Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever is the fifth installment in the Sly Cooper series. Released on May 2014, this game continues the story of Sly Cooper lost in Ancient Egypt and the gang bring him back, which they learn about an evil group plotting to destroy the Earth. It is up to the gang to save whole world from this evil team.


After the Le Paradox affair, Sly was sent back in time to a place filled with sand. Sly woke up and started walking through the place and found his ancestor Slytunkhamen Cooper II. Sly was running to talk to him but Slytunkhamen vanished with his Shadow Power move because a pair of guards were walking toward him. Sly quickly hid in the back of a Sphinx statue until they walked off. Sly went walking toward his ancestor, where he took notice of Sly and examined all his features and said he was a Cooper. Slytunkhamen took him into an old house where he showed Sly his project, which was the Thievius Raccoonus and started bragging about being the first Cooper in existence. Sly interrupted by saying that "Bob" Cooper was the first one, Slytunkhamen told him to stop talking nonsense and help him climb to the top of a pyramid saying he saw someone not from this time period. The tutorial episode starts here involving Sly helping his ancestor get to the top of the pyramid. When the two got to the top, they saw a camel trying to harness energy from the sun with a device. Slytunkhamen told him to stay quiet and hid in the shadows while Sly, ignoring his orders, faced the camel in a battle. After getting the deed done, Slytunkhamen applauded his victory and suggested we eat something, Sly found a paper of some sort detailing the members of the evil team. This gave Sly an idea and told his ancestor if he permitted him to write in the Thievius Raccoonus, Slytunkhamen said "Sure, you're a Cooper, it won't matter in the future". He went running to Slytunkhamen's Safehouse and started writing on the book.

In modern Paris, Bentley was searching in his computer for any information about Sly. He got bored and decided to take a peek at the Thievius Raccoonus, he saw the the book writing itself saying "Bentley, help me, I'm stuck in Ancient Egypt". As soon as he saw this, he called Murray and Carmelita and loaded the time machine van to head to Ancient Egypt. When the gang arrived in Egypt, they quickly went to Sly, Bentley giving a high-five, Murray crushing him with a hug and Carmelita showering him with kisses. Slytunkhamen asked Sly who they were which Sly answered they were his gang. Bentley started talking with Sly's ancestor and heard about the camel they found atop the pyramid. He described the camel as being brown with two humps on his back and wearing a traditional Egyptian wear with a logo of a ray shooting a laser. With the question in mind, Bentley with the gang, bid farewell to Slytunkhamen and went in time to modern Paris in their Safehouse. Sly gave Bentley the paper he found on the Carmel's pocket for him to study, after cracking codes, Bentley found information about the team called "Team Dark Ray". After hearing the information and plans of the team, Sly knew it was time to save the world from this crazy team.

Hearing the information, they tracked down the first member of Team Dark Ray, a chameleon called Juan that was sent to Mexico for now unknown plans. After thwarting his plans, they went far north to the Artic to put an end to Vostok's plans, a killer whale that created an illegal device that allows fish to walk on land. The next member was situated in New York, a big mafia boss pigeon called John. After ending his scheme, they went to the Amazon Jungle and saw the place completely destroyed, the one responsible was Jaggar, a Melanistic Jaguar dictator. The next member was a paranormal researcher from Transylvania, a vampire bat called Drak. After incarcerating his plans for the undead, they went back to Australia to go to Queensland to see it was turned into a Las Vegas-like city. The boss here was Monty, a greedy casino loving platypus. Bentley had no clue where the last members were, Bentley looked for a scrap of paper in Monty's back pocket showing some time periods. Carefully analyzing them, Bentley concluded that the last members were in the past. They went for the seventh member in Ancient Greece, a hydra called Hyracles. After ending his operation, they went back in time to Pleistocene South America to put an end to Ivor E, an old but powerful mastodon. They destroyed his weapons facility and bested him and went more back in time to e Cretaceous Period to defeat the last member, a Tyrannosaurus Rex called Rex.

After beating him, the gang headed to their old Safehouse and started looking for information about the last member of the team. Sly told Bentley about the weird UFO sightings he has been seeing in every place they went, Bentley got from this and installed rocket wings to the van and headed off to space. They noticed a small city peaking out of a crater in the Moon. This place was the last members hideout, patrolled by alien guards and kept watched by blimps, and futuristic tanks. The last member being L.A.R, an anaconda that stalked Sly in every adventure he had, he was also behind the cause of his parent's death. After the missions were completed, Sly faced L.A.R in a fight to the death in the operation. Sly won the battle and his Death Ray exploded, sending L.A.R into space never to be seen again. The gang celebrated the true villain"s defeat by having a party in the Safehouse, inviting The Guru, Panda King and his daughter and Dimitri.

If you beat the game 100%, you will unlock a teaser trailer. This showed two mouse ears completely black, ordering some villains, also covered in black.


Sly Cooper (Tom Kenny)- The main protagonist

Bentley (Jeff Bennett)- The secondary protagonist

Murray (Kevin Michael Richardson)- The third protagonist

Carmelita (Nicole Sullivan)- Sly's girlfriend

The Guru (Dee Bradley Baker)- Accompanies the gang to Australia, invited to celebration party.

Panda King (Clancy Brown)- Invited to celebration party.

Dimitri (Christian Lanz)- Invited to celebration party.

Slytunkhamen Cooper II (James C Mathis III: Sly's Egyptian ancestor.

Hercooper (James Arnold Taylor): Sly's Greek ancestor

Juan (Carlos Alazraqui): First member of Team Dark Ray.

Vostok (Alec Baldwin): Second member of Team Dark Ray.

John (Phil LaMarr): Third member of Team Dark Ray.

Jaggar (Daran Norris: Fourth member of Team Dark Ray.

Drak (Peter Stormare): Fifth member of Team Dark Ray.

Monty (Wayne Knight): Sixth member of Team Dark Ray.

Hyracles (Eric Roberts): Seventh member of Team Dark Ray.

Ivor E (Kevin McDonald): Eight member of Team Dark Ray.

Rex (Michael Dorn): Ninth member of Team Dark Ray.

Simon Ataturk (Eddie Deezen): DLC only member of Team Dark Ray.

Ms Sunscreen (Kate Miccuci: DLC only member of Team Dark Ray.

Mr Decibel (Peter McNichol): Assistant to Ms Sunscreen.

L.A.R (Charles Adler): Leader of Team Dark Ray, the main antagonist.

Clockwerk (Wayne Knight): Cameo in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

Penelope (Mae Whitman): Reference by Simon Ataturk, appears in teaser trailer.


The game was developed right after the release of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, in February 5th. Sanzaru started giving away photos of some villains in October 1st which were a shadowy version L.A.R and a shadowy version of Hyracles. According to fans, Hyracles was thought to be a huge tree monster while L.A.R, whose name was not given, was thought to be an ally of the Cooper Gang. In November 23rd, Sanzaru gave some photos of the Transylvania level and Artic level, in January 7th 2014, they released a video of the Transylvania level and the Artic level. Fans said that L.A.R was probably the villain of Transylvania and Hyracles was the Artic villain. Sanzaru then sent a photo of Hercooper along with the Ancient Greece level, at this moment, fans said that Hyracles was the villain of Ancient Greece since he was a hydra. Sanzaru then said the game's release date to be May 30th 2014.

Beta Things

Sanzaru gave much information about beta levels and enemys. Vostok was going to be a polar bear with his guards being a walrus, Artic foxes and snowy owls. The creators then decided to make the villain be a killer whale due to trouble with guard animations and the polar bears animation.

El Jefe was going to be the boss of the Amazon Jungle but was scrapped due to already being used and decided for a panther boss. Las Vegas was going to be a level but the creators had trouble illuminating the whole level, it was then scrapped for New York instead. There were also plans about a Afica level and a Wales level, the bosses being Lia the lioness and Walter the pirate sea lion. They were both scrapped for Hyracles and Ivor. E respectively.


The game has some similarity to TiT but it's highly different here are some of the things that changed and stayed.

Clue Bottles

Due to much high demand, Clue Bottles returned this time, can be found in the hub and in missions. Making them much more harder to get, like in Sly 2, the bottles sound louder and can be heard easily by lowering the volume. Collecting all 30 unlocks the vault in the hub which can be opened for a power-up.

Secret Sly Masks

The Sly Masks return along with a new feature, they can be won by doing the high score in some minigames. Other than that, they can be found in the hub or in missions this time in harder to look places.


Costumes return with there being 10 different ones to use. Some of them can fool guards or fool even villains.

Time Traveling

Like in TiT, time traveling is used but only in the last 3 episodes. The time machine can also be used to view cutscenes or replay missions.

Boss Battles

According to Mat Kraemer, the bosses all are buffed up and can take half of your health with one attack. They are also said to be mor epic with some examples being Simon Ataturks and Drak's battle. Almost all bosses need a pattern to defeat like in TiT, they are also more harder to to defeat.


Minigames are featured in the game in all episodes, which house one kind of minigame. Minigames also have a high score feature which if bested, you can win a Secret Sly Mask.


  • The game was almost canceled due to budget cuts in the company.