Thieves Collide

Main Screen

Sly Cooper: Thieves Collide is the fifth installment in the Sly Cooper series. It will be made for PS3  and VITA systems. It starts off after Thieves in Time with the rest of the gang finally finding sly in Ancient Egypt.


Egypt Prologue

Blown Skyward

Crystal Crazy

Running Of The Coons

G'day To Die Hard

The Nightmare's Fortune

The End...Or Is It?

Rise To The Challenge

Kaine Island Epilogue


- See Power-Ups (TC)


Jump - X

Double Jump - X + X

Cooper Gang

The Cooper Gang

Melee Attack - Square

Run - Hold R1

Gadget Grid - Select

Power Ups - L1, L2, R2

Wavepoint - L3

Binocucom - R3


Thief Moves - O near blue sparkles

Pickpocket - O near guards

Paraglider - R1 In the air

Charge Cane - Hold Triangle


Afterburner - Hold X after second jump

Pickpocket - O

Bombs - Triangle

Sleep/Explosive Darts - R1 while in binocucom


Stomp Grab - O

Loot Guards - Tap O while holding guards

Thunder Flop - X + Square


Shock Pistol - O

Strafe (On/Off) - Triangle

High Jump - Hold X, then release


Shock Ring - O

Dive - O while in water.

Swim - Tap X

Swim Fast - Hold R1 while tapping X

Spear Gun (Underwater) - Square

1st Person View (Underwater) - Triangle


Launch RC Car - Triangle

Launch RC Chopper - Double Tap Triangle

Hijack - O



As allways, the hub worlds can be roamed freely at any point during gameplay. Hub worlds retain about the same size as TiT. But, unlike other games, all six playable characters can be played in the hub.

- Note that Penelope can not roam the first two hub worlds, given she was introduced at the end of episode 2.

Side Missions

Unlike the original 4 games, you may complete side missions ONLY when the episode's primary missions are completed. Side missions are given to you by citizens or civilians of the hub. Jobs my consist of paying the citizen or even finding something for them. Missions can be found inside or around random buildings in the hub, and the rewards are Secret Masks or (if the mission is more involving/time consuming) and new ability for that character. As assumed, some side missions require a specific character.

Day/Night Clock

This game consists an all new feature. Similar to some games like Jak and Daxter or GTA, the game has an internal clock. This means that every ten minutes, the scenery will change from day to night. Because of this with the playback feature, missions require it to be day or night, depending on which mission it is.



Of cource coins make a return. This time although, they aren't only used for thiefnet. See Side Missions above.

Clue Bottles

Like BoT and TiT, clue bottles make an infamous return. They are used for vaults like allways.


Vaults make a return it this game. It has the same style as used in Sly 1.

Secret Masks

Secret Sly Masks also make a return in this game. This time around, they are obtained 3 ways. One way is to find them throughout the hubs and missions. The second way is through side missions where most of the time they are a reward for a job well done. Thirdly can be seen below.


Treasure returns once more. This time although, they are used for a totally different purpose. They reward you with a certain amout of coins plus 1 Secret Mask. There are 8 to be found in each hub.

Replay Feature

Once again, the replay feature from Sly 3 returns. This time with something better.


Like normal, all missions including heists can be replayed.


An added feature includes being able to replay your favorite bosses in seconds. Simply choose the "Replay Boss" option at the end of the mission list.

- Note that replaying the episode's heist mission will also allow you to fight the boss. This option is just a convenience for boss lovers.

Master Thief Challenges

An added feature from Sly 3 also returns. Beating a challenge rewards you 3 Secret Masks. They need to be beaten to achieve 100%.


Penelope and Bentley can both hack things. There are some changes.

Portable Hacker

Due to Penelope also having hack missions, the portable hacker has two versions. There is a green one which means a tank hack. Ther is a pick one which means a spark hack. There is also the bland original one which gives you an alter ego hack for either Bentley or Penelope.

Alter Ego

Other than appearence of the background and avatars, there is no difference between Penelope's and Bentley's alter egos.

Bentley's avatar returns from TiT. His background is the same.

Penelope's avatar resembles Storm from the Marvel Universe. Her background is the same, only sporting her signature color, pink.


Penelope is now in charge of Spark hacks. The orbs are now her sybol.


Bentley keeps the Tank hacks for himself. There is no change in gameplay.


Penelope can now hijack different vehicles in the hub to get around faster and reach new places.

Voice Actors

Kevin Miller as Sly Cooper

Matt Olsen as Bentley

Chris Murphy as Murray

Maria Canals Barrera as Carmelita Fox

David Scully as Dimitri Lousteau

Annete Toutonghi as Penelope

Nicole Sullivan as Jordan Rex

Dee Snider as Cornelius De Bott

Robin Williams as Cornelius De Boom

Ashley Jensen as Crystal MacRelic

Benjamin Bratt as Enrique Ramirez

Patrick Warburton as Sir Render

Maurice LaMarche as Vladimir Vaughn

Tara Strong as Teagan Render

Scott Weinger as Slytunkhamen Cooper


  • Including the prologue and epilogue, this game has the most levels as any other Sly Cooper game.
  • This is the first game in which Dimitri and Penelope are playable for free-roam.

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