentley: "Le Dude Was Here"? Whoever that guy is has to be the one responsible for all of this.
  • Sly: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

4. The Loch (To get a better shot of the loch, and by extension, the Loch Ness Monster, head over to Slaigh's old headquarters, which overlooks the loch)

  • Bentley: That loch seems suspicious. There has to be something of importance there. Why else would there be so many guards?

5. The Loch Ness Monster

  • Sly: Did you see that?!
  • Bentley: Could it be? No, it couldn't have been... Could it? YES! It's the Loch Ness Monster! This could be very useful!

6. The Ruins (To get a good shot of the ruins, get over to the loch shore, but be careful not to be seen by guards.)

  • Bentley: Wow. It looks like there was some kind of battle going on over there. Judging from the weapons, though, it looks like it wasn't caused by anyone from this time period.

7. The Destroyed Buildings (For this, you simply need to head closer to the town, as the damaged buildings are all close to the loch, but the damage itself must be seen from opposite direction of the loch for the shot to be perfect.)

  • Sly: Wow... It's like there was some kind of riot out here. This doesn't look good at all.

This bit of dialogue begins once the photos have been taken:

  • Bentley: Alright Sly, head back to the hideout. I have a general idea of what we're going to do to rescue Slaigh MacCooper.

Job Complete


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