Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action is the final game in the Sly Cooper series. The game takes place right after defeating L.A.R.



Story can be seen here


Prologue: A Thief Back in Action


I should start from the beginning, the name's Sly, Sly Cooper! And as you can see, I'm a thief, from a long line of master thieves. The Cooper Clan was just as successful as it can be, as a master thief, I only steal from other thieves, I mean what's the fun in stealing from ordinary people. In our last adventure, the gang and I defeated a group of idiots (photos of the TBF bosses appear near Sly) until I got to their leader, L.A.R. The source of all my problems! He was vent on destroying the world! What a psychopath! At least we defeated him and we even had a party at the Safehouse! Bentley set it up, Bentley is the brains of the operation, helping with hacking or technology with Murray, the brawn, helping with muscle and hairy situations. And my favorite gal, Carmelita Fox! She was an enemy to me back then but after setting our differences aside, she and I became a couple. At least we had a fun time in the party until this weird message was transmitted to Bentley's computer! It said "If this is the Cooper Gang! Dismantle as possible or else!" We didn't know from where was this message, I immediately thought of L.A.R but Bentley could trace some information on it! This message was from Paris 1992! The day of my dad's murder.... He also found interesting info about some new ancestors I have never heard of, apparently, this messenger was going to steal their canes! This had Le Paradox's stench all over it! Bentley could find the locations we needed to go and it appears we needed to go the museum again! Hmmm, Deja Vu huh?


We found the artifacts we needed to travel in time. And we concluded that the first place we should visit is Colonial Canada. I just can't wait to meet these new ancestors, I mean how could I have not known about them! They probably didn't record their moves on the Thievius Raccoonus. As we placed the Canadian Coin on the receptacle, we were jumped in time to Colonial Canada, ready to take on any enemy that will endanger our mission!

Episode 1: The Northern Repetitive Eh!


We arrived in our location to see a place filled with bombs and missiles getting thrown into the air! It would seem we landed into a war, I didn't know how this ancestor of mine looked like but I think he looks just like me. We still don't know if there is a villain around here, and these guards were looking for very watchful, if we arrived early, they might not have locked up my ancestor! Now, I think we need to head somewhere inside before I blow up into small raccoon bits.

Finding the Ancestor

Since there was no time for catching up, Jean Cooper told us who is this wolf. His name was Wallace Gray, once a good scoutmaster, Gray was adored by kids in his camp and all round Canada! Unfortunately, Wallace had to retire from this famous life. They called him for a scoutmaster convention and he was voted 2nd best scoutmaster, only surpassed by his rival camp. This triggered something inside Wallace, he became a criminal, stealing from stores, and especially, scout camps. Earning the name "The Scout Bandit", he was hired by an unknown source to retrieve Jean's cane from Colonial Canada. Once told Jean who and when we were, he somehow fainted at hearing he had cousins and the future, thinking he was a Lone Ranger. There's no way Wallace is going to steal Jean's cane, but, what exactly is he doing here?


Wallace was defeated and the manufacturing of weapons was destroyed for good! But what was that blimp that took Jean's cane? And were those Dodo birds that captured the cane? Anyway, we deduced our next destination will be Imperial Spain, the year of discovery. Jean was heartbroken at first about his cane but we promised we will get it back, no matter what troubles we have to go through.

Episode 2: Discovering Evil!


We arrived in Spain to see the town filled with pirates! Many boats were preparing to sail away. It would appear we arrived in 1492, where they discovered America. Guards were patrolling the town for intruders, they weren't as watchful as the Colonial Canada guards, this could mean that they already captured my Spanish ancestor. I just hope he's okay...

Finding the Ancestor

We finally saved my ancestor from the prison and escaped to the Safehouse. Christopher told us what happened the other day, he was about to embark on an adventure with a friend of his until this mysterious sea lion came and captured him! Bentley found information on this sea lion, his name was Lion S. Blandon, a Californian young hearty man, Lion was very obsessed with pirates and Spanish history. He once went on an adventure to Modern Spain to see the history, he wasn't amazed at the modern stuff in Spain and went mad with this, having failing his studies and went so berserk, he was banned from Spain! This turned him into an antique criminal, working alongside Grizz stealing antiques from art museums. He was hired by an unknown source to steal Christopher's cane! Crazy or not, this sea lion needs to be defeated. I just can't imagine the modern world with this guy's name instead of Christopher Colombus.


Lion and his Sea Serpent were defeated and the future was all saved. At least Christopher and his shipmate Colombus could discover America! It would seem that all these time traveling is endangering to the future, if Lion had discovered America, I wouldn't want his name in history books! Anyway, we bid farewell to Cheistopher Cooper and promised to get his cane back! Bentley deduced our next location! Pre-Colombian Puerto Rico

Episode 3: Rico Culture


We headed to our next destination which was Pre-Colombian Puerto Rico, once we arrived, primitive guards attacked us, if it wasn't for Murray, we would have been in a real situation! Carmelita was down for no apparent reason, I tried comforting her, almost thought she would blast me but she let me comfort her. At least I'm sending valuable time with her, but this guy here and my ancestor will be both defeated and saved, no matter how hard.

Finding the Ancestor

It took some doing, but Julio Cooper was rescued and we hid in our Safehouse. It took some time for him to settle down, but Julio told us about his capturer. Someone by the name Don Karlos, once a small town boy, Karlos lived in a small village that criminals attacked every time, as an adult, he gained more of a lazy personality but became a hero on the village, sometime after this, he went to the bad side, making other thieves steal things for him since he preferred to be more laid back. He was recruited by an unknown source to retrieve my ancestor's cane. All I know is that this donkey will have a rude awakening, maybe snap him out of his laziness.


A hard battle but everyone knew who was going to win, Karlos and his mystic water powers were defeated and all primitives returned to the primitive village. Julio was hesitant, walking back and forth due to losing his cane, we all promised to get it back but again, were those creatures that caught his cane Passenger Pigeons? Anyway, we deduced our next location, Imperial China.

Episode 4: Li to the East


After deducing our location, we headed there to tackle anything that comes our way. Once we arrived, China was different from history books, at least to Bentley's point of view. While looking around for my ancestor, we found guards with a familiar symbol, Penelope, former RC specialist of our gang, corrupted somehow when we arrived in Medieval England. I still don't know what she is doing or what time period she's in but no matter how much mercenaries she throws at us, we still keep going!

Finding the Ancestor

Things weren't doing so well Wang Li Cooper, he just wouldn't talk or doesn't trust us yet. We had to explain who we were to this spiritual guy, when I finished, he sort of opened up and told us everything that happened. As he was training with his form of combat, this dragon unexpectedly entered and captured him! Bentley analyzed the dragon, named Lóng Fu. As a small lizard, Lóng was small for a dragon, often bullied due to his awesome intelligence and ability to have memorable quotes everytime, he spent his childhood training and training his dragon skills until he reached the peak! Burning down his bullies and even the school, Lóng was a criminal at the run. It unknown who hired him but I think Penelope is behind this all, and this dragon needs to be slayed, I don't care if dragon or dinosaur!


Lóng Fu and his fireworks were defeated and Imperial China was back to it's original state. I couldn't tell Wang's emotions right now but I think he is grateful for helping him. Unlike the Dodos and Pigeons, I saw a Tasmanian Tiger! Weren't those extinct years ago? Anyway, this leader of this time traveling team could be Penelope, or simply a different person. With these questions in mind, we went to our last location, Viking Age Norway!

Episode 5: A Viking War


We arrived in Norway to see the place filled with Viking guards! I was a bit surprised that Bentley had a Viking-Repellent and a Dinosaur-Repellent too, at least Murray will become a pro fighter here due to these guys looking all burly and muscly. If these guards are very watchful, where is my ancestor? Probably hiding from these goons.

Finding the Ancestor

We brought Olaf Klank Cooper back to the Safehouse to which he really took a liking to Murray's muscle. Once he stopped playing with them, he told us all that had happened. Apparently, he was laying down on the village until this Unicorn arrived on the scene! Since she was a unicorn, the Vikings went crazy for her, and became servants for her, Olaf, didn't believe all this stupidity and became an outcast to the group. Bentley found information on this Unicorn, her name was Iris, once part of a family of riches and formality, Iris was a rebel teenager, acting like teenagers act sometimes. Until she escaped from her home to become a Norwegian Thief, she was recruited by Penelope I think and sent to Viking Age Norway. All these mercenaries make me think how Penelope got ahold of them, she must be some kind of super villain now. Unicorn or not, this horse is gonna be defeated, no matter the cost!


Iris and her magical abilities were defeated and this weapons facility was shut down for good and destroyed. Olaf couldn't thank us enough but we were gonna return the favor by saving his cane! While Bentley was gathering information, he overheard Iris talking about Paris, France 1992. If this information is correct, then this place must be the time period we need to go! But, now that I remember, that's when the murder of my parents happened...

Episode 6: Let's Take Her Down!


We've arrived in Paris 1992 to see the place all covered with robotic guards! This had Penelope's name written all over it! But all this couldn't have been done all by herself? Someone must've been helping her with mechanics. She probably has a suit to walk on like the Black Knight, either way, we're gonna take her down! Mechanic extinct animals? No problem, this is Penelope we're talking about! But that house over there, that was my original house, Dad, you must be there right?


It took some detective work but we've found her suit and her partner, D'Artagnan Le Paradox! Le Paradox's father, I could have seen this coming! And this suit she has called the "Black Kong" looks like a real bruiser! We should be careful around this thing, I have a feeling this will not end pretty. But how did Penelope get ahold of D'Artagnan? We still have more questions. Unanswered or not, we will take this villain down!


There I was, crushed by this gorilla mech's hand, I remembered this exact scene just with a different mech. Argh! I was struggling to get out this mech's hand! Remembering all my adventures and all the fun we had, the gang, the villains we took down, I remembered everyone. Just when I thought I was out, this cane comes flying out of nowhere and destroy's the hand! What's weird is that that cane looked like mine! Anyway, the mech fell down the Eiffel Tower, fortunately, Carmelita survived the fall. That falling made Penelope snap out of her brainwashing, all this time she was brainwashed by Miss Decibel to work for Le Paradox. Looking at D'Artagnan, he went off running to a museum. Hehe! Some things never change with Paradox's!

Voice Actors


DLC Cast



The game has similar gameplay to Tit and TBF. The only new things are the ancestors and stealth attacks. Bentley, Murray and Carmelita all get stealth attacks. Bentley's one is pressing Triangle button and hitting the square button, he will uppercut the enemy with his wheelchair arms and throw a bomb on him, which will explode when they touch the ground. Murray's move is uppercutting the enemy and hitting him with a thunder flop when it touches the ground. Carmelita's one is uppercutting thee enemy with her boots and charge a shot then shooting it when they touch the ground.

Clue Bottles

The Clue Bottles make a miraculous return to the series, this time, the bottles make less sounds than before, making them harder to find. There are also 40 to catch in the levels, 20 in levels and 20 in hubs.

Secret Sly masks

Sly Masks return once again as secret items to collect for costumes or gameplay enhancements. The masks are this time, transparent, making them a lot harder to find.

Hub Levels

Although the game has less levels than it's predecessor, the levels are bigger than the ones in TiT and TBF, with the largest one being a DLC level of Honor Among Thieves. They are more navigable with various platforms for rooftops to climb on.

Boss Battles

According to Sanzaru, boss battles have been changed into more epic ones especially the General Turji battle and Death Adder battle. They also said that bosses can deal good damage than before.


DLC comes in big packages for this game, Back In Action has a total of 4 DLC packages for bosses and levels even costumes. One is called The Original Five which marks the return of the Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus villains. The 2nd one is called Klaww Returns which returns the Klaww Gang along with the supposedly "dead" Arpeggio. The third one is called Bentley, I Shrunk the Gang! which marks the first appearance of Jose Quimby, a crazy mosquito who shrinks the gang to bug-size, the fourth one is called Christmas Cooper which marks the first appearance of Yet the Yeti, a mining operator that plans to destroy Mt. Everest, the last one is called Honor Among Thieves which showcases new villains instead of the original ones, since all of them were jailed, dead or destroyed, the originals couldn't come back.


Costumes make a return in every level even the DLC ones, they serve as enhancements and make the game more fun, they are also used to get treasures.


The Unlockables make a return by getting the required amount of Sly Masks, they contain costumes, weapons or new power-ups.


Development for the game was started as soon as Thieves Be Forever got more and more famous. Sanzaru announced that Sly fans will experience a new adventure next year. They released pictures of D'Artagnan Le Paradox, the Paris level and the guards, fans thought that Paradox will return but some thought it was his father which they were right. Then, Sanzaru showed a video of the Viking level along with a prototype battle against Iris the unicorn. They stopped showing photos and they soon released the game in February 5th 2015.


The game was received with a 9/10 from all game reviewers actually, they praised the story, the DLC adds which they said that "When everyone sort of forgot about the original three, you guys revived them!" The voice acting was met well with fans and reviewers the only thing they criticized was the amount of episodes but they overlooked it due to the various DLC pack to download.


  • The two scrapped enemies from TBF were going to appear but were cut out due to focusing on time traveling.
  • Peter Ackerman is the guy who voiced the Dodos from the Ice Age movie.

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