Sly Cooper 5: Heart of a Thief is the final game in the Sly Cooper franchise.  Its events take place immediately following Thieves in Time.  In it, Sly Cooper is trapped in time, but finds that the Cooper family legacy is still not safe following the arrest and conviction of Le Paradox.  A new threat to the Cooper Clan's existance now emerges in the form of Silas von Kronograf, a mad scientist and crime lord intent on destroying Sly and his family, one member at a time.  To save the Cooper legacy, Sly must once again team up with Bentley and Murray, as well as make peace with Carmelita, and stop Silas before the Coopers are wiped out forever!  But as the journey wears on, the gang will learn that there is more to Silas' story that there appears to be.  They soon realize that it isn't just Sly's family he's bent on destorying, it's Carmelita's as well!  Realizing that her own family's survival is at stake, Carmelita vows to punish Silas, even if it means working alongside a grumpy, vengeful Sly.



Valley of the Thieves

After the introduction cinematics, the game begins with Sly stuck in Ancient Egypt.  He comes awake amidst the ruins of Le Paradox's destroyed blimp.  After staring in shock and awe at the Sphinx and pyramids, he makes his way toward a temple, where he is ambushed by his (now second-) earliest ancestor, Slytunkhamen II Cooper.  After a confused but relieved greeting, they make their way to Slytunkhamen's hideout.  Before leaving, however, Sly takes the prudent step of leaving a message on the temple walls for Bentley and Murray to find.  At the hideout, Slytunkhamen tells Sly that following the recent death of the pharaoh, he has been hounded and hunted by a menacing bull named Aphis, who leads gangsters armed with modern-day weapons.  Sly realizes what's going on and knows that if he is to save Slytunkhamen, he needs the rest of the Cooper Gang.

Back in the present, Bentley, Murray and Carmelita all see Sly's message in a newspaper.  Bentley is ecstatic and immediately rounds up the gang for another foray through time.  Using an Egyptian artifact confiscated from the now-condemned Le Paradox's collection, Bentley, Murray and Carmelita all race through time to Egypt, with Carmelita holding the shredded picture of her and Sly dating that Sly held onto throughout Thieves in Time.

Sly, meanwhile, scouts and cases Aphis's base with Slytunkhamen.  The bull has commandeered a large temple to use as his headquarters.  As the two raccoons spy on Aphis, he rants and raves on how he will torture Slytunkhamen when he captures him.  It is then that an unknown individual, a pig in pharaonic dress, appears with a contingent of guards who are holding prisoner a beautiful female fox.  Slytunkhamen is alarmed to see these two, prompting Sly to ask him who they are.  Slytunkhamen identifies the fox as Anak-sun, the daughter of a justice official who served the recently dead pharaoh and the woman who wants him jailed for all the tomb robbing he's done.  The pig is named Horemhog, and according to Slytunkhamen, he is the elder Cooper's rival in crime, and he too has been pursued by Anak-sun.

Horumhog presents Anak-sun to Aphis as his trophy, remarking that "[his] descendant will be most pleased", and that this descendant was wise to bring Aphis along.  Sly is struck by how similar Anak-sun looks to Carmelita.  At that moment, Horumhog's "descendant", i.e. Silas, appears and demands an update.  Aphis and Horumhog tell him that Slytunkhamen has yet to be captured.  Silas loses his temper and starts beating up Anak-sun.  It is at this point that the time portal opens and the Cooper Van comes roaring out, bulldozing through all assembled.  Bentley, Murray and Carmelita jump out, the vixen drawing her shock pistol.  Silas is enraged at the sight of Carmelita and seizes both her and Anak-sun, threatening to kill them both.  It is now that Sly and Slytunkhamen strike.  Sly jumps and attacks first, yelling at Silas to release Carmelita or else.  Silas now explodes with anger, ordering his guards to attack and kill the whole Cooper Gang.

The Cooper Gang fights off the guards, forcing Silas, Horumhog and Aphis to turn tail and run.  Sly and his gang tearfully reunite with an emotional group-hug.  Carmelita hurls herself on Sly, hugging him and kissing him with a tear-stained face.  Sly then introduces his ancestor to the gang and Carmelita comes face-to-face with Anak-sun.  The two vixens are gawking at each other when Bentley looks at Anak-sun and comes to the shocking conclusion that they themselves are family.  Carmelita and Anak-sun gag, then look back at each other and scream.

Sly and Carmelita then take turns narrating the subsequent cinematic:

Carmelita: "I couldn't believe it!  Me?!  Having ancestors 3,000 years ago?!  It was totally loco!!  Anak-sun obviously couldn't believe it either, but there we were, looking like twin sisters for all the world cared.  But Bentley insisted that we were family, and he quickly did the DNA tests to prove it.  When he showed that Anak-sun and I really were blood relatives, both of us had a heart attack.  I...I...I... I felt like throwing up right there."

Sly: "Once the ladies had calmed down and Bentley and Murray tearfully told me all that had happened in my absence back in the present, Slytunkhamen led us back to his hideout and welcomed us.  After he and Anak-sun made peace, however tenuous it seemed, he got down to business and told us what was up.  He didn't know who this Silas guy was, but he was familiar with Horumhog and Aphis.  When Bentley heard the names, he immediately hacked the Interpol databases.  It turned out that Silas' full name was Silas von Kronograf, and he was something of an academic.  Born into German aristocracy, he was introduced to crime from an early age.  Turned out that crime was in his blood.  Everyone on his father's side of the family was a mob boss, but beyond that, there was little else for us to work with.  It seemed as though Silas had taken pains to cover up his past and background.  But for us, that would have to wait.  When we looked at Aphis's records, he had quite the rap sheet.  Aphis was the son of a Turkish arms dealer, who had made millions selling illegal weapons to anti-government rebels around the world.  He had even led a failed coup in Colombia some years back, personally leading rebels armed with the very guns he'd sold them.  When that plan went south, he'd spent ten years in a Bogata jail.  But it seemed Silas pulled some strings to bust him out."

Carmelita: "Well, we found the rotten punk, and now we had to stop the guy before he messed up history...Sly's and mine.  I really didn't want to have to go time traveling again, but with the discovery of my own family, I realized I didn't have a choice."

Sly: "So, with my ancestor and Carmelita's at our side, we endevored to stop Silas and put an end to whatever evil he was planning."

Tomb Raided

To start to chip away at Aphis's power base, the gang sets about dismantling his infrastructure.  While Bentley and Murray get to work on turning Aphis's army against itself, Sly and Carmelita help Slytunkhamen and Anak-sun steal back the pharaoh's treasure that Horumhog stole.  Along the way, Carmelita questions Anak-sun about who she is, and their family in general.  Sly, meanwhile, remains focused on the mission, anxious to learn Slytunkhamen's secret techniques for himself.  Slytunkhamen is more than happy to teach him.

Eventually, the gang turns their attention to taking Aphis down.  They all confront him in the temple at the base of the pyramids.  Aphis is taken by surprise, ambushed first by Bentley, who topples a column on him, then by Murray, who fights him head-on when he gets to his feet.

Horumhog then appears and taunts the Cooper Gang, then flees.  Carmelita and Anak-sun give chase, but Sly and Slytunkhamen try to stop them, sensing a trap.  Their fears are proved right when Silas is spotted in the next room, a large bazooka in his hands.  Carmelita runs at him, shock pistol drawn.  Sly cries out to stop her, but he is too late; Silas fires his weapon, launching a rocket that throws Carmelita back, crashing into Slytunkhamen and Anak-sun and knocking all of them into a heap.  Before Sly or his friends can react, Silas's guards grab Slytunkhamen and Anak-sun, and imprison them, then take them back to Silas's own time machine.  The machine is a large train, ten cars long.  Silas taunts Sly and his gang by saying they should take as good a look at his train as they can, because they will never see it so good again.  He then boards with Sly and Carmelita's ancestors as his prisoners, and the train then disappears, leaving behind some gold coins.

Enraged, Sly stomps back to a dazed Carmelita and kicks her violently, seething with fury.  He scolds her, saying that her stupidity got their ancestors captured, and that his family is now in danger of being destroyed again because of her.  Carmelita tries to defend herself, but Sly won't give her a chance to speak.  In his eyes, she has sentenced his ancestor to death.  Carmelita is left shell-shocked and saddened, having lost her first chance to apologize to Sly for her treatment of him in Thieves in Time.  Bentley and Murray carry her back to the van.  It is there that they are contacted by Dimitri, whom Bentley once again left in charge of the Thievius Raccoonus.  Dimitri exclaims how relieved he is to see Sly again, then points the gang to their next destination: the Colonial Carribean, c. 1725, when Sly's pirate ancestor Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper was terrorizing the West Indies.  Bentley finds that the gold coins left behind by Silas are in fact Spanish dubloons from that very time.  Using the dubloons, they take off for the Golden Age of Pirates.

The Not-So-Jolly-Roger

Upon their arrival in the Carribean, specifically Jamaica, the gang learns that Henriette Cooper has been captured along with her whole crew and that she has been sentenced to death by hanging.  The beast who ordered her execution is an ambitious British governor with a whole Royal Navy fleet with all its Marines at his command.  Sly decides to rescue Henriette by himself, ordering Bentley to keep Carmelita out of the way.  Sidelined, Carmelita seeths with indignation, but is also deeply heartbroken that Sly has lost his faith in her, and in her mind, his love for her as well.

Sly disguises himself as a British soldier to infiltrate the fort where Henriette is beind held.  Murray comes along to provide some firepower via a commandeered warship.  Upon entering the fort, Sly finds Henriette in the dungeons.  She initially reacts with hostility when he introduces himself, but calms down when he tells her that he's there to help her escape.  Sly then signals Murray to bombard the fort, which allows he and Henriette to escape.

Sly then narrates the following cinematic:

Sly: "Once I had Henriette safe and sound at the safehouse, I have to say, she really took a liking to me...not that Carmelita approved.  But SHE was in no position to complain, given the mess she'd made.  Unfortunately, there was no time to get jealous, as we had some real problems to take care of.  Henriette explained that she'd been caught during what was supposed to be the biggest raid of her career.  She had been about to plunder a whole fleet of Spanish treasure galleons when she was ambushed by another rival pirate...who had a full contingent of British marines at his back!  It turns out, this guy had beaten her to the punch and jumped the treasure fleet before she ever got to it, capturing not just the gold but the admiral of the fleet as well!  Now, he had not just Henriette as his prisoner, but her crew and her ship too.  Henriette identified the admiral of the treasure fleet as another pirate, some guy she called Pedro Renard.  In her words, he was "a true messmate", someone that she trusted highly, even if, by her own admission, they did have something of a rivalry.  When we asked her about this pirate who'd captured her, and the British governor that he was obviously working for, Henriette named him as Calico Sam Porco, and described him as a little piggy with puny little cutlasses.  We knew then that it had to be another one of Silas's ancestors.  As for the governor, Henriette said that he looked as sounded very out of place.  After hearing the description, Bentley confirmed our suspicions when he hacked the Interpol databases.  According to them, this 'Charlie Lambeth' guy was a real Limey hob-nob.  Born into priviledge in Glasgow, Sir Charles Lambeth had a love for the sea from a young age.  He had tried to enlist as an officer in the Royal Navy, but was turned down.  According to his record, he had developed a bad name enforcing almost abusive discipline on sailors who mouthed off to or made fun of him.  Having lost his chance to hold a power position, Charlie broke into crime, heisting and destroying cruise ships and cargo ships.  Then, it seemed Silas came along and offered him the control freak position that he had craved...hunting down pirates while letting just one get away with murder.  Whether Silas was here himself would have to wait.  We needed to pull Sir Charles off his high horse and restore Henriette's reputation as Queen of the Pirates.  That is, if I could keep her and Carmelita from killing each other first."

Two if by Sea

The gang then plots Charlie's downfall by first rescuing Pedro Renard and Henriette's crew.  Bentley then wants to regain Henriette's ship and using it to destroy Charlie's fleet and Sam Porco's ship.  Carmelita volunteers to rescue Pedro with Bentley while Sly, Murray and Henriette raid the shipyards for parts for a motor to put on Henriette's ship, which they find in drydock under heavy guard.  Sly and Henriette team up to steal the motor parts.  Murray heads to a bar to keep the soldiers and sailors distracted with boxing matches against the toughest guys on the island.  After beating up all the guards in the harbor, Murray rejoins Sly and Henriette just in time to steal the electric generator to power the motor.  With the parts collected, they all team up to take back Henriette's ship.

Meanwhile, Bentley and Carmelita make their way into the fort that holds Pedro Renard.  They find him tied to a post, a gag in his mouth to stifle him cursing Sir Charles Lambeth, who mocks him from horseback.  Bentley takes a look at Pedro, then pulls Carmelita aside to tell her that she and Pedro could be related.  To the turtle's eyes, the two foxes are eerily identical apart from gender.  Carmelita refuses to believe that she has a criminal for an ancestor.  But Bentley reminds her they have a job to do.  So they spring down to Pedro and free him.  Once Pedro is released from his bonds, they immediately get the attention of the guards, who come running.  Bentley leaves much of the fighting to Carmelita and Pedro.  Once they've driven off the soldiers, Carmelita and Pedro size each other up, and Pedro is as unimpressed and disgusted with Carmelita as she with him.

Carmelita: "Looking at Pedro, I couldn't believe that he and I were relatives.  But Bentley insisted that we were family, and we did look something alike.  But I just couldn't accept that this...this...PIRATE was my ancestor.  I always thought that everyone in my family stood for justice and good, not...this!  I could tell that Pedro didn't like me any more than I liked him.  Bentley told us that we had to get used to it, that we were one and we had to work together to stop Charlie and Silas and Sam.  So, with a heavy heart, I accepted his help to save his crew and that of Cooper's PIRATE ancestor.  Pedro explained that he had been a hunter of pirates until he'd lost a whole treasure fleet to a hurricane.  He had, in fact, hunted Henriette Cooper because she'd robbed his fleets before.  But after losing all that gold to a storm, he'd lost the favor of the Spanish governors in the Carribean.  When they suspended his pensions, he had no choice but to turn to Cooper to find a new livelyhood...I just couldn't believe he'd joined forces with the very criminals he'd been chasing and capturing!  It was too much!"

Bentley: "When we finally rescued Pedro's and Henriette's crews, we regrouped with Sly and Murray and Henriette at the docks.  Henriette and Pedro were certainly glad to see each other again, but Sly and Carmelita weren't.  The fact that Pedro was converted to Piracy by Henriette certainly didn't help much.  But we had no time for rivalry, because we had to take down Charlie and Sam if either of them were to restore their reputations as the greatest pirates of all time."

This Little Piggy Went to Sea

The chapter starts off with dialogue between Sly and Carmelita regarding Pedro and Carmelita's family in general.

  • Sly: So, Carmelita, how does it feel to know that you've got the blood of a crook?  That must come as a shock, doesn't it?  To learn that your ancestors aren't as law-abiding and justice-seeking as you are?
  • Carmelita: How did this HAPPEN?!  My ancestor...a pirate?!  It's just so crazy!!
  • Sly: Well, how about that, Carm?  Who would have thought that you'd have a thief in YOUR family tree?  I guess that makes you and I...
  • Carmelita: Don't say it, Ringtail!  I'm warning you!

Carmelita sighs.

  • Sly: You can't just ignore the ugly spots in your family, Carmelita.  I sure wasn't impressed with the black sheep in mine.
  • Carmelita: Pedro must be on my father's side.  My dad was kind of a criminal too...of sorts.
  • Sly: Guess that explains why you're so brazen and headstrong.  Now I can start to see where you get it from.

Carmelita scowls at Sly.  Sly scolds Carmelita harshly.

  • Sly: Oh, don't give me that look, vixen!  You're just too proud and pompous to admit you've got some rotten apples in your family!  It's time for you to wise up and realize who your family really is!

Sly stomps off, leaving Carmelita speechless.

The gang joins Henriette aboard her ship and they all set sail to burn Sam's ship and Charles Lambeth's fleet.  Charlie's ships see them running for the harbor mouth and attack.  The gang fights back, attacking with all they have.  Charles then confronts them with his flagship, which they quickly reduce to a smoldering ruin.  Pedro and Henriette run forward to capture Charles, but they are interrupted by cannon fire coming the other way.  Sam Porco is right behind them, with Silas on board!  Sam's ship fires on the Cooper Gang, rattling the ship.  Silas's pig guards storm aboard and seize Henriette and Pedro.  Angered and hungry for revenge, Carmelita once again attacks, only to get blasted once more by Silas.  She gets hammered against the mainmast, which collapses on top of her.  Sly, Bentley and Murray run to help her while Silas taunts Sly for his weak heart.

Silas: Can you be cruel, Cooper?  What will you do?  Chase the villain or save the girl?  *evil laughter*  Fool!  Your emphatic heart is your greatest failure, Cooper!  The great failure of your whole family!  Don't you see?!  Your emotions make you weak!  That's why this day's mine!  *more evil laughter*  I'll kill you next time!

When Silas and Sam disappear again, Sly loses his cool once more on Carmelita.  Once again, Carmelita tries to defend herself, more forcefully this time, but Sly is done with her excuses, and strikes her in the face with the crook of his cane, shocking Bentley and Murray.  Appalled, Bentley restrains Sly from hurting Carmelita further and tells Murray to bring them to shore.  Upon returning to the safehouse, they are contacted by Dimitri, who tells them their next destination is Dark Age Scotland, the time of Sly's ancestor Slaigh MacCooper.  Bentley tells Sly that they can get there with the dirk that Charles carried with him.  So, with emotions and tensions running hot, the Cooper Gang hits the time continuum yet again.


The Gang's arrival in Scotland is far from smooth.  When they get there, they crash into a bog.  Their first few minutes are spent trying to get the van out.  Bentley tells the others that he still has no ideas or new data about Silas.  Still fuming, Sly stomps off into the wilds.  A frustrated Carmelita follows him, determined to make him listen, but Sly stops her by slashing out at her, chopping down a small tree with his cane before stomping off again.  With this Carmelita loses all patience and tackles Sly, but when she does, the ground gives way underneath them both.  The two of them find themselves stuck in a cave.

Meanwhile, Bentley takes it upon himself to do reconaissance, since Sly is now incapacitated.  He goes out into the wild and finds what looks like an army base on the edge of the moors.  The place is crawling with wolf and bear guards.  Bentley tracks them and finds two figures that stand out from the rest: a huge grizzly bear dressed in white robes and carrying a rifle and a tawny wildcat wearing a fur coat and tacky perfume.  He thinks he recognizes them and begins to return to the safehouse when suddenly he's grabbed from behind.  Bentley fears he's been caught, but when his attacker spins him around, it's revealed to be Slaigh!  Feeling relieved, Bentley assures Slaigh that he's friendly and asks to be taken back to the clan.

The Sly Who Loved Me

Back in the cave, Sly and Carmelita are now trapped.  Sly scolds Carmelita for following him, and tells her that it's her fault they're stuck, and berates her for being such a flunk and failure.  Pushed to her limits, Carmelita slaps Sly hard on the cheek, cursing him and saying that he should be ashamed because she's risked her life to find him and be reunited with him.  Carmelita then starts to cry, much to Sly's shock and surprise, as she tells him that she realized that deep down, she did love him as he had her through all the events of Thieves in Time, and that he's not letting her apologize for how rotten she's been to him.  It is then that Carmelita produces the photo of her and Sly dating from when he was faking amnesia, and shoves it in his face, asking him where the man who loved her has gone.  Shocked by the photo, Sly demands to know where Carmelita got it, and she confesses.  Sly then realizes that he's treating Carmelita the same way she had treated him.  His heart touched by her show of emotion and sadness, he grabs and hugs her.  Sly lets Carmelita cry for a while, then she asks:

  • Carmelita: Sly, why did you lie to me?
  • Sly: Because, Carm, your bullheaded, obstinate personality didn't give me a choice.  You would never have believed it if I'd just come up to you and say it.  Then again, listening to others and heeding the warnings or advice they give you was one of your biggest failures as a cop.

Sly pauses, remembering Kaine Island and the fight with Dr. M in the Cooper Vault.

  • Sly: When I was being crushed to death by Dr. M's mutant giant, I felt like I was gonna die there.  My only other thoughts were what a coward I'd been to you.  Deep in my heart, I loved you, but in all the times we'd crossed paths, I'd...never had the nerve to take it to the next step.  I just wanted us to truly be together...put our professional differences aside...and just maybe make our relationship work.  I just wanted us to get close without all the needless hostility, so when Dr. M blasted me with his laser and hurled me against the wall of the vault, I saw my chance and took it.

Carmelita sits up, then sobs some more.

  • Carmelita: Oh, Sly...why didn't you tell me?  Talk to me?!  Tell me the truth?!  We could've...
  • Sly: Worked something out?  Carmelita, you can't just force me to forget who I am.  The blood of a thief flows in me.  It's not something I can just ignore, it's ingrained into my DNA!  When I want to steal something, when I plan a heist, it's not a choice, it's an obligation.  It's a responsibility that I must fulfill!  I won't just forego my family's obligations just to please you.  Sorry to disappoint you, but this is who I am, princess!  You can't just force me to be someone I'm not just so you can have some arm candy that everyone will enjoy having around!  Thieving is what makes me me!  It's not just something I can turn on or off!

Carmelita hugs Sly tighter and sobs harder.

  • Carmelita: I'm sorry, Sly...You're right.  You are who you are, and I can't force you to change.  I realize that now.  I realized that when we were stuck in the Ice Age fighting Grizz.  It's just...we had it so good were so good to me...I just...I wanted so badly to believe...
  • Sly: We all do.  I know.

Sly pauses again.  Carmelita looks at him longingly.

  • Carmelita: Sly, why did you choose to pick on me and not some other girl?
  • Sly: remind me of myself.  When I used to look at you sometimes, I wouldn't see the hard-nosed, hard-spoken Interpol officer.  Instead, I see a terrified orphan girl, cringing with fear at the world around her, shrinking away from all social contact, thinking that everyone around her is out to get her.  So she chose to mask her fear with anger and hostility, not wanting anyone to see her for who she really is.

Carmelita gasps.

  • Carmelita: How could you know that?
  • Sly: Come on, there are some things about you that I don't need to find out by reading your files.  I could see it on your face, hear it in your voice.  You give away a lot about yourself without knowing it or meaning it.

A pause.

  • Sly: If anything, your ancestors were just the same way with mine.  Your personality must run in your family.
  • Carmelita: On my mother's side, anyway.  The physical roughing up I got from my father.
  • Sly: Do you ever think about or remember your family at all?

Carmelita says nothing.  Sly lets her go and gets up.

  • Sly: Anyway, this conversation is really getting boring.
  • Carmelita: Boring?!  I'm actually BORING you, Sly Cooper?!
  • Sly: Here I am with the woman I love, trapped in a cave with no hope of escape.  *puts on dramatic voice*  And she's much too proud to throw herself into my arms and beg me to save her.

Carmelita cracks up laughing raucously.

  • Carmelita: You are such a louse, Ringtail.
  • Sly: Lighten up.  This is the first light-hearted moment with you I've had in years.

Carmelita smiles

  • Carmelita: Chasing you has got to be the worst idea of my career.

Just then, Bentley's voice is heard from the cave roof.

  • Bentley: Sly!  Carmelita!  Are you okay down there?!  I found Slaigh and...well, he's brought help!  Stay there, we'll pull you out!

Sly and Carmelita get out of the cave and meet Slaigh and the rest of the MacCooper clan.  They all return to Murray, who's still with the van.

Sly: "I was surprised to see that Bentley had found Slaigh so quickly, more so that Slaigh had warmed up to him despite their personalities being so opposite.  When we finally got back to Murray and the van, Bentley and Slaigh filled us in on what was going down.  Slaigh told us that he had been robbing English marcher lords and barons with the rest of his merry band of highlanders when one day, nearly all of his clansmen were captured by some bear and cat with what he called 'fancy dresses'.  Bentley did his usual Interpol database hacking and found the people in question to be gangsters from our time.  The big guy was Andre Vostrokov, a Russian mob boss with a big ego. Born into the biggest crime family of the Moscow underworld, Andre was inured to guns and violence from his youth.  His father trained him to be a hunter and now, all grown up, he was a master sniper.  Apparently, he'd made his name as a big-time fur poacher and fur smuggler, hunting wild fur-bearing mammals and then selling their skins on the black market in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Ironically, Interpol had never really caught him because it was known that he was a family man; he was a proud, protective father of four.  He didn't want any of his kids being taken from him if he was arrested, so he brought them along to each of his crimes."

Carmelita: "The woman turned out to be a partner and client of Andre's, Olga Gronigen.  A Swedish grande dame, she started life really rough, working as a hustler and black marketeer on the streets of Eastern Europe.  Some of my fellow officers had been tracking her for a while, and they'd been grossed out by what she'd been up to.  From what they'd gathered, Olga was dabbling in amateur taxidermy and fur tanning.  Little was known, and all we had to go on was rumors and hearsay, but word on the streets was that she was using live subjects to get her next coat.  Guess now those rumors sounded true, because Slaigh told us that they had captured some girl who was chasing him.  When Bentley did a composite sketch based on Slaigh's description--surprise, surprise--she looked like me!  It seemed like with every new time period we went through, we found more of my ancestors along with Sly's.  Slaigh said her name was Jessie Roy O'Vixen, and she was a spunky little hellion the way he told it.  But he didn't care about her snippy nature; in fact, he got a kick out of teasing her!"

Sly: "Regardless of how these two got on Silas' payroll or what they wanted with Slaigh and Jessie, one thing was a given.  We had to rescue Jessie and take Andre and Olga!"

The Highland Games

The gang splits up, with Sly, Slaigh, and Carmelita heading off to save Jessie, while Bentley, Murray, and the rest of Slaigh's clan gather more intelligence on Andre and Olga's operation.  Bentley's group reaches their target, a tanning plant where Andre is the middle of a video conference with Silas.  After a heated arguement between the two, Andre picks up his gun and goes hunting.  Murray then proceeds to smash up everything tanning-related in the place while Bentley hacks the computers to get the data on Andre's activities.

Meanwhile, Sly's group reaches the compound where Jessie is being held captive.  There, they find Olga torturing Jessie.  The Highland vixen protests loudly and angrily.  Sly smirks, remarking to Carmelita how similar they are.  Carmelita doesn't respond, she just pelts one of the guards with some peat.  Slaigh checks her, then orders them both to stay put while he does all the rescuing.  Using his Wall Sneak move, which includes an advanced variant, he makes his way to where Jessie is being held.  Waiting for Olga to leave, he bides his time until he reaches Jessie, who is not pleased to see him.  Slaigh scolds Jessie for her rudeness, saying she should be grateful that he is rescuing her.  Jessie scowls, but relents, and the two escape back to Sly and Carmelita.  Both vixens are shocked to see each other face to face.  Slaigh explains, but Jessie isn't fully convinced that Carmelita is her descendant, saying that she is too sloppy to be a law officer.  Carmelita feels insulted, and her resentment of Jessie worsens when the latter becomes surprisingly attracted to Sly, much to everyone's surprise.

Upon return to the safehouse, Slaigh offers to make a sword for Sly, because as Slaigh puts it, "a cane looks like a pushover weapon".  Sly hesitantly agrees, upon which he and Jessie go out to collect the raw materials, much to Carmelita's annoyance.  When Sly and Jessie return, Bentley decides to put Jessie through her paces, saying that if she wants to be a successful law enforcement official, she needs to learn patience, cunning, stealth, and caution.  He then goes and builds an obstacle course to instruct her on the practice of each of these traits.  Sly and Slaigh are impressed by Jessie's progress, which leaves Carmelita feeling left out and somewhat emasculated, of which Sly quickly takes notice.

Sly: "I felt sorry for Carmelita only because she missed me, but I wasn't ready to take her back so soon.  Deep down, I was torn up over how to handle her.  My brain was telling me not to waste my time trying to forgive her, but on the other hand, my heart was screaming at me for not apologizing and making amends.  What could I do?  I knew from Bentley that he, Murray and Carm had all missed me after I stayed behind to fight Le Paradox, and that they all felt I was dead when I disappeared through the time tunnel when the blimp got sucked through.  But out of all of us, Bentley told me, Carmelita took my disappearance the worst of all.  Seeing that picture of us dating in Paris, which I had kept throughout the whole Le Paradox affair, ripped her heart apart, because in that moment, Carm had finally realized too late what I had tried to tell her all that time.  She'd lost her chance to apologize because I'd taken it from her when I was sucked through the portal.  It must have really broken Carmelita's heart, as well as burst her ego, to realize that she had been wrong about me.  But then again, all of our recent encounters had proven me wrong about her too, in some ways.  In the past, I'd been trying to convince Carmelita of my family's true nature, that despite us being thieves, we did have a sense of justice and honor.  But now, after meeting her family and seeing that her ancestors were more complex characters than I had assumed, I felt that she and I had more in common on a personal level that she liked to admit.  That raised some hankering questions I had about her family.  She'd said that her mom's family were cops, and her dad's were thieves.  How could she not know about this dual heritage she had?  How could she not know that her ancestors and mine had such an intimate history together?  But most importantly, how can I explain this to her in a way she'll understand?  How can I get her to accept this duality in her own bloodline?  The very idea that her family had been chasing mine around all these milennia was mind-boggling to both of us.  In the end, though, I couldn't just turn her away, because...well, let's face it, I've loved her too much for too long just to turn around and dump a bucket of hate on her.  She and I HAVE to work together if we're to have any hope of stopping Silas von Kronograf.  Whatever he's kidnapping our ancestors for, we need to stop him together, because now, it's BOTH our families whose survival is at stake."

Highland Hijinx

Bentley gets the gang together for the big heist.  He reveals that Silas will be stopping by to check on Andre and Olga and observe their progress.  To Bentley, this is a prime opportunity to not just bust the bad guys, but save the ancestors of Sly and Carmelita that have already been captured.  Bentley and Murray will do the saving, while Sly Carmelita focus on nabbing Andre and Olga.

On Bentley's end, the operation goes well.  They find Silas's train waiting adjacent to Andre's base and break into it.  The guards react immediately, attacking Murray while Bentley hacks the computers to both free the ancestors and get as much data on the train as he can.  Both efforts are successful, and they escape to rejoin Sly's group, which has hit a stumbling block; Jessie's desire for payback has overruled her sense of danger, and she's attacked Andre prematurely.  Sly, in a panic, tackles her just in time, as Andre opens up with his rifle.  He gets hit by two rounds in the guts, to Carmelita's undeniable horror.  Enraged, Slaigh attacks with savage ferocity.  It's not long before Olga joins the fray, with Jessie opposing her.  The ancestors give a good effort, but they're no match for Andre and Olga's modern weapons.  Fortunately, Bentley and Murray arrive with backup, and the two villains are hammered into defeat.  Together, Murray and Slaigh deliver one final blow that sends Andre soaring into Silas, who has just arrived with his guards.  The force of the impact breaks Silas's back, crippling him. Seeing what has happened, Silas curses Sly, vowing to make him pay eventually.

The other carry Sly back to the safehouse, where Carmelita treats him and cares for him.  He is unconscious, almost comatose from blood loss.  The others leave them alone, per Carmelita's orders.  Eventually, Sly wakes up to Carmelita's (and the gang's) great relief and elation.  With tears on her cheeks, Carmelita hugs and kisses Sly tightly.

  • Carmelita: Are you okay?
  • Sly: No thanks to your inherited bullheadedness.

Sly squeezes Carmelita and kisses her tighter.

  • Sly: How I missed caressing this sensual body of yours.

Carmelita laughs, trying to hold back tears.

  • Carmelita: I never thought I'd ever hear your voice again, baby.

Sly laughs, confusing Carmelita.

  • Sly: That's the first time you've ever called me anything other than Ringtail.
  • Carmelita: Shh, just be still.  It's my turn to take care of you now.  Oh, Sly, what can I do to apologize?
  • Sly: For starters, you can stop sitting on my tail.

Carmelita notices and moves so she's lying down next to Sly.

  • Sly: Carmelita, why do you always have to be so headstrong?  Why do you always have to be so dumb when you're on assignment?  It's little wonder that I always end up rescuing you.
  • Carmelita: I just want to prove that I'm not useless, that I know what I'm doing and I can get the job done.  I want to show that I can do my share. *pauses* But I never realized that I was only endangering myself.

Carmelita pauses, biting her lip to keep from crying.

  • Carmelita: My whole life, I was told by everybody that I was worthless, that I would never amount to anything.  Everybody said that I didn't deserve a chance because of who my parents were.  So when I joined Interpol, I felt it was my chance to prove everyone wrong and show them who I could be.  But I still felt like the kid in the back who never gets picked for anything.  All I wanted was a little recognition, and even as a working woman, I never really got it.  I guess...deep down...I just wanted to be loved.  And you're the only man who ever loved me, Sly.
  • Sly: So why didn't you accept it?  Why couldn't you just let go of your pride and see what I was saying to you?
  • Carmelita: I thought it was all a scam, that you were playing with me.  I never realized you were telling the truth...until you were...taken from me.  *sobs* Oh Sly, what happened to you was all my fault.
  • Sly: No, Carmelita, I'm the one who blew it.

Sly lies back, looking away from Carmelita.

  • Sly: You see, during the whole fiasco with Le Paradox, I never really treated you as one of us.  You were still the cop, the interfering officer who always ruined our plans when they were going good.  You knew nothing about how me and the boys worked and operated, so whenever you tried to put in your own ideas, we always got blindsided.  You could never accept that I was forced to leave you because my family's survival was at stake.  And by the time you realized it, it was too late.  I had to save my family from being erased, even if it meant getting stuck on the blimp when that skunk stole my only parachute.
  • Carmelita: So is that why you never got off?  You never jumped...
  • Sly: Because I had nothing to jump with!  Jumping off the blimp would have meant my guaranteed death, and that would have destroyed you AND the boys. *sighs*  Oh, Carm, I NEVER wanted to get you involved in this.  I never intended to drag you into my family's business.  But your personality left me no choice.
  • Carmelita: So you hate me then!  *cries*

Sly backhands Carmelita.

  • Sly: Stop it!  I didn't mean it like that!

Sly sits up, helped up by Carmelita.

  • Sly: I never wanted to hurt you, sweets.  I never wanted to hurt you or see you get hurt.  I did it because I cared about you.  About US!

Sly picks up the photo of him and Carmelita dating.

  • Sly: All that time, I still held out hope we could still be a couple.

Carmelita sobs, then hugs Sly.

  • Carmelita: Do you really mean it?

Sly nods. Carmelita hugs him tigher, crying loudly.

  • Carmelita: Oh Sly...I'm so sorry!  You were right!  I've been such a selfish little idiot!  You've always been there for me, and I've never had the decency to say thank you.  I don't know why you'd keep loving me after what a rotten huss I've been!
  • Sly: Whoa, whoa!  Carmelita, RELAX!  It's okay!  You don't have to cry about it.

Carmelita calms down.

  • Sly: Carm, the truth is...I prefer you like this.  I like you better this way.
  • Caremlita: You mean, you actually like me the way I am?  You want me to be mean all the time?
  • Sly: Hey, in all honesty, despite your many personal flaws, I still love you...and I always will.  I can't force you to change, Carm.  That decision has to come from inside of you, from inside your own heart.

Carmelita wipes her tears away and smiles.

  • Carmelita: Okay, then.  I promise, I'll keep attacking my stubborness and headstrong bullheadedness until I've beaten them!
  • Sly: See, there's my little vixen.

They kiss.

The gang takes solace in knowing that finally, they've scored a victory against Silas.  The ancestors are all freaked out by each other's appearances.  Bentley calls the gang together and shows everyone the data he got from Silas's train.  Among other things, he now has the blueprints to the train as well as a more informative prize: Carmelita's family tree.  Carmelita is stunned to see her family lineage in front of her, having never known who her family really was.  Bentley manages to get into contact with Dimitri, who once again freaks out at not having been called.  He then points the group towards their next destination: Victorian England, home of Sly's gentleman thief ancestor, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper.  When the gang asks how they will get there, Bentley pulls out an old jeweled egg that he recovered from Andre's base.  Using the egg, they take off for London in 1885, but not before taking Slytunkhamen and Anak-sun and Henriette and Pedro back to their times.  Carmelita reflects on how Sly has found the strength to love her again, and that for the first time in forever, she and he trust each other again.

Elementary, My Dear Cooper

Upon arrival in Victorian London, the gang sets out to find Thaddeus.  They find the city crawling with robots and laser traps.  Bentley suspects Penelope is back, but intelligence gathering by Sly reveals that her calling card is not on any of the androids.  They soon find that Silas is already here, supported by his ancestor Friedrich von Liste.  It isn't long before the gang tracks down Thaddeus to a warehouse in the Docklands district.  Sly and Carmelita go to find him, as usual.  When they reach the building, the newly reconciled couple discusses Carmelita's newly revealed family as Sly picks the locked door.

  • Sly: It must be weird for you.  To have discovered your heritage the way you have.
  • Carmelita: I never really knew...To think that my family has hunted yours for all these's just
  • Sly: Deja vu?  Seriously, you never knew that law enforcement ran in your blood?  You never learned that you were descended from a family of cops that goes back to ancient times?
  • Carmelita: No.  I never found out until now.
  • Sly: Didn't anyone in your family ever tell you at all?

Carmelita hesitates.

  • Carmelita: Well, my mother said that being a cop was a family tradition...on her side.  But she never explained beyond that.  Honestly, I don't remember her all that well.
  • Sly: Why?
  • Carmelita: She...died when I was little.  *voice breaks* father killed her.
  • Sly: Ouch.  That's gotta hurt.  At least it explains why you're so feminist towards guys.

Carmelita says nothing.  Sly picks the lock and opens the door.

  • Sly: I'm actually curious to know what my father might have said about her.  He never really talked to me about his brushes with the law, but I'm sure he must have taunted and teased quite a few officers back in his day.  If my father was good at anything other than thieving, it was stepping on people's toes when he did it.  Dr. M and Le Paradox are proof of that.
  • Carmelita: I guess we inherit our parents' talents, don't we?  We possess all the abilities that they had when they were our age.

Sly smiles.

  • Sly: Once we've trained ourselves, of course.  I'm not just me, Carm, I'm the spiritual embodiment of all my ancestors.  I possess the sum total of all their knowledge and abilities, thanks to the Thievious Raccoonus.

Carmelita puts on a weak smile.

  • Carmelita: Do you ever think about your dad, Sly?

Sly stops and thinks.

  • Sly: Always.  Every so often, I hear his words in my head.  Nightfall is when I miss him the most.  *pauses*  I often wonder what he might have said if he could see me now.  I hope that maybe, if this goes on, I'll get to introduce you to him.

Carmelita balks.

  • Carmelita: Hey, I don't wanna meet your dead dad just yet!
  • Sly: Why?  Are you afraid of what he'll say about you?!
  • Carmelita: Hey, are we ever gonna go inside, Ringtail?

They go in.

Sly and Carmelita find themselves in a wild and crazy maze of lasers and pitfalls.  When they call Bentley, he says he doesn't know how they'll get to Thaddeus.  But Sly reassures him, remembering his father's Laser Slide move from the Cooper Vault.  Sly jumps and slides on the lasers, much to Carmelita's amazement and shock.  While Sly makes his way along the laser lines, Carmelita travels through the warehouse through the passages that he opens up for her.  Eventually, they reach Thaddeus, only to discover that he's not alone.  Stuck in the warehouse with him is another of Carmelita's ancestors, Josephine Fox.  After some general introductions, all four of them return to the safehouse together, where Thaddeus and Josephine explain what's happened in their world.

Sly: "Once we'd gotten Thaddeus and Josephine back to the safehouse, he told us that 'something bizarre was afoot' in London.  Given what Carm and I had seen on the way over, I had to agree.  We asked both of them what they knew about Friedrich, and Josephine balked at the mention of his name."

Carmelita: "As Josie told it, she'd been tracking him for some robberies that he'd pulled in Berlin and Amsterdam, but he'd eluded her, thanks to the hordes of thugs he'd left behind to deal with her.  Somehow, she'd followed him here to London, and now with Silas in the picture, it was guaranteed that the two of them would be working together to trap her and Thaddeus.  But that wasn't the freakiest part.  That part was the goons that Silas had brought to help him out: two brothers wearing real genius suits.  Bentley did his usual hacking job and found that they were the Tesla brothers, two wiseguys that my colleagues had been hunting for years!"

Sly: "According to the Interpol databases, Neil and Arnold Tesla were a pair of all-American kid prodigies that had gone rogue.  Raised in-near poverty on the streets of Boston, they had risen to prominence by surviving by their wits, although using those wits in different ways.  Basically, Neil went brains and Arnold went brawn.  Neil became an academic hotshot with a scholarship to Princeton, where he majored in math and science; advanced algebra and physics.  Arnold, on the other hand, had gone to bulk up his body in hopes of making it big in the Malibu bodybuilding scene or getting a major TV role.  Sadly, those dreams didn't pan out very far, and neither did his brother's.  Neil had tried become a professor himself, but his genius didn't exactly make him a people person.  The boards of every university he interviewed with didn't like the subjects of his thesis and doctorates, considering his ideas pseudo-science and cockamamie theories.  Slighted, both brothers bonded together and decided to use their respective talents to get revenge on the respective worlds that had wronged them.  They had focused on stealing from scientific research facilities and labs, stealing top-secret blueprints and designs that they could then build and use themselves.  Clearly, London was now crawling with their creations, and Thaddeus and Josephine had butted heads with them, metaphorically speaking."

Carmelita: "Thaddeus could see that we would be in for a rough time.  He agreed with us that taking down the Teslas would require real planning, but Josephine was in no mood to wait.  She was all about action, wanting to, as she said, 'slam the blighters in the cobblestones and toss them off the walls of Newgate, thereby restoring the Fox family's reputation!' The girl was waaaaay too gutsy, even more so than me, prompting Bentley to say sarcastically that he now knew where I got it from.  Wiseass.  Once Thaddeus had talked her down, we put our heads together to form a plan of attack.  It would take some serious brains to bring down the Teslas and Friedrich together, and all of us time travellers knew it."

The Game is Afoot!

The team splits up each seeking to sabotage one of the three bosses.  Bentley and Murray focus on Friedrich, Sly and Thaddeus on Arnold, and Carmelita and Josephine on Neil.  Murray breaks into a factory turned arms manufacturer run by Friedrich which is producing prototype tanks and robots.  Bentley tells him to sabotage the robots while he himself hacks the computers to get the digs on Friedrich's operation.  After getting the goods, Bentley and Murray tear the place apart.

Sly and Thaddeus, meanwhile, quickly find Arnold's proving grounds.  They spy on him mixing something up in huge vats which he then shows to Friedrich, who stops by.  Sly sneaks around to one of the vats to get a look at what's inside while Thaddeus employs his disguises to get through to the forbidden zones and reach Arnold's office.  Together, they find that the Friedrich and the Teslas are hoping to turn London into a perverted World of Tomorrow Fair, and that the Coopers and Foxes must be eliminated before they can put it into effect.  The two Coopers manage to get out, with Sly stealing some of the Tesla's plans of the city.

On Carmelita and Josephine's end, they quickly find their way into Neil's base.  But reaching him is more difficult than they expected, as he has laid out several clever traps and defenses to block any trespassers from entering his office.  Carmelita wants to take things slowly, to reach their goal by a less dangerous route, but Josephine, being headstrong and reckless, cuts to the chase and jumps down, tipping off the security systems.  The two foxes are caught by Neil, who laughs at them both and mocks Carmelita for her "hereditary imbecility", saying that Josephine gave it to her and that the descendant is a failure because her ancestor was first.  Both ladies take offense and try to blast him, but he escapes, leaving his robot guards to deal with them.  Fortunately, they are able to defeat the droids, and escape with Carmelita grabbing the designs of Neil's robots.

The three teams reunite, only to be confronted by Friedrich, who sends Neil's best robot to destroy them.  Josephine tries to attack it herself, but her guns are woefully weak and don't have the penetrating power needed to bring it down.  Sly and Thaddeus now step up, and together they manage to reduce the android to scrap.  Friedrich flees in anger, vowing revenge.  Sly helps Josephine to her feet, with her commenting that she's embarressed to have a Cooper saving her.  Smirking, Sly says he knows what it's like because Carmelita has felt the same way all the times he's saved her.  He promises not to tell her, to which Josephine answers that perhaps they should go out together.  Carmelita sees and hears all of this, and seeths with jealous rage.  She's only stopped from blowing up when Thaddeus gently taps her on the shoulder and says that people can't choose their families or relatives, they just have to bear it.

League of Extraordinary Thieves

With Friedrich down for the count, Bentley gets the gang to focus on his new plan.  He's found that all the robots that Neil and Arnold have built are powered externally by huge towers that stand all over the city.  In order to stop the droids, those towers have to be disabled.  Thaddeus and Josephine go out and follow Bentley's instructions to shut them down, upon which Neil unleashes a tank into the streets.  Sly goes out to join them, much to Carmelita's annoyance when he says he's showing Josephine how it's done.  Carmelita complains that Sly never showed her that kind of devotion, to which Sly answers that he's never gotten the chance because Carmelita always shoved her shock pistol in his face.  Slighted and insulted, Carmelita bites her lip as Sly sets off.

Thaddeus and Josephine don't attack the tank, despite the latter's overwhelming impulses.  Instead, they follow it all the way to King's Cross train station.  When Sly joins them, he determines rightly that the station is Silas's base of operations and that they'll have to go to Bentley to reform a plan of attack.  Sly tells Thaddeus and Josephine to return to the safehouse while he conducts reconnaissance.

With Sly's recon reports in hand, Bentley gets an attack plan together.  They all attack the train station in a coordinated pattern.  When they breach the defenses, Neil and Arnold are already waiting for them, with Arnold driving a robot that Neil built.  Bentley and Murray tag team to bring Arnold and Neil down, with Murray doing all the hammering and Bentley doing the hacking.  Eventually, Bentley and Murray defeat Neil and Arnold, with the robot firing a fist missile as it goes down.  Thankfully, the missile hits Silas's train instead, angering the mad pig time traveler, who subsequently takes off, leaving the Teslas behind.  When the group returns to the hideout, Dimitri calls again, saying that he's been terrorized by planes flying around.  Sly knows what time period he's referring to: Germany in World War I, the time period of his fighter pilot great-great-grandfather, Otto van Cooper.  To get there, Bentley finds an air force medal that Arnold and Neil dropped in defeat.  The medal works, and they take off for the horror and trauma of the trenches.

Otto Cooper's Flying Circus

When the group arrives in Germany, they are shocked to see how devastated the region is.  They soon learn that Otto is hiding out somewhere in the town they've landed in.  They also see that the place is crawling with Silas's henchmen, as expected.  Sly goes out and finds Otto taking shelter in a farmhouse just outside the town.  Otto is amazed to see Sly, and readily joins him, eager to get payback on the goon who shot him down.

Upon return to the safehouse, the gang is shocked to learn from Otto that the pilot who attacked him is in fact Penelope.  He reveals that she now commands a large force of rogue mercenary fighter pilots who are attacking both Allied and German troops.  He also reveals that he is not working alone trying to bring her down.  Otto was flying with a partner of sorts, yet another ancestor of Carmelita's named Anna-Louise Mannelich, when Penelope's fighters attacked.  He and she were separated when they were shot down, and he's been unable to find her with all the soldiers around.  The gang realizes that Penelope is out for revenge after her defeat in the previous game, and Bentley vows to make her pay himself, the news of her presence arousing his ire to new heights.  Sly grows concerned, fearing that Bentley's desire to make Penelope pay for betraying him and the gang will override his sense of caution.  With Bentley trying to keep a lid on his anger, the gang buckles down to finding and saving Anna-Louise.

Fox and the Hounds

Carmelita sets out to find Anna-Louise, guided by Bentley, who manages to put his anger aside for the time being.  After finding signs of her presence in the area, she tracks her ancestor down to a nearby church, where Carmelita finds Anna-Louise in the midst of a life-or-death fight against Penelope's soldiers.  Carmelita comes to the rescue and saves her ancestor just in time.  Anna-Louise is startled to see another fox cop, but she is grateful for the rescue and compliments Carmelita for her combat prowess.  Carmelita, feeling flattered, tells Anna-Louise what's happening and then brings her back to the gang's safehouse.

Anna-Louise confirms Otto's earlier reports, but adds something of her own.  It turns out that all of Penelope's soldiers and pilots are robotic, as are all her tanks and planes.  Sly comments there's little wonder that the Allies and Germans have been taking such a nasty beating.  Bentley, hungry for vengeance, wastes no time in concocting ideas to stall or sabotage Penelope's efforts.  They largely involve disrupting communications with those bots still in the field, as well as sabotaging those at her base.  It is during that mission, carried out by Sly, Bentley, and Otto, that the gang discovers that Penelope isn't working alone.  She's being helped out by another of Silas's ancestors, a rogue German air force pilot named Wilhelm von Schweinfurt.  Bentley realizes that Wilhelm is in fact Silas's grandfather, and Otto reports that he has a notorious record for carrying out atrocities across the border in Belgium.

When the gang regroups, Anna-Louis perks up at the mention of Wilhelm's name.  She claims to have been stalking him and Otto for months, but his military rank and social prestige makes him impossible for her to arrest.  She'd been tailing him in hopes of collecting evidence to nab him with when he sent his guards to try to kill her.  She points the gang in the direction of his local headquarters, which Sly goes to scout out.  The place is an old castle crawling with guards and tanks.  Sly also notes that once again, Silas himself is present.  He and Wilhelm converse, each agreeing that the Cooper Gang has to be eliminated before they can focus on capturing Otto and Anna-Louise.  It is at this point that Silas reveals his intentions for the two families once they are all in his power.  He seeks to kill them after torturing them, but he doesn't give away his motivations for this.  Sly, having heard enough, brings his findings to the gang.

Curse You, Black Baron!

Upon hearing Sly's report, Bentley decides that the time has now come to take down both Wilhelm and Penelope. The whole gang assaults Wilhelm's castle headquarters, where they find Penelope waiting for them.  She and Bentley exchange taunts and insults before they square off.  After one round of sparring, Penelope tells Bentley that he still doesn't get the fact that he could achieve so much more without Sly.  But by now, Bentley isn't having any of it.  He tells Penelope that what she's done is unforgivable and that he's done listening to her lies.  Penelope then says that once she's done with the gang, she'll turn on Silas too.  This proves a huge mistake, as Silas suddenly appears with Wilhelm in tow and reveals that he's heard everything.  He seizes Penelope and proceeds to strangle her.  He loudly berates and excoriates her as an imbecilic child who never knew better, that he is not the same idiot that Le Paradox was, and that he will neither accept nor tolerate treason from within his ranks.  Silas, in a fit of rage, smashes Penelope against the walls, then snaps her neck, all in full view of the gang.  He then tosses her lifeless body in front of Bentley, to whom he speaks directly, saying that he should have taught Penelope the importance of being loyal and obedient; that way she never would have betrayed him.

"You know, herr Bentley, your girlfriend was only ever at her best when she was being stupid.  A pity you did not teach her the values of loyalty and obedience.  If you had enforced strict discipline on her, she would not have turned on you.  Had you taught her that to turn her back on you was to ensure her own death, she would have been scared enough to stay by you.  A shame, she showed such great potential.  So sad that she had to squander it on her own selfish, cowardly greed.  Pity that she never had the brains to be loyal, and in the end, her arrogance and stupidity brought her down.  Stupid girl.  Such was her nature.  You should have gotten to know her better, herr Bentley, for if you had, you would realize that your girlfriend was not who she said she was.  You think you're the first one she's done this to?  She has been playing men for fools long before she even knew you!  It sickens me to think that you never figured it out until now!  Here, perhaps this will make for some interesting reading!"

-Silas to Bentley regarding Penelope's true personality and identity

After his speech, Silas departs, revealing that he has captured Otto and Anna-Louis, and leaves Wilhelm to deal with the Cooper Gang.  Despite Wilhelm's great strength, he is no match for the gang, who through teamwork defeat him.  After their victory, Bentley picks up the file folder that Silas threw and reads the papers inside.  What he and the others find there stuns them all, as Sly reports.

Sly: "Poor Bentley.  Just when he thought he'd figured Penelope out, he realized that all along, he'd never known her at all.  We all knew that he'd hated her with a vengeance after we'd found she'd betrayed him for Le Paradox, but to see her like this...even traitors deserved to die better than this.  Even she didn't deserve the death that Silas gave her.  At least now we knew where he'd gotten his time train from--she'd built it for him.  

As for the files, they turned out to be Penelope's Interpol files...from many years ago.  What they revealed shocked all of us.  Obviously, Bentley took it the worst, not that I can blame him.  It turned out that Penelope wasn't the sweet young girl we thought her to be.  In fact, that wasn't even her real name.  Her real name was Persephone van Faust, and she was a real character from what the papers said.  At least the one thing they got right from our experience was that she was Dutch.  Born in poverty to a struggling Rotterdam family as the youngest child of seven, Persephone had wanted more out of life from the time she could read and write.  So as soon as she started going to school, she put all her efforts into her studies, especially science.  By the time she reached high school, she had started to develope her manipulative personality.  But then, she'd dropped out just three weeks shy of her graduation because she had found a life in the underground street racing scene.  She would attach herself to a team, work for them for a few seasons, then swipe all their winnings and run off to another when it suited her.  This went on until she got hooked on competitive flying, which is exactly where we found her while building the gang for the Cooper Vault job.  It turned out that she'd used her ill-gotten cash to hire all the guards that served her when she was the Black Baron, as well as buy all her planes and eventually take over stewardship of the ACES Competition.

Once we'd read the files from start to finish, Bentley just sat in stony silence.  He was totally devastated.  It was cruel enough to have the woman he loved to betray him, it was even worse to learn that indeed he wasn't the first one she'd done it to, that she'd been doing it for years.  It was triply hard for him to learn all of this once she was dead.  Deep down, Bentley still must have felt that they could work it out, but having discovered her past, he realized it would never have been able to happen.  We all felt sorry for him, because Penelope was the first and only woman he'd ever loved, the closest to a true romantic relationship he'd ever come, and now she'd been taken from him.  All his chances of living a quiet, contented life with a family of his own had died with her."

But Bentley has no time to mourn, as Silas has now evened the score with the capture of Otto and Anna-Louise.  Dimitri contacts the gang again, revealing their next destination: Miami in the 1970's, when Sly's father was making his name and Carmelita's mother was establishing her career.  Carmelita is a little tearful at the thought of seeing her mother before she was born, and wonders how they'll get there with nothing from that time.  Sly is quick to offer up his cane to put in the time machine.  After all, the cane used to belong to his father, so it stands to reason that it will take them to when they need to go.  Amazingly, it works, and the gang sets off to their last stop.  Along the way, Sly thinks of his childhood, sitting on his father's lap and the stories of the Cooper family that the old man told.  A thousand thoughts about what to say to his father run through Sly's mind all the way to the 70's.

Saturday Night Thievery

When the gang arrives in Miami, they find that the disco age is in full swing, and that Silas has established his presence on the outskirts of the city.  Sly is determined to find his father, but Bentley warns him not to give too much away when they do meet, rightly concerned about changes and paradoxes being created as a result.  Disregarding Bentley's warning, Sly runs off, his longing to see his father again outweighing any caution he has.  Worried, Carmelita goes after him, not wanting to lose him a second time, as she tells Bentley.  Deep down, she wants to see her mother and warn her of the fate that awaits them.  She catches up with Sly just outside a local bar.  He demands to know why she's following him, and she confesses, saying that she wants to see her parents again as much as he wants to see his.  She also wants to find out if they knew each other, as he earlier claimed.

  • Sly: You know, I never asked you to follow me along.
  • Carmelita: So?  I just want to see my family again too.  Is that really so much to ask?

Sly sighs.

  • Sly: We both do.  I get that.  But my path isn't yours.
  • Carmelita: Come on, Sly.  How can you say that with all that we've seen?  My family has hunted and chased yours for all these centuries.  Our fates are linked.
  • Sly: I thought you didn't believe in fate, Carmelita.  You put your faith in what the evidence tells you...and the way you interpret it is almost always wrong.
  • Carmelita: Hey, you don't have to bash my character like that!
  • Sly: Jeez, sorry.  It's just...the last time I saw my father was when he was being murdered by the Fiendish Five.  I just want to be alone with him, to learn from him, to ask how he learned the Laser Slide move.  All I want is to see his face, so I can talk to him....hear his voice.

Carmelita sobs.

  • Carmelita: You're lucky you even had a family at all.  I never knew mine.  *cries*

Sly holds Carmelita as she starts crying.

  • Carmelita: Why was I the only one?
  • Sly: What do you mean?
  • Carmelita: I was the only one of my family to survive.  After my father killed my mother, someone else killed him too.  *cries*  Why me?
  • Sly: I'm not the guy you should be asking, Carm.  *smiles*  Come on, let's go find my dad.

Get Your Grove On!

Sly and Carmelita head to the suburbs of Miami, looking for any buildings that Sly's father might use as a safehouse.  Hitting the rooftops, they are greeted by a silhouette that Sly instantly recognizes.  He chases after it, with Carmelita following.  Eventually, Sly catches up to the figure and recognizes that it is indeed his father, Scott Cooper.  Sly introduces himself as someone else, resisting the urge to greet his father as "Dad".  Carmelita soon catches up, exhausted.  Scott, however, seems to not fall for Sly's charade; despite Sly's age, the older raccoon recognizes the younger if not as his son then as a fellow Cooper.  But stranger still is that Scott recognizes Carmelita.  She wonders how this is possible, but Sly gets down to business, explaining that Silas is out looking for them.  Scott grimaces, and agrees to come along.

Back at the safehouse, Scott is surprised to see Bentley and Murray, but immediately buckles down and tells his story.  He'd been preparing to rob some casinos owned by Silas's brothers, but Silas himself showed up and added some beefed up security.  Forced to abort the heist, he'd tried to link up with his muscle man, Big Jim McSweeny, but the old guy was caught by Silas's guards.  Sly decides then and there to rescue McSweeny with the whole gang's help.  His ulterior motive is to show his father all that he has learned, including the laser slide move.  Only Bentley seems to pick up on this, but under Sly's harsh glare, he keeps quiet.

They set for and find the prison where Big Jim is being held.  Inside is a nightmare of lasers, which shocks Bentley.  The turtle suggests that he can disable them, but Sly refuses, saying that he knows just what to do.  He jumps up, and then to the amazement of all, he lands squarely on the laser and slides inside.  He then repeats the routine all the way to Big Jim's cell.  Upon freeing him, Sly greets the walrus with restrained affection.  After reuniting with the others, Bentley and Murray both demand to know where Sly learned to slide on lasers, and he eagerly obliges.  Bentley is amazed, as is Scott, as he hasn't yet written this down in the Thievius Raccoonus.

A Debt Unpaid...

On returning to the safehouse, the gang gets down to work on how to stop Silas and whatever he's planning.  But unknown to the rest of the group, Carmelita takes Scott aside and asks him how he knows her.  Scott explains to Carmelita that he knew her mother, Selena Montoya Fox.  When Carmelita asks if Scott knows how her mother died, he says he does, because he tried to save her from her daughter's father, the infamous Cuban smuggler Zorro Artimez.  According to Scott's account, he tried to save Selena when Zorro was tipped off that she'd born his daughter out of wedlock.  Zorro had owed a huge amount of money in back sales to the House of von Kronograf, Silas' family.  They were threatening to shut down his operation and seize his assets unless he killed them both.  Scott arrived too late to save Selena, but managed to fight and kill Zorro before he could finish off the child.  It was, he recalls, "the most distasteful, dishonorable thing I ever did" because it violated his family's code of ethics.  To make up for it, he and Big Jim took the baby girl, then two years old, and dropped her off at a local church.  Their only hope was that she'd be given a good home and family.  Carmelita growls, as it is her life he is describing and that it didn't turn out the way Scott had hoped.  When they come back in, Sly notices and asks Carmelita what went on between them.  Suddenly overcome with emotion, Carmelita jumps on Sly and hugs him, crying into his shirt.

Stayin' Alive!

Bentley soon tracks down Silas to an abandoned Spanish mission outside St. Augustine.  He determines that if they can shut down his operations here, they can figure out why he's so dead-set on destroying the Cooper and Fox families.  When they break into the church, however, they find that Silas has prepared a trap for them.  He sends out a powerful robot to destroy them, but Carmelita easily beats it with help from Murray.  Unfortunately, the gang soon discovers it was a ruse to allow Silas to grab Sly and Scott.  Silas then blows Sly's and Carmelita's charade apart by revealing their real identities to Scott.  An angry Carmelita attacks, only to be thrown hard against the walls by Silas, who reveals his time train hiding in the graveyard.  He mocks Carmelita for her stupidity and arrogance, saying that her mother was exactly the same way.  Infuriated, Carmelita blasts Silas with her shock pistol, but the mad scientist pig easily deflects her shots all back at her.  Defeated, Carmelita can do nothing except watch with Bentley and Murray as Sly and Scott are carried off into the future by Silas.  Carmelita is left holding the picture of her and Sly dating, just like Sly was at the very same point in Thieves in Time.  She then notices that Bentley and Murray are both looking at her.  She realizes that they are looking not just at her but to her for leadership.  With Sly gone, she's the only real leader they have.  Slamming her hand with theirs, they all jump back in the van and take off for their return to the present.

The Dark Master Revealed!

Upon their return to Paris, Carmelita, Bentley and Murray all see that Silas has taken over the town, with his huge army marching through the streets.  Carmelita narrates the ensuing cinematic:

Carmelita: "When we finally returned to the present, the guys and I were horrified to see Silas had taken over Paris...kind of obvious from all those soldiers of his goosestepping through the streets!  The only silver lining in this otherwise completely dark cloud was that Bentley was finally able to dig the dirt on Silas's past.

Obviously, we now knew that he was descended from a long line of distinguished thieves like Sly.  The only difference between the Coopers and the von Kronografs were that Silas' family were hardcore criminals.  They didn't just steal, they murdered too, when they weren't getting their way.  Of course, they almost never got their way.  Going through the records, Sly's ancestors and mine had effectively ruined the Kronografs at every stage in history.  Actually, that wasn't really their true family name, just one that Silas had given himself.  Their real name was the von Wildschwein family, and they were a very prestigious bunch.  Awful power-hungry too, as it seemed that each member had secretly plotted to control the world in their time.  But it wasn't until Silas's generation that they got even close...and that was the shocking revelation in this story.

I always knew about my mother's biggest arrest, where she'd single-handedly taken down a notorious arms dealer who had some crazy mind control machine in his lab.  What I never knew, and what Bentley dug up, was that the dealer in question was none other than Silas's own father, Hermann von Wildschwein!  He and his other sons had plotted to use their ill-gotten firepower, courtesy of my own father, to wage war on the free world!  And my mom was going to be the first victim on their hit list!  But before they could spring their plan, Sly's dad had stolen all their pilfered wealth, every last piece of it, and my mom had followed him right to them.  Needless to say, Hermann was sentenced to death, along with his eldest son.

With his father and oldest brother dead, Silas and his younger brother were forced to step up and take over the family mantle.  Thankfully for them, they had some good teachers from the start; their father's old associates and strongmen showed them the ropes and they quickly proved themselves capable mob kingpins.  When his brother died, presumably from heart failure, Silas took over sole control of the family fortune and business.  He masqueraded in high society as a scientist/engineer gunning for a Nobel Prize, but all the while, he was stealing his way to the top, literally.  He was stealing riches and wealth from so many sources, all the while hankering for the day that he would exact his revenge on what the Coopers and Foxes had done to his family.  He'd never forgotten what my mom and Sly's dad had done, and had vowed to make us pay.  So when Persephone came to him with the plans for Bentley's time machine, he eagerly snapped up his chance...then dumped her when she outlived her usefulness.

Silas now had just what he needed to make my family and Sly's disappear.  Unlike Le Paradox, however, his intentions were not to steal the weapons that made us so great.  Silas wanted to wipe us out from history, to kill us off one by one until we were exterminated entirely.  I had to stop that lunatic before he unleashed his evil over the world, but first...I had to save Sly!!"

A Debt Overdue...

Carmelita tracks down and breaks into Silas's time train alone, against Bentley's advice.  He insists on her waiting for him and Murray, who have gone back to reunite the Cooper ancestors from Thieves in Time.  Bentley also warns Carmelita that Silas more than likely is waiting for her.  Ignoring him, Carmelita says she has no choice, and that it's high time she repaid the life debts she's incurred from Sly over the course of the series.

As she makes her way through the train, Carmelita realizes that Silas has now successfully recaptured all of her ancestors and all of Sly's ancestors that the gang has encountered in their trip through time.  She tries to see if her mother is among them, but can't.  Continuing on, she reaches the main room on Silas's train, where the oversized pig is holding Sly captive.  Sly is strapped to the wall with electric bonds, as is his father and all of his other ancestors.  He demands to know Silas' plans and Silas gleefully obliges.  He tells Sly the story that Carmelita and the others have just learned, then raves and rants about how Sly's father shamed him and his family name.  Silas says that with the destruction of the whole Cooper Clan and the whole Fox family, the House of von Wildschwein will be restored to its true glory and the world will give him and his family the respect and admiration it so richly deserves.

Silas goes and tells Sly that once he and Carmelita are out of the way, the only name that cops and criminals alike will respect and obey is his.  Sly counters by saying that the whole idea is stupid, to which Silas responds by electrically shocking him.  Silas then reveals his master plan, a huge satellite tower that will draw its energy from the life forces of the ancestors.  When activated, it will give the Wildschwein family members, who are also all on the train, great power that will allow them to take over their time periods and allow Silas to wipe out all other crime syndicates and law enforcement agencies around the world.  With them gone, the Wildschwein family alone will rule the world and nobody will have the right to complain about it.  Silas then tells Sly that it's time for him and his family to die.

It is then that Carmelita strikes!  She screams out as she attacks Silas, kicking him in the chin.  Enraged, Silas grabs Carmelita and throws her against a back wall.  Carmelita tries to strike again, but Sly screams a warning too late.  Silas traps her in her own bondage chair, then excoriates her for her dumbness.  Carmelita yells at Silas for his greed and selfishness, insisting that she's an honest cop.  Silas then tells her that in his experience, there's no such thing.  He screams about how her mother lied about his father's guilt, that Interpol fabricated their entire case just to disgrace his good name.  Carmelita responds by saying there was nothing good about the Wildschweins to start with.  Silas answers that it's all about perspective, then goes into a rambling lecture about corruption in law enforcement and the hypocrisy about being a cop that he feels Carmelita has too long ignored, citing that in pusuit of "justice", police are no less brutal or violent than the crooks they put away.  He says that police, by their very nature, ride roughshod over the civil liberties of the people they supposedly protect, and that the families and friends of criminals, whether they themselves are involved in crime or not, have every right to feel violated and betrayed by the system.  Outraged by the justice system's "atrocities" against their own families, Silas argues, it is little wonder that they turn to crime themselves.  In this way, the police are only worsening crime, not alieviating it.  He then proceeds to scold Carmelita that she is the worst cop ever due to the fact that she violates civil liberties the most by virtue of her brassy personality.  Silas cites that Carmelita, in her work, never bothers to look at the bigger picture the evidence tells her, that her focus is "pathetically narrow" and that she wastes time scrutinizing every piece, so it's little wonder she's always been wrong.  Silas then asks Carmelita if she's gotten tired of being always wrong all the time; whether about her police work, police forces as a whole, about her conduct, her family.  Then he says she's been wrong about Sly most of all, saying that he's the only man who's ever loved her, but she loved him just about as much as her own father and mother loved her.

Two Families, One Cause!

While Silas lectures Sly and Carmelita about the hypocrisy and failures of law enforcement, Bentley and Murray return to the train with Rioichi, Galleth, Tennessee, Bob, and Salim in tow.  But this time, they've also brought along Carmelita's ancestors from the same periods.  They are, in tandem with the Cooper Clan members: Asaji (Rioichi), Lamiel (Galleth), Clara (Tennessee), and Ursa (Salim).  Bentley tells them that they have to work together to stop Silas and destroy his device or they will be wiped out.  Both sets of ancestors work in perfect tandem to shut down the machinery of the train and free their kinsfolk from captivity.  Unfortunately, one of Silas' ancestors, the general Wilhelm, notices this and sets guards on the gang.  Murray lets his wrath loose, as do all the ancestors, Cooper and Fox.  They blast their way through the guards all the way to the main chamber.  Silas sees them coming and says that they cannot stop him, and activates his device.  All the Wildschwein family sit in desigated seats and wait for their moment.

Unfortunately, Silas' plan backfires in a horrifying way.  The machine malfunctions and the energy reroutes, breaking the remaining Coopers and Foxes from their bonds and inflicting instant death to all the Wildschweins.  The pigs all start to convulse and grovel on the ground before ugly black-and-blue marks begin to fester all over their bodies.  They collapse and die en masse, their bodies disntigrating into dust.  All the while, Silas screams in disbelief and trauma that this cannot be happening.  Sly then says in a philosophical tone that the pusuit of absolute power is what destroyed Silas' family, and that it shouldn't be any different for Silas himself.  Enraged, Silas wheels on the heroes, screaming that they will pay for what they did to his family.  In an instant, Silas transforms himself into a huge mechanical monster.  He dons a robotic exoskeleton with machine guns on the arms and rocket launchers on the back.  He declares that the Cooper/Fox families will never defeat him, and that they will all be destroyed.  When Silas asks when the heroes will realize they cannot stop him, Sly answers it will be the same day Silas learns he cannot win.

The Favor Returned!

Silas starts sucking in power from the whole train.  Sly, knowing what's about to happen, orders everyone to run for it.  Bentley and Murray refuse, saying that they risked everything to find Sly and bring him back to the present.  Sly orders them to leave more forcefully, saying that only he can stop Silas.  Carmelita grabs Sly and curses at him, saying that he will not leave her again, that having gone through time just to bring him back and after all that they've been through, she will not lose him twice.  She reminds him that this is about both their families and finally openly admits she loves him.  Carmelita insists that they all fight Silas together because they're all stronger that way, and feeling touched by her open display of affection to him, Sly gives in.  They lock hands, and it's immediately capped by Bentley's hand, then Murray's and finally all the other ancestors.  All of the heroes gather to fight Silas in the final battle royale.

When Silas is at his weakest, having taken numerous hits, he vows that he will not be defeated by "hypocritical liars and cheats" who keep on taking from him.  He swears that he will still destroy them all and readies his weapons for one last burst.  But Sly and Carmelita don't give him the chance.  They attack and strike at the heart of his armor, setting off a chain reaction that threatens to destroy the whole train.  Bentley screams at everyone to run for it and everyone takes off running full tilt for the closest exits.  They escape just in time as the train explodes.

Lovers Reunited, the Truth Revealed

Sly and Carmelita land together in a pond in Bois de Bolougne.  They lie motionless for a few minutes, then Carmelita stirs and wakes up.  Sly gets up not long after her.  They look at each other, panting madly.  They calm down and then hold each other amorously.  Sly demands to know why Carmelita came after him when he was captured by Silas.  She answers tearfully that she lost him once when Le Paradox's blimp carried him back to Ancient Egypt at the end of Thieve in Time, and that after going through hell to find him, she would not lose him again.  Carmelita adds that she'd realized from all her experiences that deep inside, she has always loved Sly, but didn't openly show it because she thought he was playing with her...a perception that was shattered when he was lost in time.  She wanted to prove how sorry she was for being so rotten to him, but despite all their time together, he never gave her the chance.  Sly, dumbstruck, then asks Carmelita that she went through all that just to save him.  She tearfully says yes, and they kiss intimately.

Sly's father interrupts, much to Sly's shock. Scott appears in an almost ghostly form, much older than he had before.  Sly realizes that his father is now at the age he was when Clockwerk killed him.  Scott asks Sly and Carmelita to follow him, feeling the time has now come for them both to learn the truth about him and Carmelita's mother.  They walk with him to a nearby chapel, where all the ghosts of the Cooper and Fox ancestors wait for them.  Scott faces Sly and Carmelita and addresses them.

  • Scott: For centuries, the Cooper and Fox clans have fought one another.  One side seeks to rob those who do not deserve their ill-gotten gains while the other tries to stop them, misguided and blinded by their so-called sense of justice.  For too long, we have been fighting the same evils, each fighting for the same cause, with one side never understanding the other.

Scott pauses.

  • Scott: All that began to change with Selena and I.
  • Sly: What happened between you two, Dad?
  • Carmelita: How did you know my mom?
  • Scott: She and I first met in '68, during a job in Havana.  I was trying to steal the Cortez Cross from the Moro fort when she caught me in the act.  I got away with the gold, of course, but she never gave up on trying to catch me.  In the end, I caught her...metaphorically speaking.
  • Sly: What do you mean?  Wait, you didn't...

Scott laughes.

  • Scott: No, no, I didn't get too close, Sly.  By then, I'd met your mom and we were dating on the side.  But Selena and I did feel some chemistry.  When she and I first got to know each other, she was rather brassy, obnoxious, and presumptuous.  Very much like you, Carmelita.  But despite all of that, she had begun to feel as though she were doing more harm than good to the world.  When we finally squared off, we ended up realizing that we really weren't so different as we'd thought.  Through steps, I made her understand what kind of people my family really had, and slowly, Selena came to see her own work, and herself, in a different way.
  • Carmelita: You really cared about her, huh?  I guess she really grew close to you.

Scott smirks.

  • Scott: You make it sound like some corny soap opera.  I will admit, thought, we both felt some form of romantic attachment.  But we tried to suppress it and keep our relationship strictly professional.
  • Sly: So, you were working undercover for the law.  Keeping secrets from me, Dad?  Can't say I'm too surprised.
  • Scott: Oh, Sly, you should know by now that secrecy is mandatory in this family.
  • Sly: So is that why you didn't write your laser slide move into the Thievius Raccoonus?  How come you didn't leave your mark in the book?  I almost forgot about that move while Carm and I were dating.
  • Scott: Sly, you have to realize that some of our most advanced techniques and moves are so powerful, they could be used against us if they were allowed to be viewed by evil eyes.

Sly frowns.

  • Scott: Don't get me wrong, son, I wanted to teach you that move...when you were old enough.  But fate didn't give me the chance.

Sly looks down sadly.

  • Sly: So how come you never told me?  It took my trip through the Cooper Vault to find out about it.
  • Scott: Sly, forgive your old man for being paranoid.  I didn't trust even myself with the information to pass it along.  But that doesn't mean I didn't want you to find out about it.
  • Sly: I know.  So what eventually happened to you and Selena?

Scott furrows his brow and grinds his jaw.

  • Scott: She began to lose faith in her work.  Over time, she began to feel if anything that she'd done was enough to keep crime rates down.  She and I worked together, if not fully side-by-side, to bring down several crime bosses.  But after we stopped Hermann von Wildschwein...she began doubting herself.  At his trial he yelled at her that her work was a joke.  His words were, "There's no such thing as an honest cop!  Your agencies are so pathetically prone to corruption from within!  Every commissioner has his price, every officer can be bribed, every judge can be bought and sold like supermarket food!  The fact that justice can be corrupted means there is no justice.  The fact that innocence can be easily destroyed means there is no innocence!  Think about that the next time you insist your work alone benefits the so-called greater good.  Men like me would beg to differ, and we would be right in saying so."
  • Carmelita: Silas said something similar to us.
  • Scott: Rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  But he was right, you see.  Law enforcement can be easily corrupted.  I know, I saw it all the time back then, and so did Selena.  The more she saw corruption in law enforcement around the world, the more disillusioned she became with her own work.  But so too did she become more committed to it.  She felt that if there was anything she could do to prove the cynics wrong, it was doing what she did best.  And that was what brought Zorro's anger on her.

Carmelita gulps.

  • Carmelita: What did she do to him to make him target her?
  • Scott: After the Wildschweins went under, Zorro lost his biggest clients.  When Selena began putting Zorro's other buyers in jail, he lost his temper and went after her.  When he finally caught up to her...oh, dear God.  This sick creep, he didn't just ravage her, he left her holding his baby.
  • Carmelita: And I was that baby.  *cries*
  • Scott: Yes.  When Selena found out, she was horrified.  She called me and told me the news.  She was crying hysterically, not knowing what to do with you, Carmelita.  I asked her what she was planning to do with you, and she said she wanted to give you up.

Carmelita cries.

  • Carmelita: So she never wanted me!  I was a mistake!
  • Sly: Don't say that about yourself, Carm!
  • Carmelita: Why shouldn't I?!  My mother never wanted me!  I was just unwanted weight she wanted to get rid of!
  • Scott: That's not true, Carmelita!

Carmelita stops crying and looks up at Scott.  He smiles at her.

  • Scott: You turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to your mother.  Your birth gave her a new perspective on her work.  You gave her a reason to keep fighting when she had no hope left.

Scott sighs, and puts his hands on Carmelita's face, caressing it.

  • Scott: When you were born, when she saw you for the first time, your mother saw herself in you.  Selena realized she couldn't get rid of you.  You became precious to her because she realized you were all she had, and vice-versa.  I know because she told me.  She showed you to me.  *kisses forehead*  And I must say, your cuteness has never left you.

Carmelita smiles weakly.

  • Carmelita: So she really thought that I was important to her?
  • Scott: Of course she did.  Every mother cares for her child.  Why should you be any different?  When she showed you to me for the first time, when I saw you cradled in her arms, I knew that the Fox family legacy would survive.  At that meeting, your mother made me promise that if anything happened to her, I should be the one to take you in.  That I should do whatever I felt was right for you.  After your mom was killed by your dad, I had to live up to my word.  I had taken your father away from you, not that he wanted anything to do with you.  I failed to save your mother, but I felt that the least I could do was keep my promise to her to make sure you got the life she wanted for you.

Scott sighs sadly.

  • Scott: Holding you in my brought home all the pain of a parent losing their child to the world.  You were just two years old then, so small and so precious.  I called Big Jim over and we discussed our options.  In the end, I decided that the best idea was to drop you off at the nearest orphanage.

Sly and Carmelita gasp.

  • Carmelita: But...why?  Why didn't you just adopt me as your own daughter?  Why couldn't you just raise me with Sly?
  • Scott: I thought about that.  Considered it.  But deep down, I knew you would never feel at home.  Your entrenched sense of morality would mean you'd never approve of what we did.  You would never be accepted.  My wife would never consider you her child, and Sly would grow up wondering why he had a big sister who was not the same species as he was.  She was already pregnant with him by this time, so I knew that bringing a foster child into our home, however noble and responsible it sounded, wouldn't sit with her.
  • Sly: He does have a point.  If we did take you in, then once I was born, I'd be asking him and Mom, "Who is this girl?  Why is she here?"  They'd never be able to explain you to me.
  • Scott: Exactly.  *sighs*  I couldn't bring your mother back, Carmelita, but I truly hoped I could give you a future.  I just hoped that somehow, you'd be given a home, that you would grow up knowing who you were, what your mother stood for.  *grunts*  Clearly, my choosing to put down your parents' names on the form was a mistake.  Had I known what course your formative years would take, I would have adopted you.  But I made a promise to your mom, so I expected myself to keep it, to keep you on the path that your ancestors demanded of you.  I just wish...that your mother and I could have worked something out.  I honestly wish that I could have done more for her...more for you.  I only wanted you to be loved as she would have given you.  But I will say this: during those brief moments I was with you, you were my child.  You were my little girl.  *sighs sadly*  I'm just sorry I couldn't be the daddy you wanted.

Carmelita snivels, then breaks down crying.

  • Carmelita: Oh, Father!  *jumps on Scott and hugs him, cries hysterically*  Thank you!  Thank you so much!

Sly and Scott hug Carmelita.  Sly kisses her and spins her around to face him.

  • Sly: Don't be sad, Carm.  Because in the end, you did find love...with me.  You took a few wrong turns in getting there, but you still found it.  You just took too long to see it.

Sly turns to his father, who looks at him with sad eyes.

  • Scott: Son, I...I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.  That I couldn't be the good teacher you needed.
  • Sly: Dad, don't be sorry.  I know what my responsibilities are, and that I can't just turn away from them, even for the woman I love.  I just...I wanted you to be proud of me.  But deep down, I know I'll never be as good as you.
  • Scott: Sly, you don't have to go rob every two-bit gangster blind just to make me happy.  *walks up and embraces Sly*  I've always been proud of you.  I'm your dad.  I love you.  I guess I was so determined to make sure you learned about our family's codes of ethics, I never realized that there was so much else I should have been teaching you.  You're not as good as me, you're better than I ever was.  You've surpassed me in every way.  I cannot ask for anything more than that.

Sly returns his father's embrace, after which Scott backs away.

  • Scott: But that's all in the past now.  What's important is the two of you are together again.  With your union, our two families are now one.  My last wish is that this rivalry finally be put to rest.  That's all I ask of you, son.  I'm so proud of you.  We all are.

Scott and the ancestors smile, then fade away.  Sly looks on, a tear trickling from his right eye.

  • Sly: Goodbye, Father.

Sly and Carmelita face each other, smiling.

  • Carmelita: Oh, Sly...I...I think we...
  • Sly: I know.  So do I.

They embrace.

  • Carmelita: I love you.
  • Sly: As I have you.

They kiss.


Sly and Carmelita reunite with Bentley and Murray in the park.  Bentley has brought Dimitri along, and the iguana goes crazy at the sight of Sly.  But for Sly, the best moment of all is when he is presented with the Thievius Raccoonus, finally restored and back to complete normal after all the time warping.  But when Sly takes a look inside, he sees all the secret moves of the ancestors that weren't recorded in it before, along with a note from his father: "Even the best techniques are too precious to be lost.  Use them well, son.  Dad."  Sly grips the book tightly and holds it to his chest.  The others all give him space, as this is the first time since the beginning of Thieves in Time that he's ever seen the book, let alone held it.  After a while, Sly relaxes and turns to Bentley, asking him what's happened to the present while he was gone.  Bentley immediately opens up, explaining all the things that have happened since the end of Honor Among Thieves.  Sly, intrigued, asks to hear more.

The scene fast-forwards to Sly and Carmelita's wedding.  It's revealed by Sly that Carmelita resigned from Interpol before this, as she felt the sting of Silas' words.  Sly had tried to convince Carmelita to think about her choice, but she felt certain about it, believing that if Silas was right, then she had no point staying a cop.  Furthermore, and more importantly for the two of them, she couldn't stay in law enforcement and be married to a wanted thief.  But Carmelita did feel unsure if her mother would approve of her choice, so she went to Inspector Barkley for his opinion.  The old badger, who had worked alongside Selena in his younger years, tells Carmelita that it doesn't matter what he thinks, because in the end, it's her choice alone.  Sly says he feels so proud of Carmelita for all the growing up she's done and that now he couldn't be happier.

The cinematic freezes on a shot of Sly carrying Carmelita down the steps of the church, with both of them smiling and waving.  The camera pans out to reveal an older Sly and Carmelita lying on a couch together.  Around them are pictures of their new family.  Sly reveals that fifteen years have past and he and Carmelita now have four children, three sons and a daughter, with another girl on the way.  Their oldest son Jared has Carmelita's fur color, and is training to join the FBI.  Their daughter Sylvia has Sly's fur color but Carmelita's hair, and is training to be the next Cooper thief under Bentley and Sly's supervision.  Sly admits he's so proud of Sylvia for choosing to carry on the Cooper name and that she'll make a fine thief, to which Carmelita grudgingly agrees.  Their younger sons Cody and Davis both have Sly's fur and face, and are both learning how to be the brains and brawn, respectively, when Sylvia forms her own gang...if they feel like joining, Carmelita says.  The game concludes with Sly and Carmelita standing on the balcony of their home, with her leaning on him and him stroking her pregnant stomach.  Both Sly and Carmelita look at each other and smile, each saying how grateful they are that their two families are now one through their children and that through them the Cooper/Fox legacies will live on.


Major Characters

Kevin Miller as Sly Cooper

Matt Olsen as Bentley

Chris Murphy as Murray

Grey DeLisle as Carmelita Fox

Nolan North as Young Scott Cooper, Silas von Wildschwein

Kyle Hebert as Boss Silas von Wildschwein

John de Lancie as Ghost Scott Cooper

Secondary Characters

Phil LaMarr as Slytunkhamen Cooper, Calico Sam Porco, Horumhog, Zorro Artimez

Kevin Michael Richardson as Aphis, Mummy Guards

Steven J. Blum as Pedro Renard, Andre Vostrokov, Rioichi Cooper

Christy Carlson Romano as Anak-sun, Olga Gronigen, Jessie Roy O'Vixen

Robin Atkin Downes as Charles Lambeth, Marine Guards, Pirate Guards

Jennifer Hale as Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper, Josephine Fox

Kevin McKidd as Slaigh MacCooper, Cooper Clansman

Derek Stephen Prince as Neil Tesla, Robot Guards

Dave Wittenberg as Arnold Tesla, Stormtrooper Guards

Yuri Lowenthal as Sir Galleth Cooper, Cooper Clansman

Jamieson Price as Friedrich von Liste

Tom Kane as Thaddeus Winslow Cooper, Sir Lamiel Fox

Andre Sogliuzzo as Otto van Cooper, Husky Guards

Matthew Mercer as Wilhelm von Schweinfurt, Train Guards

Anna Graves as Anna-Louise Mannelich, Asaji Fox, Penelope/Persephone van Faust

Sam Riegel as Tennessee "Kid" Cooper

Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Clara Fox

Gregg Berger as Hermann von Wildeschwein

Brian George as Salim Al-Kupar

Michelle Ruff as Ursa Fox

Jamie Marchi as Selena Fox

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