Sly Cooper:Thieves return is the 5th title in the Sly Cooper series,which features the entire gang,plus a new member,a former enemy,that they encounter in episode 3.The episode DOES not include ancestors,but it does have time travel.I hope you enjoy!


The main plot of this game has nothing to do with Penelope,although there is a slight encounter.Le Paradox is a main boss in the game,but is NOT the main boss OF the game.The main villain of the game has never been encountered.The main plot is that this new boss has hired a large gang (An unnamed number of members,including himself and Le Paradox.)that has travelled back in time,changing the Earth's plot,changing the Earth...changing the Cooper gang.But this is not all...there are plot twists multiple times an EPISODE!There are many episodes,as many as me (AND you) want,the most in Sly Cooper history!


The 1st confirmed boss is Le Paradox.All else is confidential until further notice.

Le Paradox,breakout and revenge

It took Le Paradox 5 years to get out of jail.Le Paradox knew where Sly was.Bentley got where Sly was from him,but left the door open,and Le Paradox was gone faster than a cheetah.When Le Paradox was asked to work for the new boss,to terminate the Cooper gang,he joined in a heartbeat.


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