Sly 5: Thieves Legacy

{I'm actually going to make a story out of this but this is just a "general gist" type of thing right now; enjoy my fellow Sly fans...keep in mind I'm making this all up as I go along}

Premise: It's been about 6 months since the gang had defeated Le Paradox and Sly had gone missing along with the remains of Le Paradox's Time Blimp and Time Tunnel. Lately Bentley has been working closely with Carmelita to uncover what had happened to Sly as well as discovering what Penelope has been up to as she has been making a lot of moves lately; causing trouble for a lot of people. One day however Bentley recives a mysterious message through the time machine and surprisingly it is a faint message from Sly! after anaylizing the message Bentley determines that Sly is trapped in Ancient Eygpt and clearly he isn't the only one out of place there and he needs the teams help and he insists that Bentley round up the other members of the team; I.E. Panda King, Guru, and Dimitri as well as to bring Carmelita along.

Through some well placed criminal contacts Bentley discovered where they could find an item to travel back to Egypt and the gang works together to break into the Meuseum in Cairo once again to steal an acient golden scarab. Howeve upon arriving they discover that Peneople and her own newly formed band of crooks have stolen an artifact to travel to Eygpt as well. Realizing they needed to hurry the gang travels back to Egypt to aid Sly and his ancestor Slytunkhamne Cooper II; whose land has come under the tryanical rule of a ruthless wouldbe "Pharaoh" who calls herself Queen Isis. Upon freeing Slytunkhamne from his tomb imprisonment and completeing various tasks it is discovered that Penelope had sent Isis back in time to ruin Slytunkhamne's legacy and gain poession of an artifact known as an "Overlord Gem".

After a few more tasks they also discover that an old nemsis of theirs has returned from beyond the grave...Neyla. Supposedly while her soul had fused with the Clockwerk frame; her body remained intact and souless, that is until Clockwerk to control of it and soon sought out Penelope to construct him a new body and then left Neyla's body a withered husk; however Penelope thought Neyla would be useful and so employing a masterful sorcceror Neyla regained her soul and was used as a drone in Eygpt in Isis' plans but was freed by the Cooper gang and through some pursuasion and pleading Neyla joined them in an effort to defeat Isis and restore Slytunkhamne's legacy.

After deating Isis and seeing her sentenced to a fate worse than death; the gang takes poession of the Overlord stone Isis had procured causing Penelope to flee for the time being; claiming she'd already discovered the location of the others. Thanks to Neyla the gang had managed to track Penelope and get info on her new "gang" and thus they followed her further into time. The next location being Medievial England; back to Sir Galleths time to probably finish what she started there; however it would seem in that time Penelope was no longer the black knight and she'd given control to a cunning but ruthless criminal named Althalos McKnight; whose overthrown the king and taken the thrown for himself and enslaved the population of Sir Galleth's land; and instead of making a fool of Sir Galleth; the noble knight has been imprisoned and is scheduled for public excution. The gang manages to rescue Sir Galleth and learn of McKnights plan; he intends to rule over the land by unearthing the ancient powers of a dark and evil sword said to be the polar oppisite of the great Excalbiur known as "Black Argos".

The gang manages to best McKnight at every turn, vanquishing his doom knights and dragon; however through clever plotting McKnight unearths Black Argos; but is defeated by Sir Galleth who wields Excalibur.

After vanquishing McKnight; the gang goes to recover the Overlord Gem however it would seem Penelope beat them too it and hopped to the next time period. In the next time period, that being Ancient Araiba; Salim's time, it would seem Penelope has everything under control this time with two members of her team seeing to thing; both of which ironicly use to be students to the Guru; an male Echinda named Kaddir and a Corba female named Shala. They'd taken control of the area having Kaddir being captain of theSultans forces and Shala herself the wife to the Sultan and keeping him under control with her hypnotic venom. Salim himself in this time is very very old and is on the bridge of death; however the gang manages to save him and even put him back into his prime after discovering the location of "The Sacred Oasis" whose mystical water turn a once old, cranky and decepited Salim back into his younger, stronger and more agile self.

Through some deception and plotting the gang discovers that Kaddir and Shala are plotting to use the dark magic of the evil Ifit to unlock to hidden tomb of the all mighty Gene hidden within the sacred Oasis so they may continue rule of the Arabian nights and also exact vegence on the Guru. After being defeated; they are both sealed forever in the magic lamp by the powerful Gene as punishment and the Gene himself is set free since the lamp required a host. The gang manages also to acquire the Overlord gem; however are captured by Penelope and are thrust into the next time period; Celtic Scotland where all except Murray who managed to escape lay prisoner. Through some clumsy yet well attempted jobs, Murray manages to not only find Slaigh MacCooper; but surprisingly find that Sly's self proclaimed "uncle" James "Big Jim" McSweeny. Apperently Peneople had broken McSweeny out of jail in an attempt to persuade him into joining her but he refused and was thrown into Celtic Scotland and kept prisoner there until he'd change his mind.

After combining all their brute strenght they manage to break the rest of the team out of their respective prisons and discover who'd been keeping watch over them the few day that they were captive. A ruthless  Irish mercenary warmonger known as Killigan MacCollugh; a pure Irish hotheaded timberwolf who had been given an army to search for the Overlord gem in Celtic Scotland; and also contain Slaigh considering the Scottish raccoons strength borderlined on monsterous so an army was required. Through some more digging they discovered that Killigan wasn't only looking to rule over Scotland as king...he was looking to rule as a God; and would go as far as to attempt to obtain the hammer of Thor to do so. After a brutal battle between Killigan, Slaigh, Murray, and McSweeny; Killigan is brutually defeated by the three; Slaigh delievering the final blow and ending Killigan for good. While they triumphed however Penelope managed to get away with the gem and skipped to the next time period; Feudal Japan.

It is in Feudal Japan that Rioichi is once again in trouble as the shougun has appointed a new ninja and Samuari task force to capture Rioichi and they have; at the helm of this force is a powerful and merciless ninja rabbit named Kenryu; who ironicly was once the Panda Kings best Flame Fu student back when Panda King was a member of the Fiendish 5. After save Rioichi from the prison; ironicly the same one El Jefe had built but more secure; they discover that Kenryu is after the sacred talisman of the zodiac to gain access the ancient city of immortals "Shengrala". After fighting to collect the talisman; Kenryu's trickery gets him all of them and he gains access to the city and it is there Rioichi and Panda King engauge him in mortal combat and Panda King defeats his former student; who is now mystically bound to the city and is never allowed to leave its walls.

With his student defeated the gang obtains the next gem and head into the next time period; 1700's centuray Carribean; where Heneritta "One-Eye" Cooper reigned over the7 seas as the greatest female pirate to sail the ocean. However upon arriving it is discovered that Heneritta has been captured by the British government; handed over on a silver platter at the hooked hand of another ruthless female pirate known as Captain Shela Blackwingm a heartless cutthroat crow. After setting Henritta free from his imprisonment; the team discovers that Shela has been raiding the Carriebean islands searching for the map to the great graveyard of ships; where the infamous Flying Dutchmen lay waiting for someone to become its captain since the great Davy Jones had long passed. The team manages to find the map but it is soon stolen by surprisingly...Captain LeFewwe; who was also ressurected from the dead for Shela's use. A deadly sea battle ensues with the Flying Dutchmen and Heneirtta's ship "The Ringtail Rose";and ultimately Shela is defeated and Captain Lefewee in an act of honor takes the flying dutchmen down into Davy Jones locker and gives the next Overlord gem to the Cooper gang and asks them to defeat Penelope for him as a dying request.

Heading into the next location; back into the Old West; where a slightly older, rougher and tougher Tenneesee Kid Cooper is in danger; as a ruthless crooked outlaw poses as the sheriff by the name of Sheriff Deadshot, a gunslinging Coyote. After arriving in this era the gang free's Tenneesee from imprisonment once again narrowly saving him from the gallows and work to discover Deadshots plan. It is soon discovered that Deadshot is doing much of what Toothpick had been doing...but bigger. He's been raiding the gold mines, hollowing out every single last piece of gold he could find and staging robberies from the banks in the area, all of the blame to be put upon Tenneesee. After some amazing and darring heists, the team recovers a big majority of the gold and a old wild west texas shoot out and train chase/robbery occurs when Deadshot attempts to make his escape and Tennesee proves to be quicker on the trigger and shoots Deadshot dead. The victory is bittersweet however since Penelope managed to snag the gem long before hand.

Heading into the next time period the gang lands in Victoria era London where Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III has been captured by the queens royal guard; headed by her new head of security Vivian Le Lovelace; a cunning, schemeing female skunk. Using her power of persuasion and manipulation she'd manage to get to the queens right hand side and was plotting to overthrow the crown and take contorl of England and reestablish her royal bloodline; and would have access to the queens crown jewels, among them being the overlord gem. After freeing Thaddeus Winslow Cooper from a VERY elborate puzzle like trap, they use Thaddeus' reknowned detective and disguise skills to ruin Vivian's plans and have her locked up after a fight and are given the overlord gem as a reward by the queen.

Heading into the next time period; they arrive in war torn Germany in World War 2; where Otto Van Cooper has been captured by a ruthless German Neo Nazi general named Kizhar Blitzkrieg; who surprisingly Penelope hired considering she had family in Nazi Germany who were indeed Germen but resisted the Nazi's and were put into camps; and so she hired him and provided him with tech on the condition that he felt her family alone and only targeted Otto.

After saving Otto from a concentration camp as well as rescuing Penelope's great grandfather who was a great war hero; they all work together to stop Kizhar who was building his own personal army to turn the tide of the war and also gain control of the once thought lost flying city of Babalyon in order to change history. This plan is thrawrted and Kizhar is defeated by Otto in an arieal duel, however the gang is soon ambushed and Sly is taken captive by none other than Dr.M; who'd be morphed into a cyborg beast and he tells the gang if they want Sly alive that they'd hand over the gems upon following him to the next time period.

Arriving in the next time period they arrive to the time 26 years before Sly's parents had died; when Sly's father was in his prime and Sly wasn't born just yet. With Sly captured and his father in danger, the gang arrives before Dr.M can harm Sly parents, and aks for his fathers help to save Sly from Dr.M; but don't tell him who Dr.M really is or who Sly really is in order to keep the time line correct. Upon saving Sly and returning to Sly original home however; they come clean and tell Sly's dad who Sly is and how they all got to where they are and Sly has a heartfelt reuinion with his mom and dad but under Bentley's advice tells him not to warn them about the events to happen in 8 years...Sly is reluctant about this but ultimately makes the choice to allow his parents to die whent he time comes. 

Discovering Dr.M's plan, he plans to ruin Sly's dads legacy and establish a legendary thief status for himself in the current time period and manipulates his past self to ultimately become the Dr.M of the present; and then it is revealed what Penelope's plan is. All the while the Cooper gang has been chasing her around time, Dr.M in present day has been setting events in motion that would kill Sly's parents 8 years early, and then Clockwerk would take Sly and mold him into a tool for his own doing since Penelope and Dr.M had been building Clockwerk a brand new state of the art and truly immortal body. Though the gang manages to defeat Dr.M, Penelope escapes with Clockwerk and takes Dr.M's body since she could make use of the cybernetics and goes back into present day with all the Overlord gems in hand. Once back in their own time, they learn of Penelope's true plan, she intends to harness the force of the gems to take full control of clockwerk and merge his body with her time tunnel machine which she morphed into a mech and bond herself to it to gain infinate power and contorl over time, space, reality and have immortality all at once.

Going back in time, the gang gathers the Cooper ancestors including Sly's father and they all conspire together to stop Penelope; after pulling off a string of heists together to cut off power to the time tunnel a wormhole is ripped in space time and Clockwerk is revived thanks to some techerory by Penelope and a newly revived again Dr.M; who then in a cruel twist of fate betrays Peneople and bonds to Clockwerk himself and then Clockwerk reveals that both he and Dr.M were behind the entire ordeal and had manipulated Peneople and had been controlling her with nanotech the entire time against her will. A battle ensures in which all the Cooper ancestors and Sly work together to defeat the mechincal monster and restore temporal balance and destory the overlord gems in the proccess as well as competely eradicate the clockwerk frame, his soul and Dr.M for good. With everything back to normal, Penelope set free of her mind control and making up with Bentley; the ancestors go back to their respective times and Sly says goodbye to his parents reluctantly; knowing their fate but accepts it. Then Carmelita drops a surprise of her own on Sly...revealing that she's pregnant and with his trademark smile he looks foward to raising his son and keeping the Cooper Legacy alive for centuries to come.

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