Sly Cooper: Lost Legend Thief is the fifth game of the Sly Cooper game series. It's avaible for PS4 and PS Vita.

Taking place a year after TiT, Sly is back in modern day Paris and falls asleep. But he doesn't wakes up, so Bentley, Murray and Carmelita takes a journey into Sly's dreams with the help of The Guru's dreamtime magic to find out the problem behind Sly's torpor.



Prologue (Because I'm a Cooper)

The year is 1987. The story begins with Conneur Cooper, Sly's dad, walking along with a walrus, Jim McSweeny, in a museum in Italy. The duo reaches a giant statue. Conneur says to Jim that he don't want him to tell M about this. He climbs the statue with a map in his hand. Conneur hides the map in the statues mouth. He says that Sly will be able to retrieve his legacy when the time is right. "And what about...'Him'?" asks Jim. Conneur jumps down and says that "He" don't deserve the legacy. Two, angry, blue eyes can be seen in the window. Five year later, Conneur is sitting and playing piano in the Cooper house, when someone knocks on the door. He walks to the door, but before he opens, he gives his cane to a young Sly. He opens the door, and in comes the russian bear, Sergej, who works as a living E-mail between Conneur and, "He". Conneur says to Sergej that he just want "Him" to get back to the Coopers, but Sergej says that time is up, and in comes the Fiendish Five. Clockwerk gives a lot of money to a laughing Sergej who walks out from the door... 


Now it's present time. Sly is back from Egypt and makes a single burglary in the Kremlin. Because he needs to talk with Sergej's son, Igor, who is Kremlins chief. Sly meets him in his office and closes the door. Sly threats Igor, and says that if he don't tell him who "He" is, Sly will tell Russia who Igor's father Sergej was. With no choice, Igor tells Sly that "He" is another Cooper, actually, Sly's big brother. Sly tells Igor that he'll keep his mouth shut, but then he sees someone eavesdroping on them. Sly chases the one only to see him fly away in a helicopter, heading west. Then, the man detonates a bomb, and the floor under Sly explodes...

Sly wakes up on a hospital gurney, with a white dress on. Next to him, Carmelita sits in a chair, chained to him with handcuffs, glad to see Sly awake. She and Sly talks about their latest adventure while she drives him to his room. She sits next to him in the room when a doctor walks in. It's a gerbil. He sights at Sly with a syringe, and shoots out a bullet from it. Sly ducks so the bullet crashes the window. Carmelita easily blasts him, but more gerbils shows up. After a time, all the false doctors are defeated, and Sly has escaped from the window. He meets up with Bentley on his escape over the Russian rooftops. Bentley helps out with his demelotions skills. After a while they meet up with Murray in the van, but the area is full of evil gerbils, so Murray take the fight with them, which he wins easily. After that, the gang drives back to Paris, determined to find Sly's brother.

Well home in the old Paris hideout, the Cooper Gang take a well deserved napping. When Bentley and Murray wakes up, Sly is still sleeping, and he continues. After the second week, Bentley founds it: unlogical. The Guru cames to see Sly, who is still sleeping. He opens a portal from the real world to Sly's dream world. Bentley and Murray sees Carmelita in the door, and she walks to them. The trio gets into the van and drives right into the portal, with a simple plan in their minds: Bring Sly back!

Religion, Indipencia, Tacos!

When the gang reaches the first dream, they see that Sly dreams about Mexico. With the help of Bentley's new DreamPad, they sees that there's another dream jumper from the real world here, hiding in a pyramid. The trio quickly meet up with Sly's dream avatar in a cave, and they inform him about what's going on. He believes them. Already in the first mission, Sly detects their enemy, a brazilian vicugna, called: Azteekantee. After some data job, the gang found out that Azteekantee was a real magican from the real world, who oftenly showed his skills on stage. Too bad, everyone said that he cheated, but he didn't! It made him a criminal, and he used his magical skills to steal valuables. The Cooper Gang had no idea why or how this guy traveled to Sly's dreams, but if one strange person from the real world is in a dream, the one who sleeps can't dream on, so they needed to fix this guy! The gang seized more parts of the city in a series of missions, which one included Murray serve tacos, Sly pickpocket spices, Bentley sing a serenade in spanish and Sly and Murray to go down in the sewers. Sly did also get his paws on his first Costume, the Magic Aztec Costume.

Finally, it was time for "Operation: Magical Taco Assault". Sly and Carmelita raided the last pyramid, where Azteekantee hided. Too bad, Carmelita got captured, and Sly fighted Azteekantee on his own. Azteekantee created a dozen rocks flying in the air, and he battled Sly atop of these. But Sly won, and started to press Aztee on information about his leader, but he just laughed and pressed a button on his crown, which sended him back to the real world. Sly freed Carmelita and sat down in the van with the rest of the gang. Soon it was time for Sly to dream on!

Knight Moves

The gang arrived in the second dream that took place in Iceland. According to Bentley's reading, this dream was also occupated by someone from the real world. Meanwhile, Bentley had his own problems. He wasn't sure how he, Murray and Carmelita would be able to contact The Guru before the last dream. However, Bentley spotted this dream's dream jumper in the first mission: a badger. He also stole his diary.

Thiefs Versus Pirates

Under A Black Hand

Money For Nothing

MadagasCooperius Dreamtime

Epilogue (Sleep Over!)

There Was A Time...


Kevin Miller as Sly Cooper

Matt Olsen as Bentley

Chris Murphy as Murray

Grey DeLisle as Carmelita

Annette Toutonghi as Penelope

Terry Rose as The Guru

David Scully as Dimitri

Jason Cottle as Conneur Cooper

Michael Devlin as Jim McSweeny

Ruth Livier as Sly's Mother

Ross Douglas as Clockwerk

Rade Serbedzija as Sergej

James Goode as Igor

Enn Reitel as Azteekantee

Steven Blum as "The Mexicans"

Nolan North as Oswald, El Jefe

Mike Pollock as Captain Peg-Roy

Yuri Lowenthal as Whalencia

Devon Bostick as Mandrella

Eric Ladin as Saxophone

Mackenzie Crook as Jim'O Croc

Rick May as The NutCracker

David Lodge as Toothpick

Daniel Craig as Sandman


Tricky Clue Bottles and Safes

Clue Bottles are called Tricky Clue Bottles in this game. There are sixty of them in each episode and if you collect all in one episode, you can unlock a well-hidden safe with a Cameo-Treasure in it. The treasure will give you a permanent ability, a new skin for one of the characters, a ton of coins and a new character for the sports.


There are three chests scattered in every hub world and they are well-hidden. Murray need to open them with his strenght. There are a lot of money in every chest.


Coins make a shiny return in this game, with an unique design in each episode. You earn them by smashing objects, pickpocketing and defeating guards, collect treasures, win minigames and perform side missions. With the coins, you can buy new gadgets from thiefnet and buy maps over the episodes that shows chests.


Costumes returns, and there's one new Costume for Sly per episode, but now, Bentley have Suits, and Murray have Outfits.


The hub worlds are extremly huge in this game. More than twice as big then Medieval England.

Side Missions

There are Side Missions in every episode, for example, run to the harbour and then back again in one minute, collect ten feathers, give coins to a guard, and stealth takedown five enemies without getting detected. Some of the missions can you play as the same time as a job.


There are one different sport in each hideout, for example basketball. You can unlock more characters to play as. If you/your team wins the match you can earn coins.


The only DLC thing in LLT by this time, are skins for Sly.


There's one online minigame in LLT. It's a Capture the flag game. There are four members in every team. Rules can be read on it's page.


  • This is the first game the player can see Sly's dad's face in game.
  • Episode 4 was originaly called: "No Black At All!" However, it was changed to: "Under A Black Hand".

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